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Last Updated: July 20th, 2023

The Empire State is even home to a tranquil hot spring destination that provides respite from the constant bustle of the big city.

While hot springs are much more abundant in the Western United States, a handful of thermal pools are scattered throughout the central and eastern states. Saratoga, New York, is the only hot spring in the state but boasts several ways to find bliss soaking in the site’s mineral-rich waters.

From private baths and hot spring resorts to outdoor mineral pools for a family fun afternoon of swimming in a natural watering hole, this is everything you need to know about hot springs in New York, including the best ways to enjoy the world-renowned healing waters.

Outdoor Mineral Springs in New York

Peerless Mineral Water Pool

One of two outdoor natural springs that permit swimming in the Saratoga Spa State Park, the Peerless Mineral Water Pool features three unique swimming areas — the main pool, the kids’ pool, and the water slide pool.

The main pool was built in 1962 and features a zero-depth entrance and rubber flooring for safe swimming conditions for the whole family. Alternatively, kids have their designated pool accompanied by a splash pad and lifeguards.

Victoria Mineral Water Pool

Open between June and September, the Victoria Mineral Water pool is known as America’s first heated pool. It has been a popular swimming pool for the locals for over a century. The swimming hole offers a traditional outdoor spring soaking experience and features onsite amenities, including showers, bathrooms, lockers, and dressing rooms.

Saratoga Spa State Park

Known as The Queen of the Spas, Saratoga Springs is the singular hot springs destination in New York and has been a world-renowned natural spa retreat for centuries. The spring is protected as the Saratoga Spa State Park, a 2,379-acre preservation protecting the natural springs and providing a historic healing experience.

Discovered during the early 19th century, the springs became a popular tourist attraction in 1831 thanks to the construction of a railroad connecting it to the nearby communities. For the rest of the century and throughout the 20th century, Saratoga Springs were a popular resort community and was even designated a state park in 1962.

Today, the park is home to 21 public springs, several bathhouses, and resort complexes. Visitors can spend the day sampling the diverse flavors of the drinkable springs, soak in one of the site’s two swimmable springs, or even receive a complete treatment at one of the historic resorts and spas.

The Most Popular Hot Spring Resorts and Hotels in New York

Medbery Inn & Spa

Medbery Inn and Spa via medberyinnandspa

Located in Ballston Falls in the south of Saratoga County, the Medbery Inn & Spa offers visitors a unique experience engaging the natural springs while exploring the historical practices of the region’s tourism industry.

The historical hotel reopened in 2003 and maintained its traditional style and vintage ambiance. Yet, the accommodation provided by the hotel features modern amenities and additions that bring an enhanced full-treatment stay for today’s visitors.

Along with luxurious hotel rooms, the Medbery Inn provides the area’s only day spa that provides access to the hot mineral water spring and offers a selection of mineral baths for an enhanced soaking experience. Additional onsite spa treatments include foot baths, facials, and massages.

Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa


The Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa is the region’s premier accommodation and spa service, operating directly out of Saratoga Spa State Park. It features luxurious room options, onsite dining facilities, event venues, and planned itineraries to surrounding attractions.

Inviting both day visitors and overnight tourists, one of the resort’s most popular attractions is the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. Established in 1935, the spa features 42 serene treatment rooms offering massages, facials, body treatments, and yoga classes.

The spa’s most favored treatment is to soak in its private mineral baths, which average between 97 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saratoga Turf & Spa Motel

Saratoga Turf and Spa Motel via saratogaturfandspa

Opened in 1955, the Saratoga Turf & Spa is an affordable accommodation option in the city. It features two hot mineral water tubs perfect for a budget-friendly hot spring resort retreat in New York.

The motel features 43 guestrooms with a king bed or two queen beds. The motel also features a communal grilling area, picnic tables, and base room comforts such as complimentary WIFI and full baths.

The mineral spa room is open throughout the year and features the natural bubbling waters of the spring. Alternatively, the motel also features a heated outdoor pool for added convenience.

Types of Hot Springs in New York

Hot Spring Baths and Resorts

Both luxurious and historical, the full-service resorts and spas at Saratoga Spa State Park offer the most tranquil and calming soaking experiences in the state and provide lavish baths and pools to enjoy the natural mineral waters.

With four of these resort options featured within Saratoga Springs, visitors staying within the community will enjoy everything the region offers, including local cuisine at onsite restaurants, full treatments at the facilities’ spa, and even off-site excursions into the many other attractions of the state.

Whether visiting for a day or engaging onsite accommodations for an extended stay, the hot spring resorts in Saratoga are the best way to enjoy the spring waters in the same fashion as the turn-of-the-century tourists.

  • Medbery Inn & Spa
  • Roosevelt Baths & Spa
  • Saratoga Turf & Spa Motel
  • Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa

Outdoor Mineral Springs

While the mineral baths of New York’s hot spring resorts are some of the most relaxing soaks in the state, they also don’t leave much room to swim and are provided within a controlled setting.

For this reason, the state park’s sizeable outdoor mineral pools are the best option for visitors seeking to submerge in a natural setting and promise a family fun dip into the natural spring. What the outdoor mineral pools lack in additional comforts and amenities, they make up for with their pristine environments and traditional watering hole ambiance.

There are two outdoor mineral pools in Saratoga Spa State Park.

  • Peerless Mineral Water Pool
  • Victoria Mineral Water Pool

Hot Spring Fountains

The waters at Saratoga Springs are considered very clean and safe to drink. Thanks to their high mineral concentrations and nutritional values, many visitors to the community are drawn specifically to sample the many flavors of the spring waters.

There are 21 public sampling springs scattered throughout the community of Saratoga, each boasting unique flavors specific to their source. No springs are the same, and visitors can plan to spend an entire day sampling the many tastes.

Additionally, like soaking in them, consuming the spring water is believed to grant the drinker many health benefits, including improving skin conditions and other ailments.

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