6 Hot Springs Near Jackson Hole, WY

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Known as the gateway to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Jackson Hole is surrounded by adventurous landscapes, numerous ski resorts, and even the National Elk Refuge. As such, it is a popular destination among nature lovers and environmentalists and is renowned for its numerous hiking trails, ski slopes, and natural landforms.

However, along with engaging in these more arduous attractions and activities, visitors to Jackson Hole also have several opportunities to find a calming relaxation at one of the numerous hot spring destinations scattered throughout the surrounding landscapes of both Wyoming and Idaho.

From luxury hot spring retreats to a rustic primitive pool in the nearby Yellowstone, visitors to the Equality State can find a blissful escape at these six hot springs near Jackson Hole, WY.(Distance from Jackson-Hole in brackets). 

Hot Springs Near Jackson Hole, Wyoming


1. Astoria Hot Springs Park, WY (26.2 Miles)

Located within the 95-acre Astoria Park Conservancy, about a 40-minute drive from Jackson Hole, the Astoria Hot Springs offer several thermal pools for visitors to soak in and various other natural attractions to explore throughout the protected park.

The park’s artificial thermal pools were first constructed in the 1960s but were closed to the public in 1999. In recent years, the facility has undergone renovations and has only been reopened to the public in late 2020.

Today the hot springs attract visitors from around the world and offer soothing respite to unwind after exploring Jackson Holes’ more daring landscapes. The property features five thermal pools, the largest being the Leisure Pool which provides plenty of space for large groups.

Alternatively, the Children’s Pool offers a smaller space with shallower depths that provide a family-friendly swimming experience for children of all ages. Meanwhile, the park’s Meadow Pool occupies a more pristine corner of the preservation and is known for its enhanced quiet serenity.

The park also features a Waterfall and a River Pool, both located along the Snake River, which accentuates the region’s natural beauty and boasts some of the warmest natural mineral waters in the park.

2. Granite Hot Springs Pool, WY (43.7 Miles)


Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, the Granite Hot Springs Pool is a lesser-known hot spring near Jackson Hole and has served as a soothing oasis in the adventurous valley for almost a century.

While the hot springs are open year-round, the site’s isolated tranquility truly comes to a head throughout the winter, at which time the pool is often cut off from the rest of the world by heavy snowfall. Inaccessible by car throughout these winter months, visitors must instead engage a snowmobile or dog sled to reach the Granite Hot Springs Pool.

While more challenging to access, the winter journey to the springs makes finally soaking in the mineral waters all the more rewarding while also providing pristine panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Along with its eponymous thermal pool, the area around the hot spring offers several activities for exploring the countryside, including campsites, hiking trails, snowmobiling, and dogsledding tours and rentals.

3. Green Canyon Hot Springs, ID (71.6 Miles)

Green Canyon Hot Springs Trip Via Rachael C

The Green Canyon Hot Springs is the next closest hot spring to Jackson Hole and is just under a two-hour drive across the state border in Idaho. The privately owned hot spring resort has been a tranquil retreat for over a century, offering visitors several soaking opportunities and accommodation options.

The property features three outdoor hot spring pools. The Big Pool is the facility’s most extensive thermal bath, averaging 96 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Meanwhile, the complex’s Hot Pool averages 105 degrees, while the Spring Pool is maintained at a much balmier 115 degrees.

While the heated mineral pools offer a blissful soak, the property also features a Cold Pool that averages 55 degrees and provides a cooling alternative for visitors seeking an escape from the other pools’ elevated temperatures.

Visitors to the Green Canyon Hot Springs can bring their retreat to the next level by planning an extended stay at the complex at one of the property’s tent or RV campsites, where they can enjoy a whole weekend of blissful rejuvenation.

4. Heise Hot Springs, ID (83.1 Miles)

Big Pool Via Heise Hot Springs

Also located over the state border in Idaho, the Heise Hot Springs is an adventure resort that offers a wide array of activities beyond just soaking in its soothing mineral baths. Established in the 1890s, the resort offers several adrenaline-pumping activities to enjoy before unwinding in the therapeutic waters of the mineral springs.

Open for day visitors and extended stays, the Heise Hot Springs property features an onsite golf course, campground, and an extensive zip line tour. Heise Zip features ten separate lines that span 1.5 miles across the property while highlighting the region’s breathtaking terrains and natural attractions.

After exploring the more active adventures of the property, visitors to the resort can unwind in the mineral hot spring, which maintains 104-degree temperatures year-round. Alternatively, guests can dip into the facility’s warm pool, which is slightly cooler at 92 degrees.

The property also features a large outdoor swimming pool that is only open during summer. The pool is a family-friendly swimming hole with a 350-foot waterslide and plenty of onsite amenities.

5. Firehole River Swimming Area, WY (104 Miles)


Located within the nearby Yellowstone National Park, the Firehole River Swimming Area is about two and a half hours from Jackson Hole and offers visitors a surreal swimming hole in the national park’s idyllic countryside.

While Yellowstone is known for its hydrothermal attractions, the Firehole River Swimming Area is one of only two locations in the park where visitors are permitted to submerge in the region’s geothermal waters.

Unfortunately, the swimming area only has a temporary open season, which changes yearly depending on ice melt and river flow. Typically, the watering hole is available for swimming between mid-summer and winter, but visitors should check before visiting as the location can remain closed during years of increased flooding.

Nevertheless, when the Firehole River Swimming Area is open, it is a popular attraction that promises a fun soaking experience complete with cliff jumping and tubing. Temperatures vary, but the river can reach up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Lava Hot Springs, ID (138 Miles)

Lava Hot Springs Pool Via Jimmy Emerson, DVM

While slightly further from Jackson Hole, the Lava Hot Springs is a picturesque collection of thermal pools that promise a varied soaking experience. Established by the Lava hot Springs foundation in 1969, the complex features five thermal pools ranging between 102 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pools are fed from an underground spring source with a continuous flow of 2.5 million gallons through the pools daily. The pools feature gravel or rock bottoms and offer ample space for unwinding in quiet solitude or group swims.

While the hot springs feature high mineral concentrations for a therapeutic soak, they also lack the strong potent smells common in sulfur hot springs. Other water activities featured at Lava Hot Springs include a large Olympic Swimming complex, an indoor aquatic center, a water park, and more.

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