Hot Springs in Vietnam

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Vietnam offers breathtaking landscapes, from picturesque mountains and scenic beaches to spectacular national parks, gorgeous waterfalls, and rainforests. This country is a popular destination among visitors worldwide and is known for its culture, friendly people, tasty food, and bustling cities.

The natural hot springs are also popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. The country is home to over 300 hundred hot springs, many well-established natural hot springs where visitors can relax, while others are fully developed into resorts.

If the hot springs in Vietnam are your next destination, read on to learn more about them and prepare for a calming experience.

Hot Springs in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts hot and warm natural hot springs, mineral pools, and mud baths with nutrient-rich mud from the springs. The hot springs are scattered across the country, with North-western Vietnam having the largest number of geothermal hot springs with temperatures above 86 °F.

Some of the natural hot springs are rustic and surrounded by nature. Still, most of them are situated within resorts, offering many amenities for the guests.

Their water contains minerals that might boost your health, relax muscles, reduce joint pain and alleviate inflammation. Soaking in such water might also naturally detox your skin and reduce symptoms caused by skin conditions.

The Most Popular Hot Springs in Vietnam

  • Kim Boi Hot Spring
  • Bang Mineral Hot Spring
  • Kenh Ga Hot Spring
  • Tay Vien Hot Spring
  • Dam Rong Hot Spring

Kim Boi Hot Spring

Kim Boi hot spring via Obakeneko

The Kim Boi Hot Spring is situated in the mountain area of northern Vietnam, 18.64 miles from Hoa Binh town. This natural mineral hot spring has a low water temperature, which is suitable for drinking and bathing.

Since the temperature is not enough to create steam, it is really good for relaxing. Also, the water’s high mineral content, rich in calcium, lithium, and radium, might be excellent for treating various health conditions.

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Bang Mineral Hot Spring


The Bang Mineral Hot Spring is situated in the Quang Binh Province, known for the Phong Nha Cave and the Ke Bang Forest. It is an open-air stream that is a must-see while visiting.

The gorgeous greenery surrounding the hot spring attracts many tourists worldwide who are looking for a relaxing experience. The mineral water contains many valuable elements, making it good for treating various diseases.

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Kenh Ga Hot Spring

Kenh Ga, Ninh Binh Area via gmacfadyen

The Kenh Ga Hot Spring is a source of clear salty mineral water that maintains a stable temperature, which makes it suitable for bathing. This hot spring is ideal for visitors who want to relax and offers accommodation options to stay when visiting.

The hot spring’s water contains precious minerals, including sodium chloride, calcium, and bicarbonate, making it suitable for skin and stomach treatments.

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Tay Vien Hot Spring

Tay Vien Hot Spring was formed by earthquakes a millennium ago. Its clear warm water contains elements such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, and iron, all possibly having healing properties.

Aside from relaxing in a steam bath, the visitors are also allowed to have a mud bath which might be very beneficial.

While relaxing in the thermal water of the Tay Vien Hot Spring, the visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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  • Location: Sơn Viên
  • Spring Type: Outdoor
  • Water Temperature: 185 °F

Dam Rong Hot Spring


This hot spring has a unique water composition. It has a high concentration of sulfur which might be very beneficial for treating dermatological diseases and cardiovascular disorders.

The natural hot spring is surrounded by a forest and beautiful scenery. The visitors can attend traditional festivals, try rustic dishes, and learn more about the customs and traditions of the native inhabitants of the Central Highlands in Vietnam.

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Other Hot Springs in Vietnam (Resorts)

Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau

Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau via minera

The Minera Hot Springs Bing Chau is another popular destination offering a re-energizing experience for visitors. It is surrounded by the Melaleuca forest canopy, meaning the visitors can enjoy scenic views.

This natural mineral source is suitable for treatment and relaxation. Additionally, the visitors here have access to mud baths, pools, and other amenities for optimal entertainment.

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Nui Than Tai Hot Spring

Nui Than Tai Hot Spring via nuithantai

The Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park offers hot springs and a mud bath area. The visitors here can relax physically and mentally, soaking in the hot springs surrounded by stunning views of the lush green forest. The resort is ideal for nature lovers and offers many amenities and fun activities.

The mineral-rich waters might provide healing benefits, and the mud bath area might detoxify your skin. The guests can also take advantage of the fresh air and use other amenities such as bath services and water attractions.

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I Resort in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a destination for ultimate enjoyment, from hot springs and waterfalls to beaches and rivers. The hot springs can be ideal for relaxation and meditation as it has mineral water springs filled with many healing elements and herbs for treatment.

Moreover, visitors to I Resort also have access to mud tubs that might provide rejuvenating effects.

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Thanh Tan Hot Spring – Hue

The resort is situated between two mountains featuring several hot springs. This is a place that offers tranquility and gorgeous scenery.

The hot spring water has an average temperature and includes sodium, calcium, and radon minerals. Given the water quality, visitors here can have a relaxing bath and take advantage of the potential healing benefits of the hot spring.

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Final Thoughts

Vietnam has incredible natural beauty, offering much to explore and experience while visiting. This Southeast Asian country is home to many beautiful hot springs that attract visitors worldwide.

Given their mineral-rich waters, the hot springs in Vietnam can provide a soothing experience and might be beneficial for overall well-being.

From luxurious retreats with hot mineral water to rustic thermal springs, there are plenty of options for each visitor in Vietnam. So, choose the best one for you and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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