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Last Updated: August 18th, 2023

One of the greatest wonders of the natural world is the presence of hot springs. These bubbling geothermal pools can provide an array of health benefits for those who soak in them, and several resorts have popped up around the world to offer guests the most of these natural baths.

Hot springs provide many health benefits and may be just what you need to relax, recharge, and reconnect with nature. These are some of the best hot springs around the world. Which ones will you be adding to your bucket list?

Continents With Hot Springs

Map of Countries With Hot Springs

Countries With Hot Springs

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Hot Spring FAQ’s

Where Is The World’s Biggest Hot Spring?

The world’s largest hot spring, called Frying Pan Lake, is in New Zealand. It spans 38,000 square meters, though the pool itself is only around 18 feet deep. However, the vents of the pool can reach up to 60 feet deep.

Frying Pan Lake is found in the Echo Crater of the Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley, on the country’s North Island. The lake is heated to around 50 to 60 degrees Celsius (122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit), meaning it is too hot to swim in or use recreationally.

The Echo Crater was formed in 1886 when a deadly earthquake hit the North Island. As craters formed in the area, 120 people were killed and several settlements were destroyed.

Another earthquake hit in 1917, which caused the Echo Crater to evolve again into Frying Pan Lake.

Despite its name, Frying Pan Lake is not actually boiling. The steam that appears on the surface of the lake is due to the hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gas that rises above the water.

Are Hot Springs Safe To Bathe In?

Some hot springs are safe to bathe in, while others are far too hot, and would cause significant burns or even death if a person came into direct contact with them.

Always ensure that a hot spring is safe to enter before doing so.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Hot Springs?

Aside from being a relaxing experience, soaking in a warm hot spring can bring about many physical and mental health benefits.

Bathing in a hot spring can improve your blood circulation, provide relief from chronic pain, alleviate skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis, and can also help you to get better sleep.

Those who soak in hot springs may also absorb vital minerals from the geothermal water, which can improve their health if they have a deficiency. Hot pools can also decrease blood pressure and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Hot springs can have spiritual and religious benefits in certain cultures around the world, including among First Nations people and in India.

How Are Hot Springs Formed?

Hot springs, or geothermal pools, are formed by a subterranean liquid being geothermally warmed before it rises from the crust of the earth. This is often triggered by seismic activity, including earthquakes.

Does Every Country Have Hot Springs?

Hot springs are found in countries right around the world, and they can occur on every continent.

That said, some countries are more well-known for their hot springs than others. Among the global destinations for geothermal pools are Iceland, Turkey, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, India, and Indonesia.

What Is Good Hot Spring Etiquette?

When you are soaking in a hot spring, it’s always important to remember good hot spring etiquette. As a rule of thumb, always leave a hot spring exactly as you found it, which means never leaving behind trash or other belongings.

In most cases, you’ll be sharing any given hot pool with other bathers, so avoid making lots of noise.

Be aware that some hot pools are considered sacred to certain groups, while others are sought out for their healing benefits. In both cases, the environment should remain serene and tranquil.

Though it’s called “bathing”, avoid bringing soap or shampoo to a hot spring. Don’t add anything to the water except yourself! And of course, a hot spring should never, ever be used as a toilet.

Countries With Hot Springs, by Continent

The following continents and countries have some form of natural geothermal hot springs. Clicking on one of the countries will take you to more in-depth information on the specific springs in that country.




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