Termas Geométricas Hot Springs, Chile

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Known to Chili’s ancient inhabitants as Cajon Negro, the Termas Geométricas are a collection of 18 hot spring pools scattered along a picturesque ravine in the Villarrica Sur National Park.

While once inaccessible, visitors can now traverse the ravine along an extensive network of red boardwalks completed in 2004 that connects the thermal pools.

Tucked away in the lush protected wilderness within the country’s southern regions, the Termas Geométricas offers visitors much more than just a thermal soaking experience. With several hiking trails and paddling waterways to venture, the Villarrica Sur National Park provides an extensive exploration of Chili’s more intrepid adventures and iconic landmarks.

And when visitors are done engaging in the more physically demanding activities of the region, there is no better way to soothe well-worn muscles and bones than dipping into the world-famous Termas Geométricas, renowned for their warm waters of high mineral contents.

From how to access the thermal pool complex to the best accommodations and attractions in the area, this is everything you need to know before visiting the Termas Geométricas Hot Springs, Chile.

History of Termas Geométricas Hot Springs

Termas Geométricas Via Felipe Engelberger

While the Termas Geométricas had been known amongst the local natives of Chili for centuries, the extensive hot spring complex had long been inaccessible along the picturesque ravine surrounded by the lush overgrowth of the Villarrica Sur National Park.

Fortunately, the region experienced some light development in 2004, completed by Germán del Sol. These new facilities include vibrant red boardwalks that contrast the dark verdant foliage to enhance the scenic setting and several comfort amenities such as bathrooms and a restaurant.

Today the Termas Geométricas continue to attract thousands of international tourists each year that flock to the thermal pools to soothe their bodies after exploring the surrounding attractions of the national park.

Termas Geométricas Hot Springs Facilities


The Termas Geométricas features simple designs modeled after Japanese-style architecture that weaves their way through the lush surrounding forest in a way that accentuates the overall natural beauty of the region.

Along with its iconic red boardwalk, the Termas Geométricas complex features several services within its facilities.

Natural Thermal Pools

The most significant draw to the Termas Geométricas is, of course, the opportunity to soak in the natural mineral waters of the facility’s thermal pools.

In total, 18 stone pools line the 500-meter-long ravine that cuts through the dense foliage of the natural setting. Connecting these rustic swimming holes is the crimson boardwalk made famous by magazine features and influencers.

Each of the complex’s 18 spas is fed from over 60 different hot springs in the region and is transported to the pools via wooden pipes that serve to maintain the rustic ambiance of the natural setting. The waters average about 80 degrees Celsius from their source but are cooled to a more comfortable 35 to 45 degrees by the time they are filled into the pools.

Since the pools are heated by volcanic geothermal processes below the earth’s surface, the hot springs maintain their warm temperatures year-round and offer a serene soaking experience whether visiting in the Summer or Winter.

Dining Options


To reduce pollution in the area and maintain its pristine cleanliness and natural appeal, the spa facility does not permit any outside food or picnics within its complexes. Luckily, the hot springs feature an onsite café and snack bar serving various western and Chilean dishes during your day trip to the pools.

The menu features pizza, ciabatta bread sandwiches, and a selection of daily soups and salads for a lighter meal. The café also features a selection of favorite local desserts for visitors seeking a sweeter treat. Alternatively, visitors seeking a refreshing beverage have a wide selection of sodas, juices, and hot drinks.

Visitors should note that while the café does sell alcoholic beverages such as beer and Kombucha, these adult drinks are not permitted within the hot springs themselves.

This is to alleviate any of the dangers that may arise from combining alcoholic influences with the region’s natural hazards, including ice and snow.

Attractions Near the Termas Geométricas Hot Springs


While the Termas Geométricas is an attraction worth the trip to the region itself, the hot mineral waters of the site are better enjoyed after a physically exertive exploration of the region’s other natural wonders along one of the many hiking trails that weave through the park.

One of the most popular hiking trails that start near the hot springs is an 8 km out-and-back trail that leads visitors to the beautiful Pichillancahue Glacier. This moderate trail guides hikers through the national park and offers picturesque vistas before arriving at the surreal, dramatic glacier.

Another great hiking trail near the Termas Geométricas is the 15.9 km point-to-point trail from Laguna Azul to Laguna Avutardas.

This moderate hiking trail guides visitors to two picturesque lakes in the Villarrica Sur National Park and offers a surreal experience within the natural environment free from other visitors.

Accommodations Options at Termas Geométricas Hot Springs, Chile

Cabin accommodation at Coñaripe Via velodenz

While there is currently no onsite lodging within the hot springs complex, the nearby towns boast fantastic accommodation options within a short drive from the Termas Geométricas. Coñaripe is a popular community located on the shores of Calafquén Lake and boasts several accommodation options for every travel budget.

Located within the town, the Hotel Elizabeth offers simple economically-friendly accommodation only 14 km from the hot springs. The hotel features an onsite restaurant and bar, a complimentary breakfast, and a concierge service with a tour desk.

Alternatively, visitors can stay at the Cabaña Rustica Patagonia Chilena. This mid-range accommodation is only 7 km from the thermal pools and offers visitors entire bungalow rentals in a region known for its absence of electromagnetic pollution. Furthermore, it is a fantastic rental for staying directly within the idyllic natural scenery of the park.

Finally, the Cabaña en Coñaripe Sector Termas Geométricas is the nearest and most comfortable accommodation option near Termas Geométricas. However, along with boasting incredible views of the region and plenty of spaces to explore, this holiday home rental also comes with an elevated nightly rate and requires a minimum three-night reservation.

Getting to the Termas Geométricas Hot Springs, Chile

The easiest way to reach the Termas Geométricas is by car. Coñaripe is only 16 km from the hot springs and requires only a short drive to reach the town. Unfortunately, from Pucon, the drive is approximately a 1.5-hour journey and is only slightly shorter for those visiting from the village of Villarica.

Alternatively, visitors staying in Pucon or Villarica can travel via public transport to Coñaripe, where they can then arrange a shuttle to the hot springs.

While more affordable, this route takes a little longer, and visitors can expect to spend two to two and a half hours on the journey.


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