Hot Springs in Albania

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Last Updated: July 19th, 2023

Amazing beaches, rivers, and thermal water springs are part of Albania’s natural treasure. Albania’s hot springs and thermal baths are known as “Llixha.” They combine history, architecture, and, most importantly, nature.

Albania is rich in natural waters that come out as springs and wells. There are ten wells and a total of twelve natural springs all resulting from tectonic and seismic activity.

The hot springs are scattered through three main geothermal areas- Kruja, Ardenica, and Peshkopia. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various regions and highlight the most popular hot springs in Albania.

Hot Springs in Albania

Hot springs in Albania benefit from being open year round, one of the only tourist industries that don’t fluctuate with the season. A soak in the winter has equal rewards to one in the summer, and many locals and tourists make use of thermal waters year round.

Best-Part-About-Hot Springs in Albania​

Albania has a mix of primitive hot springs off the beaten path alongside spa resorts. Known for their restorative properties and potential health benefits.

The Best Hot Springs in Albania

Albania is part of Europe’s thermal heritage and accommodates guests from all over the world. Here are the most popular springs in Albania.

  • Benja Thermal Baths
  • Leskovik Thermal Baths
  • Peshkopi Thermal Waters
  • Bilaj Thermal Springs


Benja Thermal Baths

The Benja thermal baths are located only 8.6 miles from the municipality of Petran. These hot springs are 1.86 miles from where the Vjosa River joins the Lengarica stream.

At the Benje hot springs near Permeti Via CharlesFred

The Hot springs are defined by a stone bridge that arcs over the blue-green water. Built in the middle ages, this iconic bridge was used by the Ottoman empire in order to cross over the Springs with ease.

There are several man made pools that make up the springs, the location, famous among the locals for its restorative properties ensures that the Benja Thermal Baths are always bustling with activity.

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Leskovik Thermal Baths

Leskovik is a small town on the Greek-Albanian border. The Leskovik hot springs, also known as Vronomero sources, are 6 miles south of the city.


These thermal baths are less popular than those in Benja despite also containing the same sulphuric healing waters.

Near Leskovik, there are two hot springs: Postenani Steam Spring and Sarandaporo Springs. Both hot springs are a secret treasure of Albania, and worth visiting for those looking for more remote locations to explore.

Though because of their remoteness and the fact that they are considered abandoned tourists should exercise caution when visiting.

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Peshkopi Thermal Waters

Peshkopi is a geothermal area located in northeastern Albania and is part of the Mount Korabi hydrogeological area. This district has two thermal springs that are only 1.24 miles away from the city of Peshkopia.


The first hot spring is within the hotel complex of Peshkopia, while the second one is a natural basin with free access to everyone.

The Peshkopi hot springs, or “Llixhat e Peshkopise,” much like other Albian Hot Springs are high in sulfuric content, as visitors will witness the steam and smell the springs from a distance.

Given the high amount of sulfur, this is another hot spring touted for its restorative properties and its ability to alleviate various ailments.

Additional Info

  • Location: Llixhat e Peshkopise
  • Water Temperature:
    • First location – 95 to 110 °F
    • Second location – 84 to 96 °F

Bilaj Thermal Springs

The Bilaj thermal springs are the only manufactured hot springs in Albania. Back in 1965, Russian and Albanian engineers were drilling for oil in the village of Bilaj when they unearthed the thermal water. These thermal waters come from the Ishem River Valley and are only 4.34 miles away from Vora, the national road.


The water from Ishem River Valley comes from 7,234 to 7,283 feet underground. As a result, the water is filled with iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and other minerals known to alleviate damaged skin or nervous system disorders.

Given its proximity to Tirana and the International Airport, there is an abundance of accommodations in the area that offer various spa treatments, such as the Nirvana Resort & Spa.

Additional Info

  • Location: Bilaj
  • Water Temperature: 131 °F


From beautiful beaches and rivers to thermal water springs with healing properties, Albania is full of natural treasures. The hot springs in Albania are often visited for their numerous healing benefits, and most people use them as a remedy for any discomfort.

The best season or time to visit a hot spring is based on the location. To get the most out of the experience, you should go to Albania during spring and winter.

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