Hot Springs in China

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Down the silk road to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall – China has so much to offer to tourists who are fascinated and interested in ancient history, invention, and art.

While you’re there, traveling between ancient times and the dynamics of modernized cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you may as well relax in some of the hot springs in China. You have a lot of choices, as there are over 3,000 hot springs.

That said, we’re here to introduce you to the best places in China where you can go, relax, and benefit from their natural, rejuvenating hot water.

Hot Springs in China

Jiuhua Spa and Resort

Located just an hour away from the capital, Jiuhua Spa and Resort has some of the highest-rated hot springs in the country. Jiuhua Spa has around 80 hot springs, many of which contain different minerals that may benefit your health.


The interesting thing about these hot springs is that the water has a specific light yellow color, and it’s sweet. You can enjoy the mineral-rich water in some of the outdoor pools found in this place.

It’s important to note that the place has a changeable entrance fee. From Monday to Friday, you’ll pay about $28 for the entire day. During weekends, this fee is only for a 3-hour pass.

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Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Holiday Resort is located less than an hour’s drive from Beijing and only half an hour from the Beijing Capital International Airport.


You should visit Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring if you want to soak in hotter water, as the spring’s temperature is about 140°F. The water itself is rich in sodium bicarbonate.

The best part of this resort is that you can book a room with a private hot spring bath. Besides soaking in a natural hot spring, you can ask for a more specific service, such as a milk bath, red wine bath, ginseng bath, etc.

The prices vary depending on the services you request and the room you book. You can check in after 2 PM, and you have to check out by 12 PM.

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Tangshan Easpring Resort

We’re moving to Jiangsu Province to check out this beautiful hot spring in Nanjing City. The first thing you’ll definitely enjoy when visiting the Tangshan Easpring Resort is the beauty of the natural scenery.


The hot spring has odorless water, and it’s mineral-rich, containing magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. Because of the water composition, these hot springs might be very beneficial for helping with conditions like arthritis, bad circulation, muscle spasms, skin diseases, etc.

These hot springs are hotter than average, with a water temperature ranging from 120°F to 140°F. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time inside.

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Huangshan Hot Spring

You’ll find Huangshan Hot Spring in the Huangshan District. This is a beautiful place with 15 hot springs warming several smaller pools. The water contains carbonic acid, and it’s free from sulfur, meaning it doesn’t have a strong odor that can be very unpleasant.


The temperature of the hot springs varies depending on the distance between the main source and the pool. However, these are not the hottest springs out there, as even the temperature closest to the source is about 100°F.

There are accommodations close by with their own spas, but the one with the most direct access to the springs is the Huangshan Leaf Spring Resort Hotel.

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Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel

You should visit Zhongshan Hot Spring if you would like to soak in very hot water. The temperature in the hot spring is around 200°F. Of course, this is the main source temperature, and the water gets cooled down to an appropriate temperature level that can be comfortably used in the pools.


This place is fantastic for hot spring enthusiasts. Outdoor, the hotel has two swimming pools and multiple smaller hot spring pools. The best part is that every suite has a hot spring basin found on the balcony.

If you don’t want to stay in the hotel overnight, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee to use the pools, which is about $20. Of course, keep in mind that these fees vary, so we strongly recommend you talk to the hotel managers for more accurate info.

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  • Operating Hours: Check-in – 2 PM; Check-out – 12 PM
  • Entrance Fee: $20; Free for hotel guests
  • Location: Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel

Xiaotangshan Hot Spring

Located in Xiaotangshan Town (north of Beijing), Xiaotangshan Hot Springs is a fantastic place where you can enjoy soaking in the warm water of about 100°F.


Besides the pleasant temperature, the hot spring contains around 50 minerals and various microelements that may be very beneficial for your health.

The entrance fee gives you access to the indoor hot spring swimming pool, the outdoor hot spring, and the karst cave hot spring. Plus, the price includes one meal.

Both the Long Mai Hot Spring Village and the Jiuhua Spa and Resort have fantastic offers, and they’re quite popular hot spring areas in Xiaotangshan Town.

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Long Mai Hot Spring Beijing

The Long Mai Hot Springs Resort offers 30 outdoor hot springs where you can enjoy the amazing natural scenery. The best part is that you can use various types of springs, including herbal, salt-bath, and tea-bath hot springs.


The resort includes a large indoor pool you can use for swimming and multiple spa suites designed in traditional style.

In addition, Long Mai offers various other services, such as massages, treatments, and multiple activities.

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Tengchong Hot Spring Spa

There’s a place southwest of Yunnan province called Tengchong, and it’s widely known because it’s the only volcanic geothermal area in China. This means that you can find plenty of hot springs and geysers in the area.


You can freely walk through this area and go to the Tengchong Geothermal Scenic Area to enjoy the wonderful views of various volcanic hot springs. There you can visit the Big Boiling Pot as well, which is a small pool with natural boiling springs.

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North Hot Spring

Here we have the best hot spring in Chongqing, Beibei District, which was formerly known as the Hot Spring Temple, and was built more than 1,500 years ago. Making the location a perfect combination of a historic atmosphere and a relaxing environment.


This place has ten hot springs that are free of sulfur, the mineral-rich waters contain various beneficial elements. In fact, the water composition of calcium sulfate is rather rare nationwide.

There are multiple hotels in the North Hot Spring Park area. The Bolian Resorts & Spa, for instance, has a top location along the bank of the river. This hotel has 26 outdoor hot spring pools that complement the natural surroundings of the area.

Or, you can book a room at the Banyan Tree hotel. This hotel offers indoor and outdoor bathing pools with hot water at a temperature of about 100°F. Also, you can find rooms with hot spring pools on the balcony.

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  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Entrance Fee: $40 or more, depending on the service
  • Location: North Hot Spring

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