Hot Springs in Russia

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Last Updated: July 20th, 2023

Russia can be pretty cold, but the colder the weather, the more enjoyable the hot springs will be, and Russia has countless hot springs. Understandably, most of them are connected to recreational centers and resorts, so visiting them and finding accommodation can be easy.

The regions with the greatest number of hot springs are Tyumen, Baikal, and Krasnodar. Nevertheless, almost every region has a few. You can even visit the geysers in Kamchatka, the second place in the world by the number of geysers it has, which is around 200.

Therefore, take a wellness holiday and choose the best place with this guide’s help. Just continue reading to discover the best hot springs in Russia.

Hot Springs in Russia

Many of the hot springs in Russia are transformed into spas and are known for the benefits of their thermal waters, so the following are definitely worth a visit.

  • Matsesta Resort
  • Thermal spring Rasputin
  • Upper Forest
  • Sovetsky
  • Thermal spring water Riviera
  • Hot spring of AkvaThermo
  • Khakusy Resort


Matsesta Resort (Мацеста, бальнеологический курорт)

Let’s start with one of Russia’s most famous natural thermal springs, the Matsesta thermal springs, located in the center of Sochi. The thermal water from these springs is rich in minerals and hydrogen sulfide, which are known to soothe the nervous system and improve blood circulation.

Balneological resort Matsesta in Sochi Via Фотобанк Moscow-Live

The Matsesta Resort offers all kinds of treatments. You can choose between post-Covid recovery, post-burn recovery, improving sleep quality, improving breathing, and more programs. These sessions last 15 minutes each and are carried out over a period of a couple of weeks.

Many people visit this spa resort thanks to the popularity and success of the treatments with the thermal waters.

Additional Info

Location Мацеста, бальнеологический курорт
Region Krasnodar Krai
Water Temperature +68 °F – +104 °F

Thermal Spring Rasputin (Термальный источник Распутин)

The thermal waters in the Krasnodar region can reach over 176 °F because they come out from 8,530 feet underground. As a result, many recreational and treatment facilities have popped up around the location.

Thermal Water Pool Via Rasputin Hotel

Notably, the Mostovsky district is rich in hot springs and plenty of hotels with thermal pools. One of them is Rasputin, a hotel and spa that prides itself in offering a relaxing environment.

The hotel Rasputin’s baths, pools, and saunas are filled with thermal waters from the Mostovsky district. The several outdoor pools, besides the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters, provide ample relaxation due to the hydromassage installations.

Additional information

Location Termal’nyy Istochnik Rasputin
Region Krasnodar Krai
Water Temperature +96.8 °F

Upper Forest (База отдыха Верхний бор)

Located on the shore of the lake, Upper Forest is a recreational center focused on improving well-being. Visitors to the location are greeted by views of the surrounding greenery and lakes.

Swimming Pool in the Spa Hotel “Istochnik” Via Verkhniy Bor

The Upper Forest hotel complex has three hotels, two of which have outdoor pools. The pools use water from the local hot spring discovered in 1985, rich in bromine and sodium chloride salts, hence its therapeutic properties.

One of them, the “Open Thermal Pool,” is 4305.56 sq. ft., and the water temperature in it is +102 °F or +104 °F. The second pool, “Istochnik,” is 2152.78 sq. ft., with water temperature ranging from +102 °F to +104 °F.

The spring also utilizes a unique cleaning feature which allows the both pools to stay purified without compromising its quality.

Additional information

Location База отдыха “Верхний бор”
Region Tyumen
Water Temperature Both pools have temperatures around +104 °F

Sovetsky (Goryachiy Istochnik Sovetskiy)

Sovetsky is another popular spot in the Tyumen area, located in the forest where the fresh mountain air combines with the thermal waters for a refreshing environment. This resort is built right next to the source of the hot spring, whose water it uses, ensuring the waters are pure.

Thermal Source Via Sovetsky

The Sovetsky has a jacuzzi pool and a lake nearby, filled with the same water, offering up options for visitors. The resort’s high standards include cleaning the pool daily. In addition, the hydromassage areas and waterfalls offer diversity to the type of experiences at the restort.

The water in the pool reaches 118 °F and contains a lot of iodine, potassium, magnesium, and sodium chloride. However, you should know that the water in the lake is a bit colder, with temperatures ranging from 98 °F to 107 °F.

Additional information

Location Goryachiy Istochnik Sovetskiy
Region Tyumen
Water Temperature + 118 °F

Thermal Spring Water Riviera (Термальные источники Водная Ривьера)

The Water Riviera is a recreational center that’s located in the Adygea Republic, in Southern Russia. The resort offers up a sauna and a hammam on top of the therapeutic thermal waters on offer.


The Water Riviera has more than one outdoor thermal pool and a pool for kids, making it a popular location for families. The water in the pool comes from 5,905 feet underground, and the water temperature ranges between the pools.

The biggest pool has lights and hydro massage, but visitors can also opt for private pools. Their private pools sit a specific number of guests, and once occupied the water fills the pool and is temperature controlled by its patrons.

Additional information

Location Termal’nyye Istochniki Vodnaya Riv’yera
Region Adygea Republic
Water Temperature From 68 °F to 104 °F

Hot Springs of AkvaThermo (Термальные источники АкваТермо)

One of the most visited resorts in Adygea is the AquaThermo resort, located in the Maykop region. This resort has three outdoor thermal pools, with one set aside for children-making this an ideal location for visiting familes.

Thermal Springs AquaTermo Via AquaTermo01

The pools also use a multi-level thermal water purification system, ensuring you get clean water without losing the benefits of the springs

AkvaThermo also offers cottage rentals with access to private thermal pools that can fit up to six people. This combined with the outside pool for children makes it one of the most popular resorts for families.

Around AquaTermo is framed by nature, visitors can hike to the Rufabgo Waterfalls or the Granite Canyon, or go on a rafting adventure.

Additional information

Location Термальные источники АкваТермо | Отдых в Адыгее
Region Maykop
Water Temperature +96 °F to +104 °F

Khakusy Resort (Курорт Хакусы)

On the northeastern coast of Lake Baikal, is Khakusy resort and, next to it, the hot springs. The main hot spring joins with another hot stream, forming the Goryachiy stream. The Goryachiy stream then flows into the Baikal lake, but a part of that stream is redirected to the pools of the Khakusy Resort.

Курорт Хакусы Via Bgelo777

The water temperature varies between 107 °F to 116 °F degrees and is frequented year-round. The resort also offers cottage rentals available throughout the year, offering views of the landscape.

Additional information

Location Resort Khakusy
Region Buryatia
Water Temperature +107 °F – +116 °F

Final Thoughts

Russia has an abundance of Hot Springs, and they have become an integral part of daily life for those seeking health benefits or relaxation.

While tourism to the region is closed off, and the future questionable, there is no denying the beauty of these locations.

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