7 Wyoming Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated: January 23rd, 2024

Nothing is more enticing than being on vacation and having a natural mineral hot pool just steps away from you at all times.

Wyoming has many hot springs, and plenty of hotels have caught on to the idea that guests enjoy soaking in these thermal pools from the comfort of their hotel, whether in communal baths or private spring-fed tubs.

With that in mind, Wyoming has a few fantastic hot spring hotels that need to be considered if you seek rejuvenation, relaxation, and a wholesome experience thanks to Mother Nature.

Hot springs have been well known to soothe and sometimes cure ailments, significantly aiding in natural pain reduction; plus, they are an excellent way to gain mental clarity, relieve stress and anxiety, and promote sleep.

Chances are, if you are visiting Wyoming on vacation, you will look forward to a chance to unwind, sleep in a cozy bed, and enjoy the benefits of leaving it all behind for a few days, so why not add the benefits of a hot spring to the mix?

Whatever your budget, Wyoming has a wide range of stunning hot springs resorts, mid-range hotels, and affordable options, all of which feature their own hot springs for you to enjoy.

Suppose Wyoming is on your list of places to visit. In that case, you can certainly look forward to highlights like Old Faithful, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park, but let’s not forget about Hot Springs State Park and other natural pools dotted around the state for you to discover.

Let’s check out the best Wyoming Hotels with hot springs for your upcoming trip.

List of the Best Wyoming Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Featuring hot springs, a spa, and a brewery

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort Via Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Not to be confused with Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort in Florida, this Wyoming hotel with hot springs is one to consider for a rejuvenating breakaway.

Not only does this resort offer guests various cozy accommodation options, from deluxe rooms and riverside houses to the Loft House, which is the owner’s secluded personal residence, but the resort features some great amenities on site.

Their teepee-covered hot pools and 70ft long mineral spring hot pool are certainly one of the main highlights here, and one we urge you to take advantage of, but there is also The Healing Waters Spa, which provides excellent spa treatments.

Before your relaxing treatment, you are encouraged to soak in the hot pools to prepare your body for further relaxation.

If that wasn’t enough to have you dreaming of your next Wyoming hot springs getaway, Saratoga Hot Springs Resort features an on-site brewery for beer lovers.

Snowy Mountain Brewery, Biergarten, and Pub are ideal places to try local beer, chow down on some hearty grub, and catch your favorite games on the big screen. This resort truly has it all!

Prices start from $167 per night + taxes

2. Hot Springs Hotel & Spa

In the heart of Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs Hotel & Spa Via Booking.com

Located in the heart of Thermopolis, a town that means ‘hot city’ in Greek, this hotel not only lies within Hot Springs State Park but features its hot springs for hotel guests.

Thermopolis is a quaint town that has a few exciting hot springs to visit, like Big Spring, which is the largest in the world, as well as Star Plunge and Helles TePee Pool & Spa, but let’s face it, you can enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your hotel too.

With a range of glorious wellness facilities, including a spa, a hot tub, and hot spring baths, there is no doubt that wellness will be your top priority in this hotel.

With an AAA-rated Safari Club Restaurant for all your dining needs, the Safari Club Lounge, home to the world-famous wildlife display Hot Springs Hotel and Spa, has plenty of exciting features to discover.

Between exploring Hot Springs State Park and the town of Thermopolis, guests are encouraged to take advantage of the healing properties of their hot mineral tub and hot steam room, which harnesses mineral water that is piped directly to the hotel.

In addition, The Athletic Club & Spa also has a private hot spring tub and private soaking tubs for an extra fee, making it a unique experience.

Prices start from $107 + taxes per night

3. Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

Steps from Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel Via Yellowstone National Park Lodges

If there is one place that everyone flocks to Wyoming to see, it must be Yellowstone National Park, which is where Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is situated.

The hotel is named after the springs, located just a few minutes walk from the property, making it one of the best Wyoming hotels with hot springs you can choose in this area.

From the hotel, guests can access various trailheads, viewpoints, incredible landscapes, and several hot springs, with Mammoth Hot Springs being one of them.

This entire area is a beautiful place to explore, and guests will be thoroughly blown away by the ideal hotel location regarding surrounding landmarks and natural wonders.

Within the newly renovated hotel, guests can avail themselves of cozy rooms or cabins for their stay, and the hotel is available to book tours to popular hot spots like Old Faithful and Yellowstone Grand Canyon.

This area is renowned for its wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled for the elk that can be seen grazing outside the hotel occasionally.

Prices start from $179 + taxes per night

4. Best Western Plus Plaza Hotel

A reputable chain with excellent amenities

Best Western Plus Plaza Hotel Via Booking.com

When it comes to Wyoming hot springs, a visit to Hot Springs State Park is a must. Here, you can witness some stunning scenery, discover Big Spring – the largest hot spring on earth and dip in one of the many hot springs within the park.

Best Western Plus Plaza Hotel is one of the best Wyoming hotels with hot springs since it is just a few minutes walk to all these unmissable hot spring attractions.

Located close to the Bighorn River, Best Western offers guests the chance to enjoy fishing opportunities, go hiking, and take advantage of the numerous springs in the area.

Star Plunge and Hellie TePee Pools & Spa are located within a few minutes walk from the hotel, while The Hot Spring Bath House is a free option available to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the mineral pools

Not only will guests be located near some of the area’s best attractions, like the Boysen Reservoir, which is 12 mi away, and The Wyoming Dinosaur Centre, which is 15 minutes away, but guests can also cozy up in spotless rooms and indulge in a delicious daily breakfast.

Prices start from $130 + taxes per night

5. Hot Springs Hideout

An extraordinary escape in Thermopolis

Hot Springs Hideout Via Hot Springs Hideout

Located in Thermopolis, Hot Springs Hideout is one of the best places to embark on a relaxing escape. This mini resort offers guests the chance to cozy up in a home away from home while enjoying the opportunity to soak in your private outdoor tub while enjoying breathtaking views. This stunning place is located beside its private beach and features an outdoor bar and common spaces

Located just one mile from Hot Springs State Park, guests can enjoy the tranquility of this idyllic riverside location and comforting amenities while in the heart of Wyoming’s hot spring district.

Guests can easily visit the many hot springs and local attractions and easily access the town of Thermopolis, where museums, art galleries, and eateries await.

Suppose you seek something out of the ordinary, perhaps a romantic getaway idea or a cozy weekend away with friends. In that case, the Hot Springs Hideout is an ideal option to enjoy hot springs, glorious views, and tranquility.

The property is also suitable for families, with plenty of space for dining, relaxing, and sleeping, making this a great option to suit all your needs, right next to the world’s largest hot springs.

Prices start from $777 + taxes (based on a two-night minimum)

6. Roundtop Mountain Vista

Roundtop Mountain Vista – Cabins and Motel Via Booking.com

If it’s a hot spring adventure you seek, staying in Thermopolis is a must. The town sits on the edge of Hot Springs State Park, meaning that any hotel you choose in this area will be steps away from the world’s largest hot springs – what more can you wish for?

Roundtop Mountain Vista is one of the best choices in the area, consisting of cozy cabins and affordable motel rooms to suit all budgets.

The best part is that the hotel is located a mile from the park’s center, where you can enjoy time in the mineral pools. The hotel is ideally situated for visiting local attractions around town since it is just a short walk to The Hot Springs Museum and Wyoming Dinosaur Centre, as well as eateries, bars, and historical monuments.

As well as boasting a prime location and comfortable rooms, the hotel is proud to be pet-friendly, so you won’t need to leave your furry friend behind.

It has facilities for disabled guests and boasts outdoor fireplaces and air conditioning/heating throughout for extra comfort and accessibility. Guests also have the option to choose select rooms that feature their private kitchenette with a fridge if they prefer having the self-catering aspect.

Prices start from $75 + taxes per night

7. Fountain of Youth RV Park

The best place to camp and unwind

Fountain of Youth RV Park Via Camp Hot Springs

If you are exploring Wyoming with a tent or by campervan, chances are you won’t need a hotel, but you will need a safe place to set up base, and the Fountain of Youth RV Park is a fantastic option for many reasons.

The RV Park has the largest mineral springs in Wyoming and the third largest in the world, meaning you can step out of the comfort of your home on wheels and enjoy endless soaking possibilities.

The well, which provides therapeutic water to the pools, is fed by Sacajawea Well, which flows at an incredible rate of 1.3 million gallons of 128-degree water every 24 hours.

These waters were used by Native Americans well before the arrival of Europeans, and today, their properties are still being harnessed by those who seek wellness and overall rejuvenation.

The Fountain of Youth RV Park straddles the Big Horn River in Thermopolis and offers guests many camping or RV parking options, depending on your needs. Renowned as the ultimate place to camp and unwind, this is an RV park like no other, with fantastic hot spring facilities at your leisure and steps away from Hot Spring State Park and Thermopolis.

Prices start from $45 + taxes per night (2-3 night minimum stays are required)

FAQs About Wyoming Hotels With Hot Springs

Big Horn River in Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming

What are the best hot springs in Wyoming?

Wyoming features the world’s largest hot springs within Hot Spring State Park, arguably the best in the state. Hot Springs State Park has a few excellent places to relax, unwind, and enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters, which Native Americans have used for centuries.

Don’t miss a dip in Hellies TePee Pools, Star Plunge, and the free Hot Springs State Park bathhouse, all within the park. The area has many excellent hot spring viewpoints where you can witness Big Springs, historical monuments, and stunning landscapes, too, so allow enough time.

In other parts of Wyoming, there are plenty of communal, primitive, and resort-style hot springs, so add these to your list if you want to explore as many as possible.

  • Boiling River Hot Springs
  • Granite Hot Springs
  • Astoria Hot Springs
  • Hobo Hot Springs
  • Polecat Hot Springs

What is Wyoming known for?

Apart from its thriving hot spring culture, Wyoming is famous for its landscape, which is extraordinary in places like the Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

In addition, Devil Tower National Monument and Old Faithful are two well-known landmarks for visitors to Wyoming.

The state’s diversity makes it an incredible place to explore, especially during a road trip. With abundant hot springs in Thermopolis, Jackson Hole, and various other areas of c, you will be fully refreshed and rejuvenated when the trip ends.

What is the best hot spring hotel in Wyoming for couples?

Saratoga Hot Springs Hot Springs Resort in Wyoming is arguably the best choice if you plan a romantic getaway for you and your partner.

Here, you can indulge in the couple’s spa treatments, enjoy romantic dinners, and bathe together in the hot thermal pools at the resort.

In addition, there is an on-site brewery and golf course for couples who want to experience more than a dip in the springs.

At the same time, the surrounding area offers guests plenty of opportunities for adventures like hiking and mountain biking. Some other hot spring hotels to consider for couples include Hot Springs Hotel & Spa and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.

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