7 Truth Or Consequences Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

Vanessa Locampo
Last Updated: January 23rd, 2024

Named in the 1950s after a radio show that was popular at the time, Truth or Consequences is a New Mexico city that’s well-known for its hot springs. Located in Sierra County, Truth or Consequences is home to a thermal springs system in the Hot Springs Artesian Basin.

The springs system, which produces over 2 million gallons of hot mineral water every day, has been used for centuries by Native American people and was also used by Spanish settlers. The water is rich in trace minerals like gold, magnesium, potassium, and sodium fluoride.

Today, the hot springs attract visitors from all over the country to Truth or Consequences, with many hotels in the area boasting their own mineral-water pools and spas, fed by the spring system.

There’s no shortage of premium accommodation choices that have on-site hot springs to enjoy, so I’ve rounded up the best of them to help you decide which hotel you’d like to stay at in Truth or Consequences.

The Best 7 Truth Or Consequences Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Riverbend Hot Springs

Deluxe private hot spring overlooking the Rio Grande River Via Riverbend Hot Springs

Hot springs that straddle the banks of the scenic Rio Grande? Yes please! Riverbend Hot Springs offers the unique and relaxing experience of on-site thermal pools that overlook the winding river, which makes for the ultimate rejuvenating hot springs getaway.

You have three options when it comes to soaking at Riverbend Hot Springs. You can soak in the common pools with a day pass, rent a private pool, or reserve accommodation at the hotel, which will give you access to the common pools.

There are eight common pools at different temperatures between 95 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. To add to the ambiance, the riverside thermal pools are located near a shaded patio with hammocks and loungers. In the summer there are evaporative coolers, while you can keep warm in the colder months with a gas fire pit.

Meanwhile, the private pools also offer fantastic views of the river, and you can choose between the rustic classic or deluxe options. Both varieties can fit up to four people, but they’re best for couples or singles if you like to spread out.

2. Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

Outdoor mineral tub at Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa Via Booking.com

With 17 guestrooms on the property, Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa is the perfect destination for a tranquil escape. You’ll find both indoor and outdoor hot springs at the lodge, along with a range of other holistic wellness amenities and services.

The hot springs are a steamy 104 degrees and are abundant in more than 35 minerals. All the tubs at the lodge are private, making it a great accommodation option if you’re looking for a truly relaxing and secluded experience.

As a guest of Sierra Grande Lodge, you’ll get one complimentary soak per day that lasts for 30 minutes, and you can book further sessions directly with the hotel. Additionally, the lodge is home to a serene spa that offers massages for singles and couples, and skincare and facials.

For those looking for more adventure at the lodge, you can engage in plenty of faster-paced activities, including mountain biking, hiking, and wildlife tours.

3. Blackstone Hot Springs Lodging & Baths

The authentic baths at Blackstone Hot Springs Via Blackstone Hot Springs

Blackstone Hot Springs offers luxury lodging for an affordable price, so if you’re looking for a hot springs vacation on a budget, this could be a really good option. This is also a particularly fun hot springs hotel to stay at in Truth or Consequences because the rooms are themed like old retro TV shows!

The baths at Blackstone, which use the local mineral-rich water, are available to both guests of the lodge and day-pass guests. All baths are private, giving every guest the chance to truly unwind.

There are three baths on the premises: the Red Bath, the Yellow Bath (both of which can fit four people), and the Turquoise Bath, which can fit eight. Then there’s the Wet Room—a large soaking pool that can fit up to six people, along with a steam room.

4. Fire Water Lodge Hot Springs & Spa

Luxury tiled bath at Fire Water Lodge Hot Springs & Spa Via Fire Water Lodge

If you’re into private soaking rather than community hot springs, Fire Water Lodge Hot Springs & Spa may be for you. Every room at the lodge has its own private hot tub fed with geothermal mineral water.

The water in the baths, which are tiled to give a luxurious feel, is maintained at between 104 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The lodge itself oozes with the allure of 1920s New Mexico, as the building is a refurbished century-old motor court.

There’s a focus on holistic wellness at the lodge, so you can book a service with a number of wellness professionals to complete your healing journey. Choose from a range of holistic health practitioners, skin care professionals, reflexologists, and tarot readers.

5. Pelican Spa

Colorful outside façade of Pelican Spa Via Booking.com

Pelican Spa is a laid-back Truth or Consequences hotel with an intimate 32 rooms. You’ll find these across five buildings that boast retro décor and artwork from local artists to give the hotel an authentic feel.

The rooms are pet-friendly and contain kitchen facilities, ideal for those seeking a longer stay. However, the star attraction of Pelican Spa is the hot springs.

The private mineral soaking tubs are located in the spa, and hotel guests have access to these after hours. The baths are cement in the Japanese style and are maintained at around 105 degrees.

There’s also air-conditioning in the baths which can be a life-saver in the hot New Mexico summer.

If you like the paintings and décor at Pelican Spa, you can browse at the Grapes Gallery a few blocks away and maybe even purchase some local artwork!

6. La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

Relaxing grounds at la Paloma Hot Springs & Spa Via La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

The tranquil La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa is housed in a historic site that dates back to 1916. The hotel has two bathhouses that are both more than 90 years old. Today, the rooms have been refurbished with modern amenities to make guests as comfortable as possible.

The water in the bathhouses flows naturally from the earth and is maintained between 98 and 116 degrees. There is no chemical treatment, allowing the 38 minerals in the water to thrive. Additionally, you’ll find private and communal pools outdoors.

One of the best things about the hot springs here, and all the pools in Truth or Consequences, is that they lack the usual sulfurous odor that exists at many geothermal hot springs around the world.

You can also enjoy a number of spa services at La Paloma, ranging from massages and facials to reflexology and spiritual restructuring.

7. Hot Springs Glamp Camp

Indoor Hot Tub at Hot Springs Glamp Camp Via Hot Springs Glamp Camp

Is glamping more your thing than staying in a traditional hotel? Then Hot Springs Glamp Camp will be right down your alley!

More lavish than camping but also more fun than staying at an indoor hotel, Hot Springs Glamp Camp allows you to sleep under the stars and idle around the campfire while also enjoying the luxury of private hot springs.

The temperature of the hot springs varies between 107 and 111 degrees every day but is always fresh and clean. There are three open-air tubs and one indoor tub, and guests of Glamp Camp can use these at any time during the day or night.

There are campsites that can accommodate campers, trailers, tents, and RVs, or you can stay in a vintage RV (with modern interior refurbishments) for a unique travel experience.

Final Thoughts on Truth or Consequences Hotels with Hot Springs

There’s a good range of hotels with hot springs in Truth or Consequences, and they suit a wide variety of travel styles and budgets. Whether you’re looking for an indulgent lavish escape, a budget-friendly hot springs getaway, or something in the middle, there’s a hotel in Truth or Consequences for you.

If you still can’t decide between the hotels listed above, here’s the best hotel for each travel style:

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