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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Portugal may seem like a small country, yet its natural beauty provokes both excitement and pleasure. Its vast plains, high mountains, and beautiful islands make it a country worth visiting.

Portugal is home to dozens of hot springs, which have been utilized for centuries by locals and visitors for their restorative and healing properties.

In this article, we will look at which hot springs in Portugal are worth the visit, as well as the available resorts and spas you won’t want to miss on your next trip.

List of Hot Springs in Portugal

Hot Springs to Visit in Northern Portugal

This thermal bath complex is situated in the most northern region of Portugal, close to the Portuguese-Spanish border. It is only 700 meters from the town of Monção, close to the Minho river, and surrounded by great natural beauty.


The complex boasts modern facilities, including various treatment programs, a thermal circuit, and large thermal pools. The water is hyperthermal, with an emerging temperature of around 122°F.

Quick Look

  • Location: Monção
  • Spring Type: Thermal/Geothermal
  • Entrance Fees: $15 for adults, $10 for children aged 5-11, and free for children under $4
  • Features:
    • Turkish and Roman baths, pool with bubble baths & thermic beds
Our Pick
Raiano Guest House

Close to Tesal Thermal Monção

“It was a perfect location. It overlooked a city square. The Raiano Guest House was very clean, very comfortable, and very close to restaurants and cafes”

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Termas de Luso is a unique blend of a unique ambiance and a modern approach to thermal spa treatments.

Located near the center of Portugal, this incredible complex has an innovative Medical Spa, complementing a thermal spa, medical center, and classic thermalism. 


The water from a hot spring near Serra do Bussaco contains hyposaline and sodic, as part of the water’s thermal healing properties.

Moreover, the amazing natural landscapes of Serra do Bussaco surround Termas de Luso, allowing for memorable relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization.

Quick Look

  • Location: Luso
  • Spring Type: Thermal
  • Entrance Fees: $40 for adults for up to 7 days, $50 for 8-14 days, and $8 for each thermotherapy session
  • Features:
    • Various thermal health programs, incredible thermal spas, and many thermal treatments
    • The complex provides half-day and full-day spa packages
Our Pick
Alegre - Bussaco Boutique Hotel

Easy Access to Termas de Luso

"Lovely old-style hotel in a peaceful central location in Luso/Bussaco. Gardens and pool are beautiful"

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Set in the hills of Northeastern Portugal, this minimalistic-looking thermal resort overlooks wine country and wild landscapes. The hotel was built to make good use of the therapeutic thermal hot springs.


The medicinal properties of the Longrovia thermal spring have been used since the 18th century. This trend continues today as people seek out the springs to alleviate ailments as well as find relaxation.

Quick Look

  • Location: Longroiva Municipality, Northeastern Portugal.
  • Spring Type: Thermal/Geothermal
  • Entrance Fee: A two-person room costs $80 per night with breakfast included
  • Features:
    • Charming and minimalistic atmosphere
    • The medicinal waters are used to treat dermatological, rheumatic, respiratory, and musculoskeletal problems

Hot Springs to Visit in Southern Portugal

Termas de Sulfúrea is a thermal resort located near the village of Castello de Cabeço de Vide, near Lisbon. It is situated in the valley of Ribeira da Vide, surrounded by beautiful nature.


The resort utilizes thermal waters known historically for their healing properties, the therapeutic waters of Termas de Sulfúrea date back thousands of years ago to ancient Rome.

The waters are still used today for their healing properties, known for alleviating symptoms of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, and various skin ailments.

Visitors to the resort have access to other commodities such as a gym, indoor pools, a cooling zone, a bar, and an interior patio.

Our Pick
Termas da Sulfurea

Hot Springs on Site

"Spacious room, good daily cleaning of the room, daily replacement of the towels, good value for money, great friendliness of the staff, both in the Hotel and in the Restaurant"

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Quick Look

  • Location: 1 kilometer from Cabeço de Vide, Portugal.
  • Springs Type: Thermal
  • Entrance Fee: A two-person room costs $45 per night with breakfast included
  • Features:
    • Relaxing and peaceful environment
    • Hyposaline water with an ideal temperature of 68°F. Hydromassage, Circular massage, Aerosols, and Nasal irrigation
    • Physiotherapy and a recovery pool are also available

Villa Termal das Caldas de Monchique is a spa resort with a group of four hotels:


While the hotel buildings and spa date back to the 19th century, the Villa Termal das Caldas has been completely renovated to modern standards and overlooks the unique nature of Serra de Monchique.

The Thermal hotel is home to thermal alkaline and fluoride waters with a pH of 9.5. This hotel is the only one providing a thermal spa to its guests in the entire south of Portugal. 

Multiple treatments are available, like regular and hydromassages, mud pools, and Vichy showers. The complete thermal circuit includes a Turkish bath along with a sauna and a hydromassage pool.

Quick Look

  • Location: Near the village of Monchique, south of Portugal.
  • Spring Type: Thermal
  • Entrance Fee: One room for two adults costs $55 per night
  • Features:
    • Located near the natural beauty of the Serra de Monchique
    • Fluoride and alkaline thermal water
    • Completely renovated 19th-century buildings. Thermal spa with sauna, hydromassage pool, Turkish bath, Vichy showers, and a mud pool

Termas do Vimeiro is a thermal treatment complex located in the Torres Vedras municipality near Praia do Porto Novo.

The complex has architecture typical to the Portuguese/Spanish culture, constructed in the middle of the 19th century.


The waters at Termas do Vimeiro have hypersaline properties and is rich in sodium and magnesium. Its healing powers have been used for centuries to alleviate respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and skin problems.

Quick Look

  • Location: Municipality of Torres Vedras, Portugal
  • Spring Type: Thermal
  • Entrance Fee: The prices vary between $10 and $30 depending on the treatment
  • Features:
    • Highly effective thermal water
    • Peaceful and relaxing ambiance with unique architecture
    • Immersion baths, whirlpools, underwater showers, Vichy showers, nasal showers, aerosol and massage treatments, and many more.
Our Pick
Well Hotel & Spa, Maceira

1.6 km from Termas do Vimeiro

"Great place for relaxing with a warm pool and jaсuzzi. The room is clean and big with a balcony and view of the ocean"

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Hot Springs to Visit in the Portuguese Azore Islands

Poça da Dona Beija is one of the most visited hot springs in Portugal, located in São Miguel, the largest Azore island. 

Poça da Dona Beija Via Site Viagens

It has five thermal baths, with iron-rich thermal water ranging from 78 to 102°F. Since the water has an abundance of iron, it can stain your clothes if not washed immediately after leaving the pool.

The healing properties of Poça da Dona Beija’s thermal waters might be effective against acne, allergies, and anemia.

The entire bath complex is engulfed in beautiful nature, which relaxes and heals at the same time.

Quick Look

  • Location: Azure islands, near Furnas, Portugal.
  • Spring Type: Thermal
  • Entrance Fee: $8 for adults and $6 for children ages six and up. The entrance ticket is only valid for 1.5 hours
  • Features:
    • Iron-rich thermal water
    • Possibly effective against anemia, acne, and allergies
    • Five thermal baths engulfed among beautiful nature
Our Pick
Quinta da Mo

Easy Access to Poça da Dona Beija

“It‘s just amazing. The perfect location to get away from everyday life. The area is so green, lush, and quiet (but for the sound of the waterfall and the birds)"

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The last hot spring worth visiting is also located on the Azore island of São Miguel. Its waters are utilized by the Termas the Caldeiras spa complex near the municipality of Ribeira Grande.


The complex draws thermal water from the volcanic hot spring with a perfect light blue color and temperature of 86°F. The main building dates back to the early 19th century but was completely restored and modernized in 2016.

The waters of Termas das Caldeiras are considered to have rejuvenating properties, and a volcanic mud massage is also available at the complex.

Quick Look

  • Location: Azure islands, near Ribeira Grande, Portugal
  • Spring Type: Thermal
  • Entrance Fee: $3 per adult person for an entrance fee
  • Features:
    • Iron-rich thermal water
    • Volcanic thermal water for effective rejuvenation
    • Volcanic mud massage
    • Open 24 hours a day.

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