7 New Mexico Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated: January 25th, 2024

If you are considering a trip to New Mexico, you might want to consider staying at a hotel with natural hot springs.

If you didn’t already know, New Mexico is bursting at the seams when it comes to resorts and hotels that have their very own thermal pools for guests to enjoy, and that is down to the fact that this is one of the most geothermically active states in the United States.

As a region, New Mexico is well worth a visit since it is home to an abundance of attractions like White Sands National Park and Carlsbad Caverns National Park, as well as the thriving cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. And let’s not forget about Roswell, New Mexico, renowned as the site of an alleged UFO crash in 1947, an event that now attracts thousands of tourists yearly.

If that isn’t enough, New Mexico – known as The Land of Enchantment- boasts plenty of mineral-infused springs that have been used since long before European explorers arrived.

For centuries, Native Americans have been taking advantage of the healing properties that come with these medicinal marvels from deep within the earth’s core, and today, they can be enjoyed as part of your hotel vacation.

Here are 7 New Mexico Hotels with hot springs you need to know about.

List of the Best New Mexico Hotels with Hot Springs

1. Riverbend Hot Springs

‘One of the best hot spring hotels for couples’

Riverbend Hot Springs Hotel for couples Via Riverbend Hot Springs

Located on the banks of the beautiful Rio Grande, Riverbend Hot Springs is undoubtedly one of the region’s best New Mexico hotels with hot springs. Boasting panoramic views that will make any vacation more special, the hotel is ideal for almost any occasion, especially romantic getaways, and features private pools that couples can enjoy.

Riverbend Hot Springs is stunning from the outside, but the cozy inside décor ensures a homely feeling, which we all enjoy when on vacation. In addition to their variety of rooms to suit all tastes, the hotel also offers RV sites, so you can arrive at your home on wheels and enjoy all the benefits of the thermal pools included in the price.

All overnight guests can avail themselves of access to their riverside common hot spring pools with sauna, shaded patios, and gas grill up until check out, and guests can enjoy peace and tranquility in the quiet zones. The hotel is geared towards couples but is also ideal for adults seeking a private escape, with stunning surroundings and access to 8 hot pools with a view.

Prices start from $119 + taxes

2. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

‘One of the country’s oldest health spas’

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa Via Ojo Spa Resorts

For the ultimate getaway, you cannot overlook one of the best New Mexico hotels with hot springs: Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. This extraordinary hotel ticks all the boxes for a dream vacation; from its legendary healing waters to its onsite spa and yoga classes, this is a resort that everyone will love.

The hotel boasts excellent dining options, offering dishes made from their own farm fresh ingredients and a spa that was voted one of the 15 best destination spas in the US in 2022. But there is no denying that one of its best features is its mineral hot springs, attracting travelers since 1868 when the hotel opened its doors.

Guests can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic soak in their sulfur-free pools, which have an abundance of minerals like iron, arsenic, soda, and lithia. The hotel offers a variety of pools infused with each mineral, each of which has a specific benefit, including the soda pool, which aids digestion; the calming lithia pool, the iron pool to boosts immunity; and the arsenic pool, which is great for skin conditions and stomach ulcers.

Prices start from $209 + taxes

3. Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort

‘One of the best spa resorts for healing’

Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort Via Ojo Spa Resorts

This four-star hot spring resort is one of the region’s best; like its sister hotel previously mentioned, Ojo Santa Fe ticks plenty of boxes for travelers, but in various ways. Located in Northern New Mexico’s high desert amidst 77 acres of lush nature, Ojo Santa Fe is where to get away from it all and indulge in healing, relaxation, and reconnection – how great does that sound?

This fabulous resort has everything from its spring-fed thermal pools to its farm-fresh produce, so it is no wonder it is regarded as one of the best in New Mexico. Guests can immerse themselves in healing therapies at the award-winning spa in between soaking in their triple-filtered hot spring pools, providing a whole host of mental and physical benefits.

The thermal soaking area at Ojo Santa Fe has hammocks to relax in, a saltwater swimming pool, and various pools that vary in temperature. Guests can also enjoy private soaking experiences for an additional fee and take advantage of floating in the float tank, which relieves stress and anxiety in just one 50-minute session.

Prices start from $375 + taxes

4. Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

‘An excellent retreat location in New Mexico’

Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa Via Booking.com

This self-proclaimed ‘tranquil haven’ is arguably one of the best New Mexico hotels with hot springs, and there are many reasons why. The hotel features 17 guest rooms, holistic wellness therapies, and private indoor and outdoor hot springs, making for a healing journey or rejuvenating vacation. Still, there are also plenty of activities for adventure seekers.

Here, guests can enjoy their comforting surroundings in the lodge or the quaint casita, indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, and embark on several fun activities nearby. The hotel offers experiences like hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and visits to historical sites, and they even provide a seasonal bat cave expedition for a unique experience.

When the day is over, guests can enjoy the pièce de résistance, the hotel’s healing hot springs, where they can enjoy a complimentary 30-minute hot spring soak daily to relax after a long day. The 104F heated waters are excellent for relieving tired muscles, relieving stress, and promoting a good night’s sleep, among many other benefits, so this is something not to miss out on when staying at Sierra Grande.

Prices start from $176

5. Pelican Spa

‘Excellent value for money’

Pelican Spa Via Booking.com

Located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Pelican Spa is an affordable boutique hotel with a twist. The hotel features private indoor mineral thermal baths, which guests can use without limits during their stay and an onsite spa for treatments and therapies. The thermal pools have crystal clear waters poured fresh into Japanese-style cement baths, and the town’s mineral waters are known as some of the finest in the world.

This incredibly affordable hotel has yoga classes for guests. The hotel is close to Caballo Lake State Park, Elephant Butte, Sierra del Rio Golf Course, and the Rio Grande River for those who want to enjoy other activities. Pelican Spa prides itself on providing guests with a home-from-home experience, and its 32 rooms feature kitchens and ample living space to relax and unwind after a day of exploring.

In addition to the beautiful hot springs and outdoor activities, the hotel is ideally situated close to plenty of delicious local eateries, places for live music, and local breweries, as well as art galleries and shops. If you are searching for excellent value for money, you cannot miss your chance to stay at Pelican Spa and enjoy soaking in their healing hot spring baths.

Prices start from $55 + taxes

6. Charles Hot Springs

‘A New Mexico motel with a twist’

Charles Hot Springs Via Charles Hot Springs Resort

Located in Truth and Consequences, initially named Hot Springs before 1950, Charles Hot Springs is a fantastic hot spring hotel worth visiting. This historic motel offers affordable accommodation with Southwest charm and access to its natural mineral baths, which are said to have some of the highest mineral concentrations.

Offering both massage and reflexology, the hotel is a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the benefits of thermal waters and holistic therapies. If that isn’t enough, guests can join in on regular yoga classes and meditation sessions to add to the experience; plus, there is a local farmer market close by for access to the freshest local produce, which can be prepared in the in-room kitchens.

As well as being pet friendly, the hotel offers a ‘gift a friend’ and ‘pay it forward’ option to allow everyone to benefit from these healing rituals and practices. One of the main features is their original 1940s medical bathhouse with giant tile tubs, private rooftop tubs (additional charge), and indoor meditation tubs with mineral-rich waters.

Prices start from $80 + taxes

7. Blackstone Hot Springs

‘One of the most unique hot spring hotels’

Blackstone Hot Springs Bath Via Blackstone Hot Springs

One of the quirkiest features of this New Mexico hotel is that each room is designed to pay tribute to their favorite TV shows, which also pays homage to the town of Truth and Consequences, where it is located. With unique artwork, funky décor, and bright colors, this retro-style hotel certainly stands out.

Within the hotel, guests have access to the onsite thermal hot springs, which are sourced from deep within the ground, beneath the town’s downtown area. Since the water from these springs is said to have a high concentration of minerals, the city has long attracted hot spring enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the best things about Blackstone Hot Springs is that every room features its private hot spring, and guests can choose from themed rooms like The Superman Room, Twilight Zone, Golden Girls, and Wonder Woman, to name but a few retro options. It goes without saying that this is one of the most unique hot spring hotels in New Mexico that needs to be seen to be believed.

Prices start from $150 + taxes

FAQs About New Mexico Hotels with Hot Springs


Is New Mexico known for its hot springs?

Yes, The Land of Enchantment, as New Mexico is known, has many hot springs since the region is geothermically active.

New Mexico boasts several low-temperature (100-109F) geothermal water systems beneath its surface, which allows much of the state to benefit from the healing properties of the mineral waters.

Truth or Consequences, once named Hot Springs, is one of the most famous towns in New Mexico for its geothermal springs and is well known among tourists.

Where can you find the best hot springs in New Mexico?

The San Antonio Hot Springs are located near Los Alamos and are often regarded as the most popular hot springs in the state, though there are many others to choose from around the region, too. One of the reasons it is so popular is its location, set within the Santa Fe National Forest, allowing for a relaxing soak while surrounded by stunning panoramic views.

Are there any free hot springs in New Mexico?

Yes, New Mexico has plenty of free hot springs to visit, including Spence Hot Springs, Manby Hot Springs, and San Antonio Hot Springs, to name but a few.

The state is geothermically active, so there are many hot spring sources to be found across the region, which makes it popular with hot spring enthusiasts.

While staying at a hot spring hotel is an excellent option, allowing you to enjoy unlimited access to the springs, it is worth stopping off at a few free hot springs if you are traveling through the state.

Still, it is worth noting that to reach some of the best hot springs, you may need to hike along a few trails. But it will be worth it!

Which is the best New Mexico hotel with hot springs?

While there are many hot spring hotels and resorts across New Mexico to suit all preferences and budgets, Riverbend Hot Springs must be the best one for couples.

For a retreat-style experience, both Ojo Calientes and Ojo Santa Fe are great options, while budget-friendly choices include Pelican Spa and Charles Hot Springs.

One of the benefits of staying in Blackstone Hot Springs Hotel is that each room has its private hot spring, so this is an ideal option for couples or those seeking more privacy and tranquility.

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