Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Known for its exotic spa treatments and lavish retreats, Bali, Indonesia, has become a destination synonymous with relaxation and rejuvenation and even boasts several hot spring destinations scattered throughout its volcanic landscapes.

While the once serene Bukit Peninsula has lost some of its quiet island charms thanks to over-tourism in the island’s southern regions, visitors to Bali can still find their tranquil escapes at one of the hot spring resorts located in the less-visited corners of the island.

One of the most inviting retreats away from Denpasar’s growing urban sprawl is the Banjar Hot Springs along the island’s northern shores. Located near the traditional small community of Banjar Village, this hot spring complex offers an authentic dip into the island’s natural mineral waters while enjoying a historical setting and modern amenities.

From onsite services within the hot spring facilities to the best accommodations for hosting your stay in the area, this is everything you need to know before visiting the idyllic Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia.

History of Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia


While it is unknown exactly when the Banjar Hot Springs was first established, the entire complex is believed to have been built several centuries ago during a Japanese colonization effort in the region.

Having a prominent onsen hot spring tradition intertwined with the culture of their Japanese homelands, it is believed that these colonialists recognized the geothermal potential of Bali’s volcanic landscapes, and so created a large hot spring complex reflective of the onsen spas that they would have had back home.

Regardless of when or who built the charming facilities, the Banjar Hot Springs has been a famous center for healing and rejuvenation for hundreds of years. Even today, the pools continue attracting local and international visitors from around the world.

While the hot springs continue to boast their traditional rustic stylings, the complex has also experienced even further development in recent years, including some renovations during the Japanese occupation during WWII.

As a result, visitors have a wide array of modern amenities at their fingertips while soaking in the location’s historical hot spring pools.

Attractions at Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

At the time of its establishment, the Banjar Hot Springs was a simple collection of thermal pools filled with natural mineral waters renowned for their curative properties.

However, Banjar Hot Springs has grown into a full-service spa complex over the past few decades with many attractions and amenities.

Natural Mineral Soaking Pools


As it has been for centuries, the natural mineral-soaking pools of the hot springs are the complex’s most popular attractions that entice dozens of visitors daily. Renowned for their healing properties, the facility’s mineral waters are collected into three hot spring pools.

The first hot spring pool visitors pass upon entering the facility is the small kiddie pool located at the top of the property. Only one meter in depth, the kiddie pool is a safe soaking option for visitors traveling with their little ones.

Situated just down the stairs from the kiddie pool is the main swimming hole of the facility. This larger soaking center offers plenty of room for visitors to submerge in the mineral waters and features depths ranging from one to two meters.

The final swimming pool at the Banjar Hot Springs is a slightly smaller watering hole with three showers of spring water falling from about three meters above the reservoir. This is one of the best spots for soaking as the falling water provides a soothing massage-like feel for an enhanced calming experience.

The hot springs’ thermal pools are fed from the same geothermal spring source and feature water temperatures averaging 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The mineral waters are renowned for their 26% sulfur content and are famous for their healing properties.

Thermal Spa


Beyond soaking in the facility’s thermal pools, the Banjar Hot Springs offers an enhanced relaxation experience at their full-service spa. This extensive facility features smaller pool soaking options with Jacuzzis for a private solo or small group bath.

Alternatively, visitors can also book one of the complex’s traditional massages, which engage the region’s natural resources and incorporate the mineral waters into various treatments. The Banjar Hot Springs massage treatments are the perfect postcard way to experience the overall rejuvenating bliss that Bali has come to be known for.

Rates at the hot spring’s thermal spa start at IDR 15,000/ hour (about $1) for a private soak and IDR 75,000 ($5) for a massage.

Dining Options


Also featured within the Banjar Hot Springs property is an onsite restaurant serving various traditional Indonesian and western cuisines. As a fantastic day-trip destination, the restaurant is an excellent spot to grab lunch or dinner while exploring the local flavors of the island.

Some of the restaurant’s local favorite main courses include a fried chicken garlic butter sweet sauce dish and a chicken or beef satay with peanut butter sauce which is famous across Indonesia. After their meal, visitors can enjoy a traditional sweet dessert, which includes fresh fruit salads or fried bananas with honey.

Alternatively, visitors seeking refreshments can enjoy a wide selection of soda and juice beverages. The menu even features a large Bintang beer for visitors seeking to cap their calming retreat off with an alcoholic beverage.

Accommodations Options at Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia


While the Banjar Hot Springs does not feature any onsite lodging options, several accommodations are found scattered throughout the surrounding villages.

What’s more, as a budget-friendly travel destination, visitors can rent full villas or luxury rooms for relatively low rates, enhancing the overall opulence of visiting this hot spring.

Located in the southern region of Banjar Village, the Soul Lodge Villa Lovina offers a serene resort accommodation near the Banjar Hot Springs. Offering a selection of luxury private rooms, the hotel features a large outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a terrace, and a bar. Also included is a continental, Asian, or vegetarian breakfast.

Alternatively, visitors can stay slightly further away at one of the many hotels lining Bali’s northern coast. For example, the Puri Raka Villa offers fantastic budget room options, while the Sing Sing Resort Lovina provides a luxuriously comfortable stay for a reasonable rate.

Getting to the Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

Most visitors to Bali typically arrive at the island’s only international airport in Denpasar. Banjar Hot Springs are a three-hour drive from the airport.

Visitors can take a taxi to the springs, but this method can become expensive. Instead, guests should book a bus seat or plan a shared shuttle to negate some of the cost.

Many of the buses leading to the island’s northern shores tend to stop in the nearby city of Lovina, which is a fantastic base for booking accommodation. The Banjar Hot Springs is only a 15-minute drive from this city and are a much more convenient setting for hosting your stay in the region.


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