7 Best Montana Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

Jade Poleon
Last Updated: January 25th, 2024

There is no doubt that visiting a hot spring can prove to be an incredible addition to your vacation, but what if you could stay in a resort that boasts its very own private springs? Sounds like the dream, right?

Well, luckily, Montana, has an abundance of natural springs and is often regarded as a ‘hot spring paradise,’ so finding a fabulous place to stay where you can immerse yourself in steaming hot springs is easier than you think.

Montana is located in the Western United States and is a state renowned for its natural beauty, so it’s no wonder it attracts plenty of US and International visitors annually.

With fascinating landmarks like Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the scenic ‘Going to the Sun Road’, Montana is a feast for the eyes in more ways than one.

The state boasts over 60 known hot springs, with plenty more located just across its borders, meaning you will never be far away from a relaxing experience.

Better still, Montana’s hot spring resorts are a popular choice for many visitors to the state who recognize the importance of complete relaxation after days of sightseeing and all the benefits of soaking in these natural thermal pools.

Of course, since there are so many to choose from, we are here to make the decision a little easier to find the right Montana hot spring resort to suit your needs. So, with that in mind, let’s dive in.

List of the Best Montana Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

‘An excellent family-friendly hot spring hotel’

Family-friendly hot spring Hotel at Fairmont Montana Via Fairmont Montana

The Fairmont is a prestigious hotel chain that prides itself on excellent service, quality, and beautiful amenities, but let’s not forget about its iconic locations too.

With Fairmont hotels in places like Lake Louise in Canada and Fairmont Montecarlo, visitors who choose this hotel chain can be sure that the most beautiful and exclusive landscapes will surround them.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Montana has to be one of the best Montana hotels with hot springs since it features a golf course, numerous dining options, family-friendly activities, and, of course, on-site hot springs to relax in.

Guests can access indoor and outdoor pools, comprising two oversized Olympic pools and two mineral soaking pools, fed by natural hot spring water of 155F.

If that is not enough, this family-friendly hotel has a 350ft waterslide, which is also made up of hot spring water and leads to the outdoor pool, which is open year-round.

In addition to the excellent hot spring amenities, the hotel has an on-site spa for endless relaxation opportunities.

Prices start from $209 + taxes

2. Boulder Hot Spring Resort

‘For nature, healing, and geothermal benefits.’

Boulder Hot Spring Resort Via Boulder Hot Springs

This stunning resort, which is located in Peace Valley, Montana, is one of the best Montana hotels with hot springs, and there are many reasons why visitors love staying here.

As the location name suggests, the resort is surrounded by nature and open space, which makes it an excellent place to relax, unwind, and soak up the benefits of the thermal springs on site.

Nestled amidst idyllic snowcapped mountains, lush valleys, and 300 acres (about half the area of Central Park in New York City) of meadow, this 100-year-old Inn is the place to make memories.

While plenty of activities in the area and an abundance of nature keep guests enthralled, their biggest attraction is their geothermal springs, packed full of minerals that benefit the body in many ways.

The Inn prides itself on being a healing sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in peaceful surroundings, practice self-care, and access great offerings like a spa, healthy food options, and outdoor activities.

Guests can choose from retreat options B&B accommodation budget-friendly rooms, a fantastic concept allowing all guests to enjoy their facilities.

Prices start from $115 + taxes

3. Elkhorn Hot Spring Resort

‘Southwest Montana’s Relaxation Destination’

Elkhorn Hot Spring Resort Via Elkhorn Hot Springs

Just north of the Idaho border, you will find the peaceful resort of Elkhorn Hot Springs, which has everything from comfortable rooms to delicious food and rejuvenating waters. In fact, the hotel prides itself on being ‘Southwest Montana’s Relaxation Destination’ since 1918.

Guests staying at Elkhorn will have access to several facilities, including their on-site restaurant, which serves hearty home-cooked dishes, lodge and cabin accommodation options, lots of activities, and their best feature, their on-site hot springs.

Their hot springs have a temperature of 92 – 106F and are free of chemicals, allowing you to reap all the healing benefits from the infused minerals while finding pure relaxation.

The pools, which are located outdoors, are 100% heated by geothermal energy, and indoors, guests can enjoy a heated sauna, which has a temperature of 104-106F. In addition, the resort is pet friendly (rules and fees apply), has complimentary Wi-Fi, and plenty of areas for guests to chill out with a beer or glass of wine during their stay.

Prices start from $75

4. Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

‘The best place for relaxation and adventure’

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Via Chico Hot Springs

This resort paradise is one of the best Montana hotels with hot springs and is ideally located on the banks of the Yellowstone River.

This hotel provides guests access to its natural mineral hot pools and caters to families, couples, newlyweds, or group getaways, making it an accessible destination resort for any occasion.

Because of its excellent location, just 35 minutes from Yellowstone National Park, Chico Hot Springs opened in 1900 and is an ideal choice for relaxation and adventure.

Guests have access to their chemical-free, geothermal pools from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, which allows the opportunity to watch the sunrise or sunset over the Absaroka Mountains – a fantastic experience, to say the least.

In addition to their excellent hot spring facilities, guests have several eateries to choose from various accommodation options, including fisherman lodges, glamping, luxury cabins, and a day spa to take advantage of.

The resort is also pet friendly and offers guests the chance to enjoy hiking, dogsledding, rafting, and snowshoeing, making this a well-rounded hot spring hotel.

Prices start from $295

5. The Lodge at Lolo Hot Springs

‘The place for nature, adventure and fun’

The Lodge at Lolo Hot Springs Via Booking.com

This idyllic hot spring hotel in Montana is nested within the Lolo National Forest, which adds to the overall charm, not to mention that hot springs are located right next door.

Beside the hotel, guests will find a western-style saloon and a casino, and within the hotel, they can enjoy movie nights, barbeque facilities, and charming log cabin rooms, which provide a restful sleep.

If you are seeking a hotel with access to some of the best hot springs in Montana, you cannot overlook The Lodge at Lolo Hot Springs, which features two indoor grottos filled with hot flowing mountain water, known for their soothing and healing properties.

Each pool can fit up to 11 people, but there are many opportunities to enjoy complete privacy, especially as part of the ‘Romance Package.’

Apart from the rejuvenating hot springs, the hotel offers guests the chance to experience its rustic comforts, spot wild moose in the surrounding areas, and enjoy various activities like hiking, fishing, or snowshoeing.

This family-friendly resort has a board game collection, an outdoor children’s play area, and a volleyball court for endless fun for all ages.

Prices start from $122 + taxes

6. Symes Hot Springs Hotel

‘One of Montana’s last grand resort hotels’

Symes Hot Springs Hotel Via Symes Hot Springs

Known as one of Montana’s hidden treasures, Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths is the place to enjoy hometown hospitality and a charming and leisurely vacation.

The hotel is often regarded as one of the last surviving grand resort hotels, making this a popular choice for those seeking a memorable stay in Montana. With live entertainment, 48 rooms and suites, and access to a day spa and hot spring pools, Symes is a fantastic choice for the ultimate vacation.

As one of the most popular Montana hotels with hot springs, Symes Hotel invites guests to relax and unwind in their three mineral-infused outdoor pools, which range from 95 to 107F.

There is also a tranquil waterfall nestled between the pools and a deep swimming pool, which guests can enjoy as part of their bathing experience.

As well as boasting excellent hot springs, the hotel offers Swedish massage in their day spa, a steam and soak room, RV and camping options, and evening live music entertainment.

Featuring a restaurant, art gallery, gift shop, and apartment or cabin-style accommodation, guests can be assured that they will find comfort when staying at Symes Hot Springs Hotel.

Prices start from $75.60

7. Quinns Hot Spring Resort

Quinns Hot Spring Resort Via Quinns Hot Springs

Located in Paradise, Montana, Quinns Hot Springs Resort is a fantastic place to stay during your vacation for various reasons. Firstly, this cabin-style hotel is just beautiful at first glance, with its idyllic mineral pools, riverside lodges, and stunning natural surroundings, but what makes this resort special is the coziness of the wood-burning stoves and fireplaces throughout.

Guests can choose between mountainside, river view, or canyon cabins, all of which offer glorious views of the surrounding areas, for which Montana is famous.

With custom-designed log beds, a cozy regional restaurant, and an on-site tavern for casual dining and beer tastings, Quinns has everything you can imagine for a hot spring hotel getaway. With that in mind, let us tell you more about their hot spring facilities.

The resort boasts five pools, which vary in temperature, allowing you to relax comfortably. Ranging from 100 – 106F, the hot pools are an excellent way to relax, soothe tired muscles, and enjoy the benefits of natural minerals, but there is also a 55F cold plunge and two salt-infused pools, which guests can enjoy.

Open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, the pools are an inviting place to relax after exploring or witnessing the sunrise or sunset among the stunning backdrops.

Prices start from $229

FAQs About Montana Hotels With Hot Springs


Are there natural hot springs in Montana?

Yes, Montana has an abundance of hot springs, which has been a feature of the region long before European settlers arrived. Native Americans have been taking advantage of these springs for centuries since they provide many health benefits, and today, many hotels in Montana feature their own springs, which guests can enjoy.

Montana has over 6,000 hot springs and even more across the borders, so this is an excellent state to visit for relaxation, nature, and adventure.

What are the benefits of hot springs?

Several benefits come from soaking in natural geothermal springs. These springs, which vary in temperature, have an abundance of minerals and no chemicals, which reduce stress in the body, relieve tired and aching muscles, boost blood circulation, promote restful sleep, and reduce inflammation.

There are many more benefits that you can experience from immersing yourself in these hot pools, all of which are incredibly healing to the body, which is why visitors are choosing to stay at hotels with hot springs, especially in a region like Montana.

What are the most famous hot springs in Montana?

The most famous hot springs in Montana are Chico Hot Springs, Bozeman Hot Springs, Yellowstone Hot Springs, Broadwater Hot Springs, and Norris Hot Springs, to name but a few. Montana has many hot springs as part of resorts or stand-alone, which you can visit either as a guest or with a day pass or one-time entry fee.

Which is the best hotel with hot springs in Montana?

Chico Hot Springs is one of the most popular hotels with hot springs in Montana. Located just an hour away from the popular area of Bozeman, these springs are situated within the Chico Hot Springs Resort, which has been running since 1900. It is nestled in Paradise Valley and is an excellent place to enjoy a family vacation, romantic getaway, or quality time with friends, making this a top-rated hot spring hotel in Montana.

One of the other reasons it attracts visitors is its proximity to Yellowstone National Park, which is one of the United States’ most famous and awe-inspiring landmarks.

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