Hot Springs in Austria

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Are you looking for the best thermal spa for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience? In this article, you’ll get to know the best hot springs in Austria!

Austria is the birthplace of Mozart, has amazing chocolate and sausages, and is filled with Swarovski crystals and castles. But, what most people are unaware of is that Austria also has a fair share of hot springs. They can help tourists cope with the cold weather and offer them relaxation, stress relief, and skin detox.

By visiting Austria during winter, you can enjoy all the Christmas markets and shopping malls, but first, you should get a nice warm soak with a beautiful view. Whether you are looking for hideaways, natural hot springs, or luxurious spas, Austria has something for everyone.

The best hot springs in Austria today are relatively new and designed to meet the increasing demand for wellness tourism.

The country is blessed with some of the finest and most picturesque hot springs in all of Central Europe. From Bad Gastein in Salzburg to Vienna, there are plenty of healing waters and beautiful places to stay.

Hot Springs in Austria

Austria has lots of thermal spas that can offer a one-of-a-kind experience. People already know what Austria has to offer when it comes to beautiful sights and food, but most tourists are unfamiliar with the number of hot springs scattered across the country.

Austria is the home of the towering Alps mountain range. The temperatures go quite low, so many tourists look for resorts where they can get warm and relax. Hot springs are a result of the geothermally heated water that emerges from the Earth’s crust, and they are the perfect places to visit during the winter.

Best Hot Springs in Austria

Austria does a very good job at carrying the torch of the spa culture and has plenty of hot springs resorts.

The best hot springs in Austria combine the picturesque landscape with many amenities. You can also book a trip to a resort that has hot springs on the deck or the balcony and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Alps while soaking.

If you want to embark on a European vacation anytime soon and check out the best hot springs in Austria, you are in the right place. Below are some of the best thermal spas in the country.

The hot springs in Austria that have “thermal” or “therme” in the name feature water that is filled with natural minerals. The minerals are beneficial and may help you eliminate any pain your body is experiencing.

Aqua Dome

The Aqua Dome resort is Located in the Western state of Tyrol and places the mountains at your feet. This thermal spa has indoor and outdoor pools. The resort has more than 12 pools combined, with temperatures ranging from 91°F to 97°F.

Thermal Bath “Aqua Dome” Indoor via Marcel Kayser

Additionally, there are seven saunas that you can visit. Using the sauna before soaking in the hot springs might improve your blood flow and give you a lot of benefits in the long run.

The area in which the resort is built was formerly known as the Langenfelder Baths and is known for its springs that have healing powers.

Aqua Dome is an Austrian experience at its finest and offers mesmerizing views of the Otztal Valley and its Alpine peaks. In this top-class Alpine spa, you can soak in natural and mineral-rich water.

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Felsentherme Bad Gastein

If you want to step out of the luxurious hotels and get a little bit more in touch with nature, Bad Gastein is perfect for you.

This place offers a balanced experience between thermal relaxation with hot springs and quality ski time on the piste. The Felsentherme at Bad Gastein is something you should definitely try while you are there.


Felsentherme has indoor pools that are hewn from the Alpine rock on which the resort is built. Moreover, there are outdoor hot springs and thermal pools that offer people astonishing views of the nearby mountains.

As the name points out, this spa is located in the Gastein Valley, a historical location that became popular in the 19th century. Aside from the hot springs, Bad Gastein is renowned for winter sports.

In fact, Bad Gastein was the home of the ski world championship back in 1958. You can pack your mountain gear and take full advantage of this location before enjoying a thermal spa.

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Alpentherme Gastein

This resort has something for everyone. Once you step foot on the 30,000 square meter Alpentherme Gastein resort, you will be amazed by all its amenities.

Whether you like to stay inside and enjoy the amenities that the resort offers or you are an outdoor person who likes to engage in a lot of activities, this resort has something for everyone.

Alpentherme – Bad Hofgastein via Alpentherme Gastein

You will have a tough time relaxing at this resort. But this is a good thing. There are so many activities that you can do and sights to explore that you will probably have to put off the reserved “me time” for some other time.

Alpentherme Gastein is in the center of Bad Hofgastein, which is a market town in the Gastein Valley.

The town is famous for its ski slopes and the two thermal swimming lakes. People come here to immerse themselves in the clear thermal waters and let nature take all the pain from their muscles and joints. At the bigger lake, guests enjoy water activities like stand-up paddle boarding, which is as fun as it sounds.

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Heiltherme Day Spa

The Heiltherme Day Spa is nestled in the green and beautiful meadows of Bad Waltersdorf. The resort just celebrated its 30th anniversary, and with the new and fresh renovation, the complex now has more than seven thermal pools. In addition to that, there is a sauna village which every visitor can enjoy.

The thermal pools are drawn from a source of water which is at 143°F and are then chilled between 82.4°F to 96.8°F.

But wait, that’s not all this resort has to offer. If you don’t like bikini lines on your body and like to have a full tan, you are in luck. The Heiltherme Day Spa has a secluded sunbathing area that is eligible for nudists.

The Heiltherme spa is 269,000 square feet and has a natural pond, an indoor thermal pool, a relaxing room, various saunas, and a special women-only area. You may drastically improve your health with more than nine saunas and seven thermal pools. Plus, there is a fitness program that you can follow.

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  • Location: Thermenstraße 111
  • Website:
  • Price:
    • $36.47/per day – adults
    • $26.60/per day – children
  • Amenities: Parking spot, balcony, own bathroom, spa, and wellness center, special buffet for vegans and vegetarians, free Wi-Fi, outdoor picnic area

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