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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Hungary is a country with over 1300 thermal water springs. Here you’ll get informed about the best hot springs in Hungary and what makes them worthy of a visit.

Over 120 of the hot springs in Hungary are located in the capital city, Budapest, making the popular tourist destination an ideal place to take in the sites and spend some time soaking in the thermal waters.

In this article, we’ve divided the best hot springs in Hungary based on their location. That way, you will easily find the one that you choose as your next destination.

Hot Springs in Eastern Hungary

Aquaticum Debrecen Thermal & Wellness Hotel

Aquaticum is a thermal and wellness hotel located in the Hungarian town of Debrecen. The hotel features an aquatic indoor and outdoor park, a sauna world, a wellness island, as well as a thermal bath complex.

Debrecen Aquaticum Via Cacuci Cristian

The thermal bath complex includes five swimming pools, a contrast bath, and a salt room. The pool water has a temperature between 68-104°F.

The water is rich in sodium, hydrogen carbonate, and chloride and is believed to be effective against multiple ailments.

Additional Info

  • Location: Northern part of Debrecen
  • Water Temperature: Between 68-104°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day ticket for the thermal baths costs $11 per adult
  • Website: Főoldal – Aquaticum
  • Features:
    • Excellent combination of aquaparks and thermal baths
    • Medicinal water with multiple healing and rehabilitation properties

Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő és Barlang Aquaterápia

Miskolctapolca is a thermal cave bath and cave aqua therapy resort, where the main attraction is the Tavas cave. It is a naturally occurring system of caves filled with thermal water and is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Cave Bath Via Hungarian Snow

The cave system is located above hot springs, which fill it with thermal water at a temperature of 86°F. The water is rich in calcium, making it ideal for possibly treating bone-related diseases and joint pain.

The water at Miskolctapolca also has salinity levels lower than 0.01 pounds per gallon, making them ideal for long-hour bathing.

Additional Info

  • Location: Southwestern part of Miskolc
  • Water Temperature: Around 86°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day ticket for the cave baths costs $19 per adult
  • Website: The Cave bath |
  • Features: 
    • Unique scenery of thermal water caves
    • Thermal water is possibly suitable for the treatment of bone and joint-related diseases

Saliris Resort – Spa Conference Hotel

The Saliris Resort is close to the Hungarian town of Eger. The complex offers over 20.000 square feet of water area, consisting of more than 17 adventure and medicinal pools. The name Saliris means “Salt Rainbow,” which is how the complex was named because of the diversity it offers.

Egerszalók, Hungary Via Palickap

The thermal waters of the resort were qualified as medicinal in 1992. Their temperature range is between 95-104°F, and they are rich in calcium and sulfur.

Offering multiple benefits, the waters of the Saliris resort might be excellent for:

  • Degenerative musculoskeletal diseases
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Psoriasis and eczema
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

Additional Info

  • Location: Southwest of Eger
  • Water Temperature: Between 95-104°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day ticket for the spa and thermal baths costs $18.5 per adult
  • Website: Saliris Resort Spa & Konferencia Hotel – Egerszalók
  • Features:
    • A complex located in a beautiful natural environment near Europe’s only salt hill
    • Thermal waters rich in calcium and sulfur may have an effective anti-inflammatory effect beneficial for joint and muscular pain

Hot Springs in Central Hungary

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

The most visited and praised thermal bath attraction in all of Hungary is probably the Széchenyi baths complex. It was built in 1913 on top of natural medicinal hot spring water.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath Via Juan Salmoral

The complex features 18 pools, ten saunas, massage therapies, steam cabins, and much more. The biggest green park in Budapest, called the City Park, surrounds it.

The medical services of the Széchenyi bath complex include:

  • Medical pool bath
  • Underwater jet massage
  • Medical massage
  • Mud therapy
  • Underwater traction
  • Medical tub bath

All of these treatments include medicinal waters rich in sodium, calcium, sulfur, fluoride, and metaboric acid. The water temperature ranges between 79-108°F.

If you are seeking hot springs to help alleviate health issues, consider staying in the nearby Mirage Medic Hotel which offers on-site treatments, otherwise, Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest is a highly-rated hotel nearby.

Additional Info

  • Location: Budapest, near the main City Park
  • Water Temperature: Between 79-108°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day thermal baths ticket costs $27 per adult
  • Website: Széchenyi Thermal Bath
  • Features:
    • One of the most visited thermal baths resorts in Hungary
    • Thermal waters rich in anions and cations might be beneficial in battling degenerative joint disease, acute arthritis, and orthopedic injuries

St. Gellért Thermal Bath

Located close to the Nagy Vásárcsarnok (Budapest Central Market), the St. Gellért bath complex glows with an Art Nouveau architecture style and ambiance. It was founded in 1918, and even today, it is known as the “Palace of Baths.”

Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool Via Nan Palmero

St. Gellért’s baths have been filled from multiple hot springs for hundreds of years. The eight thermal baths contain thermal water with temperatures ranging between 70-104°F.

The water contains magnesium, chloride, calcium, fluoride, and sulfate. Its healing properties should especially be beneficial for asthma, respiratory, and skin treatments. People suffering from joint pain, poor blood circulation, and neuralgia also visit these baths.

Nearby accommodation includes the health-focused Hotel Vision or the trendy Flow Spaces Hostel.

Additional Info

  • Location: Budapest, near the 19th-century Central Market
  • Water Temperature: Between 70-104°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day thermal baths ticket costs $27 per adult
  • Website: Gellért Thermal Bath
  • Features: 
    • Beautiful baths with a unique Art Nouveau architecture
    • Bath complex known worldwide for its rich history and “miraculous” hot springs
    • Thermal waters may beneficial for asthma, respiratory, and skin diseases

Dandár Thermal Bath

The Dandár thermal bath is one of the hot springs in Hungary that is a true hidden gem. It is located close to the St. Gellért thermal baths on the other side of the river Danube.

Wellness Section Via Dandar Furdo

Unfortunately, most locals aren’t familiar with this bath because it was established in 1928 as a public bath to provide basic hygiene to the population. In 1978, the bath was completely renovated, and today it draws water from a well near Közraktár Street.

The thermal waters of the Dandár thermal bath are rich in calcium, chloride, magnesium sulfate, and fluoride ions. It may benefit people with neuralgia, musculoskeletal problems, and chronic inflammation. The water temperature is ideal, ranging between 97-100°F.

Additional Info

  • Location: Dandár street, Budapest
  • Water Temperature: Between 97-100°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day spa and thermal baths ticket costs $10 per adult
  • Website: Dandár Thermal Bath
  • Features:
    • A truly hidden gem of Budapest
    • Small and private bath complex
    • Offers three thermal water pools for relaxation and rejuvenation

Hot Springs in Western Hungary

Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa

If you’re closer to the western parts of Hungary, then the first hot spring complex we recommend you visit is Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa. It has an artificial beach, slides, an adventure pool, an aqua park, and thermal baths.

Cupola Via [Sir] Bali

The complex has a specialized medical wellness center, mainly oriented to providing thermo spa treatments. Water drawn from hot springs is heated up further and made into steam, then used for spa treatments with multiple benefits. The center combines those treatments with salt air exposure for maximum effects.

The medical water at the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa contains more than 0.15 pounds of minerals per gallon and might be highly suitable for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Additional Info

  • Location: East of the town of Bük
  • Water Temperature: Between 97-102°F
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day spa and thermal baths ticket costs $22 per adult
  • Website: Bükfürdő 
  • Features: 
    • The thermal water is highly rich in hydrocarbon, calcium, magnesium, and fluorine
    • Specialized osteoporosis program, along with thermal spa treatments

Thermal Lake of Hévíz

The last Hungarian hot spring that we would recommend is the thermal lake of Hévíz. It is located along the northern slope of Mount Keszthely, and its thermal water healing powers date up to ancient Roman times.

Thermal Lake at Hévíz, Hungary Via Heather Cowper

The thermal lake of Hévíz is a unique wonder of nature, as its water temperature is constantly between 73-77°F in the winter and 97-100°F in the summer. The water constantly moves under the surface, providing a massage-like sensation to everyone swimming.

The water in the lake is continuously filled by mineral-rich springs, and it is naturally replaced every three days. The medicinal properties of the water may help battle and prevent various illnesses but are also excellent for recreation and relaxation.

Additional Info

  • Location: 3.7 miles from Lake Balaton, western Hungary
  • Water Temperature: Between 73-77°F in the winter, and between 97-100°F in the summer
  • Entrance Fee: An all-day ticket costs $18.5 per adult
  • Website: Park Hotel Hévíz
  • Features:
    • Used since the times of the ancient Romans
    • The lake’s medicinal powers may help battle and prevent multiple illnesses
    • In the winter, a steam cloud forms over the lake, which should be highly beneficial for inhalation

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