6 Hot Springs Near Twin Falls, ID

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Last Updated: April 15th, 2023

Known as the gateway to the Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls is a popular tourist city in southern Idaho that promises several outdoor adventures and attractions, including two breathtaking waterfalls from which the community gets its name.

Along with offering some of the state’s most awe-inspiring vistas and hiking trails, Twin Falls is surrounded by some of the state’s most relaxing hot spring complexes.

From primitive pools tucked along the idyllic Snake River to extensive historical resorts, visitors can find blissful serenity at these six hot springs near Twin Falls, ID. (Distance from Twin Falls city center in brackets).

6 Hot Springs Near Twin Falls, Idaho

Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs Via Nat Soo Pah

1. Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs & Campground (17.5 Miles)

Translating to “Magic Mineral Water,” the Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs have been popular among the region’s indigenous peoples for millennia and were even frequented by the ancient Shoshone people as a site of healing and rejuvenation.

Modern visitors can still experience the waters’ same healing properties first enjoyed by the region’s ancient inhabitants in three developed hot and mineral pools on the property.

The complex’s large 125-foot pool offers the most traditional swimming experience on the property and averages between 92 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. A large waterslide and two diving boards also lead into this pool, making it a favorite among children and families.

Visitors seeking the elevated temperatures of a hot spring can instead opt to submerge in the complex’s Hot Springs Hot Tub and Hot Soak Pool, which average a balmier 100 and 104 degrees, respectively.

While the mineral pools are the complex’s main attraction, the Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs offers several onsite amenities for added convenience, including an extensive campground with 75 sites, picnic pavilions, a horseshoe pit, and a BBQ area.

2. Banbury Hot Springs (25 Miles)


Nestled along the banks of the Snake River, the Banbury Hot Springs is a rustic thermal complex a half-hour drive from Twin Falls and provides visitors access to the region’s mineral waters in a large public swimming pool and five private baths.

From the source, the Banbury Hot Springs average about 138 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, the hot spring water is mixed with the cooler water of the nearby Snake River before being filled into the 120-foot pool to provide a comfortable swimming experience averaging between 89 and 95 degrees throughout the year.

The pool features a diving board for added fun and is continuously filled from the natural spring source, providing a clean and refreshing swim throughout the day.

Alternatively, visitors can enjoy the site’s curative waters in the more secluded setting of a private bath. Emptied and cleaned after each use, these private tubs feature temperature control and provide a more intimate and personalized soak.

While the Banbury Hot Springs makes for a fantastic day trip from Twin Falls, the property does feature 15 tent and RV campsites for those that would prefer to spend the night.

3. Miracle Hot Springs (27.1 Miles)

Miracle Hot Spring Via Miracle Hot Spring

Another rustic hot spring resort near Twin Falls, the Miracle Hot Springs, is less than two miles from the Banbury Hot Springs and offers visitors the opportunity to soak in the region’s mineral waters along the Snake River.

Established in 1920, Miracle Hot Springs has been providing visitors access to the site’s mineral waters for over a century, which it continues to do to this day in the complex’s large public pool open year-round.

The Miracle Hot Springs also offers several private soaking tubs for a more intimate experience of enhanced relaxation. Guests can bring their rejuvenating retreat to another level by booking one of the numerous treatments offered at the complex’s onsite spa facility.

Like the Banbury Hot Springs, the Miracle Hot Springs makes for a fantastic day trip from Twin Falls, but the property does feature onsite camping and Geo-Dome accommodations for visitors that would prefer to spend the night.

4. 1000 Springs Resort (30.5 Miles)

1000 Springs Resort Pool Via 1000 Springs Resort

Contrary to what the name may suggest, the 1000 Spring Resort does not actually boast a thousand springs. However, what it does offer is numerous soaking options and onsite amenities about a thirty-minute drive from Twin Falls.

The complex’s main pool features plenty of family fun and includes two diving boards, a water slide, a floating log, and a basketball hoop. Also featured within the premises is a kiddie pool with two-foot depths and an on-duty lifeguard, promising safe swimming conditions for visitors of all swimming levels.

Guests looking to escape the crowds of the public pool can instead opt to submerge in one of the property’s private hot tubs. While swimwear is mandatory in the public pool, these more secluded soaking options are clothing optional, providing a serene soaking experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

While the 1000 Springs Resort can be visited as a day trip, the best way to enjoy the facilities at discounted prices is to stay at the onsite campground, which boasts 18 RV hookup sites and 40 tent sites with electricity, fire pits, and boat docks.

5. Durfee Hot Springs (82.4 Miles)

Durfee Hot Springs Via Durfee Hot Springs

Located within the City of Rocks National Reserve, the Durfee Hot Springs is another quaint geothermal complex near Twin Falls that offers visitors the opportunity to soak in the region’s mineral waters while embracing the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

First established in the 1920s, the Durfee Hot Springs was renovated and reopened in 2005, providing a historically authentic facility with modern comforts and amenities.

Visitors today can still enjoy the same soaking experience as the site’s earliest visitors in four natural hot spring pools — 2 spring-fed hot tubs, a kiddie pool, and a large swimming pool with a basketball net.

All of the pools on the property average about 104 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year and feature continuous circulation for a fresh and rejuvenating bath free from any added chemicals.

Located about an hour and a half drive from Twin Falls, the Durfee Hot Spring makes for a great day trip. Still, visitors looking to spend the night nearby can book a campsite at the City of Rocks Camp and Climb.

6. Indian Springs Resort & RV (87.4 Miles)

Swimming Pool Via Indian Springs Resort and RV

Fed by six natural hot springs, the Indian Springs Resort & RV is a seasonal thermal pool complex located just over an hour from Twin Falls. Offering a cozy campground and a large public mineral pool, the Indian Springs are popular among tourists and locals throughout the summer and promise plenty of summer fun combined with a soothing mineral soak.

The property boasts a single large public thermal pool that averages a comfortable 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout its operation season. The pool boasts two waterslides, seating areas, and on-duty lifeguards, providing safe swimming conditions the whole family can enjoy.

While Indian Springs is a popular day trip destination, the property’s onsite campground is equally popular and offers 120 campsites. The grounds also feature many yard games and amenities, including horseshoes, volleyball courts, and walking trails.

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