The 5 Best Hotels With Hot Springs In Ouray, CO

Hotels With Hot Springs In Ouray

Though it’s not quite as famous as the bigger Colorado destinations, like Denver and Boulder, Ouray is a charming town that should definitely be on your radar. Nestled in the mountains, the town hasn’t been affected by mass tourism and maintains much of its original 19th-century charm. It was once a …

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The 3 Best Hotels With Hot Springs In La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Hotels With Hot Springs In La Fortuna

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is an oasis reminiscent of paradise. With strips of coastline both on the Caribbean and the Pacific, it’s a tropical getaway destination known for a landscape carpeted with lush rainforest and white sandy beaches. Many tourists arrive in Costa Rica simply to relax, or …

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The 8 Best Hotels With Hot Springs In Colorado


When you think of Colorado, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Rocky Mountains. Mid-western friendliness. Low crime rates and relaxed laws. Any one of these things may pop into your head, but hot springs? That’s not likely to be one of them. In actual fact, though, …

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The 8 Best Hotels With Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Hotels With Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular travel destination that promises serene natural beauty and tranquility in relaxing environments, including some of the world’s most breathtaking natural hot springs. And while picturesque thermal pools can be found scattered throughout the country, the ones found around the small town of La Fortuna on …

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The 8 Best Hotels With Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, CO

Hotels With Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs is a small resort community that boasts two of the state’s premier hot spring resort destinations — the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and the Iron Mountain Hot Springs. As a popular tourist destination, Glenwood Springs boasts a developed …

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The 8 Best Hotels With Hot Springs in Iceland

Hotels With Hot Springs in Iceland

Geothermal hot springs have been a staple in the local culture of Iceland for centuries, and the country continues to attract over a million international visitors per year thanks to its fantastic hot spring destinations, including the world-famous Blue Lagoon. As some of the most popular tourist attractions in the …

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The 8 Best Hotels With Hot Springs In California

Hotels With Hot Springs In California

Boasting over 300 hundred hot spring destinations across its breathtaking landscapes, California is a destination that promises relaxation and rejuvenation under the West Coast sun. And while many of these thermal destinations are open to day visitors, the best way to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the site’s mineral waters …

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8 Hot Springs Near Joshua Tree, CA

Hot Springs Near Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park brings together the Mojave and Colorado ecosystems to create a truly unique landscape. Part of that landscape is the abundance of geothermal hot springs, rich in minerals and healing properties. The next time you’re in the area, be sure to check out the following hot springs …

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4 Hot Springs Near Moab, UT

Hot Springs Near Moab

The city of Moab is known for its otherworldly red rock terrain that’s almost reminiscent of being on Mars. But don’t let the dusty, rugged landscape fool you; this area is still close to some of the best hot springs in the state that are waiting to be explored. In …

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6 Hot Springs Near Albuquerque, NM

Hot Springs Near Albuquerque

Albuquerque lies in the high desert of New Mexico, and is probably the last place you imagine to be rich in hot springs. But The Duke City is close to a select few springs and resorts with mineral pools that you can travel to the next time you’re in town. …

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