Hot Springs in Norway

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Interested in hot springs in Norway? Let’s explore nature and find the hidden gem since there is only one hot spring in the entire Norwegian territory!

Norway is a country worth visiting. Incredible coast, northern lights, rugged mountains, and fertile valleys are just part of nature’s masterpiece that makes this country exceptional.

But when it comes to volcanoes, hot springs, and thermal pools, we don’t have a lot to say. Norway is a country with no active volcanoes. The ones that belong in its territory are located on islands, pretty far away from the mainland.

So, there is only one hot spring in Norway that we are going to discuss in the continuation of this article.

Hot Springs in Norway

The only hot springs in Norway are the Stave Hot Pools. These pools are located on the Arctic Ocean’s coast, beneath the Månttinden mountain on Andøya island.

Andøya is the most northern spot of Norway, situated 190 miles into the Arctic circle. So, if you dream about hot pools and snowy sea sights, Stave hot pools are the right and only option.

Stave Hot Springs


These thermal pools are open year-round, no matter the weather and temperature outside. The water in these thermal tubs is typically around 104℉.

Because these are the only hot springs in Norway, they are often overbooked and sold out. So, if you are planning to visit these hot springs, keep in mind to book online at least a week before.

Another important thing to note is that the reservation is for a 90-minute bath. Every additional stay in the hot polls is additionally charged.

Pricing information

Stave Hot Pools
Start price (90 minutes) for 2 adults $70 (KR 700)
Additional stay per person $35 (KR 350)
Children (2 to 12 years) $17.5 (KR 175)

The hot tubs are located in the Stave Camping area, which is open 24 hours. However, the hot spring pools are available only before 2:00 PM. After that, you can book an appointment for the beach sauna, which is another incredible spa option nearby.

Beach Sauna

Crafted from Norwegian pine, this sauna room is the best option for everyone who knows how to enjoy a natural spa. The sauna looks like a wooden box with a big beach-view window. The interior is handcrafted and includes red hot volcanic stones that warm up your body and release bodily tension.

You should also book the sauna in advance since everyone who goes to dip into the hot tubs will try the beach sauna as well. The beach sauna is more available throughout the winter season, while it gets crowded during summer days (July and August).

You can book the sauna a day before or a couple of hours before arriving, depending on the season.

Pricing information

Beach Sauna Price Range (90 minutes duration)
2 Adults* $60 (KR 600)
Extra person $15 (KR 150)
Children (2 to 12 years) Free

*The minimum person requirement is two adults.


The Stave hot springs are located in a quiet camping area. If you want to have a relaxing weekend or a week-long vacation here, you can book your stay in some of the cozy cabins and apartments.

All accommodation options welcome pets and are suitable for families with kids. You can access free parking and free Wi-Fi in the apartments.

The cabins are fully-equipped and have private bathrooms and terraces. A bicycle rental service is available at the property for everyone who wants to drive through the island and explore nature. Also, adventurists can hike on the Månttinden mountain and enjoy the sights from above.

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