Hot Springs in the Philippines

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

The Philippines is a top destination for tourists worldwide. The beautiful country is known for its culture and landscape, and the people living there are also recognized for their hospitality.

The Philippines has a lot to offer: sun-kissed beaches, stunning waterfalls, diverse fauna, and an underwater world. As part of the pacific ring of fire, the Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and natural geothermal hot spring resorts spread around the country.

Dipping and soaking in these hot springs can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and the mineral-rich water might also be beneficial for treatment.

Most hot springs in the Philippines are situated at the foot of Mount Makiling and the island groups Visayas and Mindanao.

List of Hot Springs in Philippines

The Most Popular Hot Springs in the Philippines

The Maquinit hot spring is among the few known natural saltwater hot springs in the world. An active volcano underneath the ground heats this geothermal spring.

The thermal water springs into two circular pools, surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery, including limestone cliffs, beautiful skylines, and a mangrove forest.

Maquinit Hot Springs Via Scott

The spring’s therapeutic water might be excellent for relaxation, but wearing waterproof footwear is recommended, as the natural pool can be rocky. After adjusting to the water, the visitors will also be able to enjoy the healing properties of the water.

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The Puning Hot Spring resort features multiple hot springs and an outdoor sauna. The water here is known to be beneficial for the skin due to its healing powers. It is also believed to be excellent for relaxation, alleviating stress, treating sore muscles, and healing rheumatic pain.

Puning Hot Springs of Angeles Via Josie Moyer

The hot springs boast lush greenery and appealing nipa huts. Aside from the relaxing experience at the hot springs, the visitors here can enjoy Filipino dishes and a spa experience, including a relaxing massage and mud mask.

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The Hidden Valley Spring Resort is situated between two mountains, Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw. It is a popular nature resort where visitors can witness diverse flora and fauna and visit the gorgeous waterfall nearby.


The resort offers six natural springs with hot waters suitable for enjoyment and relaxation. The springs have water with healing abilities and varying temperatures, so the guests can find the most appropriate one for them.

This tropical resort is ideal for nature lovers and allows visitors to hike and explore the charming rainforest. Visitors also have access to an on-site restaurant and many other amenities.

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Located near the extinct Malabobo volcano, there are two ophiolitic hot springs. Inside the park, there are thermal pools to choose from, two of which are intended for adults and one for children. 

Bathing in the hot springs can provide relaxation and serenity due to the mineral waters and the beautiful views.


The waters are also known to have medicinal properties and might be very beneficial for treating muscle strains, pain in the body, and other ailments. Nearby, visitors can also find cottages to stay in overnight while on vacation.

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This is a hot sulfur spring that is located near Mount Talinis, which is the highest peak in the mountain range known as Cuernos de Negros. Since it is located in a rainforest, visitors don’t have access to establishments but can enjoy picturesque views.


The five secluded hot springs here offer a uniquely rejuvenating experience. Even though the sulfur spring doesn’t have a pleasant smell, such water has been shown to possibly help skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

Moreover, soaking in the calming water is also excellent for relaxation, and there is also a refreshing waterfall nearby.

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The Esoy Hot Spring is a natural hot water resort located in Catmon Municipality in Cebu Province, Philippines. The hot therapeutic spring water can be suitable for relaxation, improving blood circulation, alleviating muscle pain, and treating other physical ailments.


The visitors in the resort can rent cottages to stay in and enjoy activities such as fish feeding, trekking to the stunning waterfall surrounded by rock formations, rock climbing, and others. Note that visitors need to make a reservation as the springs are not open to the public.

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  • Location: Esoy Hot Spring
  • Spring Type: Outdoor
  • Water Temperature: 104°F to 140°F

The province of Camiguin has several volcanoes and thermal pools. One of them is the Ardent Spring Resort, situated at the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok. The resort features several pools surrounded by lush forests, offering incredible views of nature.


The hot spring boasts sulfur water which might relieve muscle pain and provide other healing benefits. The clear blue water might calm the body and mind and offer a tranquil experience. Within the resort, the guests also have access to cottages and a cafe.

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The Tangub Hot Spring is a hidden gem in Camiguin. The hot spring is known for the hot waters and the gorgeous views. Interestingly, the volcanic hot spring is hidden beneath sea level until the ocean pulls it back between the rocks at low tide.


This is what differentiates Tangub from other hot springs in the Philippines and around the world. Visitors can enjoy fun activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as observe diverse underwater life.

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The Sira-an is another secluded hot spring in the Philippines. It has sulfuric waters with possible healing properties and a beautiful views thanks to its location by the shore of the sea.


The visitors can also rest at the nipa hut cottages during their stay and try local dishes at the restaurant nearby.

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Guide to Natural Hot Springs in Philippines

The Island of Mindanao

  • Lake Agco Natural Hot Spring
  • Buso Hot Spring
  • Marawer Hot Spring
  • Mambukal Hot Spring
  • Sigacad Hot Spring
  • Guinoman Hot Spring
  • Alubijid Hot Spring

The Island of Luzon

  • Sibol Hot Spring
  • Bokal na Mainit Hot Spring
  • Panicuason Hot Springs Resort
  • Calidus Laguna Hot Spring Resort
  • Hapao Hot Spring
  • Asin-Tuel Hot Springs
  • River View Hot Spring Resort
  • Manleluag Spring National Park
  • Luisa Ridge Hot Spring Resort Spa
  • Manleluag Spring National Park

The Province of Laguna

  • 88 Hotspring Resort
  • La Vista Pansol Resort
  • Villa Rina Hot Springs
  • Al Fresco Springs Resort
  • Bato Springs Resort
  • The Cliffhouse Laguna
  • Casa Tropica Villas

Other Hot Springs in the Philippines

  • Marguez Hot and Cold Spring Resort
  • Durano Ecofarm and Spring Resort
  • Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort
  • Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort
  • Red Rock Hot Spring
  • Panicuason Hot Springs Resort
  • Sol Y Viento Resort

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