Hot Springs Around The World

largest hot springs in the world

One of the greatest wonders of the natural world is the presence of hot springs. These bubbling geothermal pools can provide an array of health benefits for those who soak in them, and several resorts have popped up around the world to offer guests the most of these natural baths. …

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Hot Springs in Iceland


Iceland is an ideal travel destination if you are searching for the most mysterious and breathtaking hot springs and nature. The landscape is unique and magical! Iceland island lies on two tectonic plates, at the spot where Europe and North America meet. This makes the island geothermally active, with numerous …

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Hot Springs in Africa


Hot springs can be found all over Africa, and have historically been used by the local population for a range of health and wellness benefits. One of the African countries that is particularly renowned for its hot springs is South Africa, whose thermal features attract tourists from all over the …

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Hot Springs in Alaska

Mount Edgecumbe Sitka Alaska

Known as “The Last Frontier” state, Alaska is teeming with intrepid adventures through its pristine natural landscapes and diverse wildlife. It is a destination where you can escape civilization and reconnect with beautiful untouched nature while delving deep into the wilderness to some of the world’s most tranquil hot springs. …

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Hot Springs in Wyoming

The Only Clothing Optional Hot Spring in Wyoming

With just under 600,000 residents, Wyoming is the least populated state in the U.S. However, the Equality State’s lack of year-round citizens has only enhanced the state’s natural appeal and preserved the region’s natural attractions and landmarks. As a result, Wyoming is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes …

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Hot Springs in West Virginia


Known as the Mountain State, West Virginia is home to one of the most picturesque landscapes in the United States and is dominated by the Appalachian Mountains. Along with its majestic peaks, West Virginia allures outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its abundant hiking trails weaving through its diverse forests, rivers, and …

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Hot Springs in Washington


Tucked away in the northwesternmost corner of the continental United States, Washington is blessed with pristine natural landscapes, a mountainous topography, and postcard-ready vistas. It is a destination that promises plenty of outdoor adventures and iconic environmental landmarks. From intrepid mountain ridges to lush verdant forests surrounding majestic lakes, The …

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Hot Springs in Virginia


Known for the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, dense verdant forests, and a history that dates back centuries to the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, Virginia is a popular tourist destination amongst nature lovers and history enthusiasts. However, many visitors to the Mother of States don’t know that Virginia …

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Hot Springs in Vietnam


Vietnam offers breathtaking landscapes, from picturesque mountains and scenic beaches to spectacular national parks, gorgeous waterfalls, and rainforests. This country is a popular destination among visitors worldwide and is known for its culture, friendly people, tasty food, and bustling cities. The natural hot springs are also popular tourist attractions in …

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Hot Springs in Utah


Picturesque landscapes, world-class ski slopes, and towering red rock formations are closely associated with the idyllic countryside of Utah. However, among its natural marvels, The Beehive State also boasts some of the most awe-inspiring hot springs featuring beautiful vistas, soothing mineral waters, and a serene ambiance. From intrepid hiking trails …

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