Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Hungary

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Affectionately nicknamed the City of Spas, Budapest is a city that promises rejuvenation and relaxation. What’s more, several of the city’s most lavish facilities are all fed by natural thermal springs deep beneath the earth’s surface.

With 123 natural springs, visitors to the city have a selection of dozens of fantastic thermal baths to choose from. However, standing above the rest as Hungary’s most soothing thermal pool spa experience is the opulent and historic Szechenyi Thermal Bath.

With 18 unique thermal pools within its facilities, the Szechenyi Thermal Bath is a massive spa complex that promises a myriad of onsite services and amenities and is one of the best locations in Hungary for submerging in the region’s natural spring waters.

From which of the property’s thermal pools to visit the best nearby accommodation options and onsite spa treatments, this is everything you need to know before visiting the Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Hungary.

History of Szechenyi Thermal Bath


While thermal pool spas have been famous in Budapest since the 16th and 17th centuries, the therapeutic hot spring facilities began to garner an international prevalence towards the end of the 1800s. During this time, engaging natural mineral waters for medical reasons had become a popular trend in society and had led several thermal spas to establish in the city.

One such of these turn-of-the-century spa complexes is the Szechenyi Thermal Bath. Opened in 1913, the Szechenyi Thermal Bath is fed from a natural spring 975 meters below the planet’s surface from a hole dug nearly 50 years before the facility’s establishment.

The entire spa complex is designed with the Baroque revival architecture that was popular during its construction. While the facility changed over the decade following its opening, the current layout of the complex features was officially finalized in 1927 and continues to provide visitors with a traditional setting for an authentic soak in the city’s mineral waters.

Attractions at the Szechenyi Thermal Bath

From tasting to soaking, there are plenty of ways for visitors to enjoy the natural mineral waters of the Szechenyi Thermal Bath complex. These are just some of the top attractions offered within the facility, which include 18 different thermal pools and even a full-service rejuvenation spa.

Outdoor Thermal Pools


The most significant attraction in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths is the three grand outdoor thermal pools that span their way across the breadth of the complex’s property. Open year-round, these massive pools offer a serene traditional setting complete with the yellow Neo-Baroque backdrop and several recliners lining the pool decks.

The complex’s primary pool is maintained at a comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit and offers plenty of space for visitors to engage in recreational swimming. Alternatively, the property’s adventure pool features temperatures averaging 100 degrees and even includes a powerful whirlpool for added excitement.

The third and final outdoor pool at Szechenyi Thermal Baths is specifically designed for relaxation and boasts waters averaging 100 degrees. All the spa pools feature plenty of amenities that enhance the experience, including in-water chess boards. Cold beverages are permitted in the pool area but not in the waters.

Visitors should be warned that as the most popular attraction of Budapest’s top thermal spa, Szechenyi Thermal Bath’s outdoor pools attracts millions of visitors from around the world and can often experience heavy crowding.

Indoor Thermal Pools


Alternatively, Szechenyi Thermal Bath’s indoor mineral pools offer a slightly less crowded immersion into the complex’s natural spring waters. The facility features 15 unique indoor pools that range from a cool 67 degrees to a balmy 104 degrees.

With so many different pools, visitors will surely find the swimming hole perfect for them. Each pool is comprised of a simple rectangular shape but features diverse stylings and ambiance, from rustic communal pool to towering roman columns.

While not as lavish as the outdoor pools, the facility’s indoor thermal baths offer quiet respites away from the crowds to enjoy the mineral waters’ soothing and therapeutic properties.

Thermal Spa

Beyond soaking in the facility’s celebrated mineral pools, the best way to enjoy the soothing therapeutic properties of the spring water is by engaging the complex’s full-service spa. The thermal spa offers several specialty treatments incorporating the facility’s natural resources to provide an enhanced calming experience of rejuvenation.

Boasting a complete wellness center, the thermal spa features a wide array of treatments, including Thai, Swedish, and Medical massage. Further amenities featured within the spa include a fully-equipped gym and saunas.

Spa-Cafeteria and Beer Spa

With so much to explore, a trip to the Szechenyi Thermal Baths can be a full-day excursion. Luckily the property features an onsite café and Beer Spa for visitors to enjoy their favorite snacks and beverages.

The Spa Café/Bar offers soakers the opportunity to enjoy an ice-cold beer while relaxing in the pristine waters of the outdoor pools. However, the Beer Spa is the best way to enjoy a drink.

For 30 EUR per person or 50 EUR for two, visitors can enjoy 45 minutes of unlimited beer from a private tap while soaking in a hops, malt, and yeast-infused private thermal hot tub.

Accommodations Options at Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Hungary

While the Szechenyi Thermal Baths don’t offer any onsite accommodation options, several fantastic hotels just off the hot spring complex are readily available to host your vacation to the City of Spas. Within walking distance to the thermal pools are dozens of accommodations for visitors on any budget.

The most cost-effective accommodation near the Szechenyi Thermal Baths is the Baroque Hostel & Coworking. Along with providing a convenient location to several of the region’s famous attractions, this hotel offers a wide array of amenities for an affordable rate.

Located just across the street from the Szechenyi Thermal Baths, the Ibis Budapest Heroes Square Hotel offers fantastic mid-range accommodation complete with comfortable room options, complimentary breakfast, and even an onsite bar and terrace.

While slightly more expensive, the Mirage Medic Hotel is located next to Heroes’ Square and operates out of a classic restored 19th-century building right in the city’s heart. The hotel features luxury accommodations and amenities, an onsite bar, 24-hour front desk services, and provides a hearty buffet-style breakfast.

Getting to the Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Hungary

For those not staying within walking distance of the Szechenyi Thermal Baths, the easiest way to access the hot spring complex is by taking public transportation. Located near the center of the city, there are several ways to reach the facility, the easiest of which is to take the yellow metro M1 to Szechenyi Ford.

Alternatively, visitors seeking further exploration of Budapest can also walk through the city along the celebrated Andrassy Street. While a longer journey, this route offers plenty of scenic attractions along the way.


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