7 Best Durango Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated: January 24th, 2024

Tucked away along the outskirts of San Juan National Forest in southern Colorado, Durango is home to one of the state’s oldest hot springs resort complexes and is a popular destination for unwinding in the therapeutic waters of the region’s natural mineral spring.

While Durango serves as a fantastic base for exploring the rugged mountainous landscapes of southern Colorado while offering soothing soaks within its mineral pools, several hot spring resorts are also found dotting the rural neighborhoods and small mountain towns scattered throughout its countryside.

Whether looking for a weekend retreat or a relaxing base for exploring the surrounding wilderness, these are the seven best Durango hotels with hot springs both within the town and nearby communities.

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The following are some of the best Durango hotels with hot springs for different types of travelers and experiences.

The 7 Best Durango Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Durango Hot Springs Via Durango Hot Springs and Resort

Once known as the Trimble Hot Springs, the Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa is a reimagined and redesigned thermal retreat that has attracted visitors since the founding of the site’s first hotel in 1882.

While once a simple two-story hotel offering access to the region’s natural mineral waters, the Durango Hot Springs Resort has grown into one of the largest hot spring complexes in Colorado, boasting 41 thermal mineral water features and an extensive spa complex engaging the healing properties of the spring water.

Set within ten acres of the San Juan Mountains, the Durango Hot Springs offer several natural mineral tubs, private cedar tubs, and a resort-style swimming pool, all naturally heated by the legion’s geothermal processes.

The complex also offers a cold plunge pool for a varied soaking experience.

The property’s salt pool provides a more controlled soak while offering a softer alternative to chlorine treatment. Meanwhile, the complex’s popular spa services include various massage styles, hot stone treatments, salt scrubs, and a mud wrap.

Unfortunately, the resort’s onsite lodging has recently closed down following the ensuing renovations. However, Durango Hot Springs has partnered with local hotels, and guests can enjoy nearby accommodations at the General Palmer Hotel, the Strater Hotel, and O-Bar-O Cabins, among a few others.

2. The Springs Resort

The Springs Resort Via Pagosa Hot Springs

Located in Pagosa Springs, about 60 miles from Durango, The Springs Resort is the next closest hotel to Durango with hot springs and promises several onsite amenities, including 25 natural mineral pools fed directly from the region’s aquifer.

The property’s mineral pools vary in size and temperature, ranging from 45° F to 114° F. All of the pools are rich in a wide variety of minerals, providing diverse health benefits.

While most of the pools are open to soakers of all ages, some are preserved for adults 18 years of age and older, offering a fun and relaxing environment for all ages.

For an even more enhanced therapeutic visit to The Springs Resort, guests should head over to the onsite spa. Operating from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., the spa facility offers a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, and full-body treatments.

The Springs Resort also offers onsite lounging and promises top-of-the-line services for its overnight guests. Along with offering 24-hour access to its mineral pools, the resort hotel features luxury in-room amenities and several onsite dining options.

3. Healing Water Resort & Spa

Healing Water Resort & Spa Via Booking.com

Another Durango hotel with hot springs set in the nearby Pagosa Spring, Healing Water Resort & Spa, offers an extensive thermal spring complex complete with onsite lodging, spa services, and several soaking options.

The centerpiece of the Healing Water Resort is the complex’s large outdoor swimming pool, filled with 100% natural mineral water sourced from the region’s underground aquifer.

Also found within the outdoor pool area is a hot tub boasting slightly elevated temperatures. Meanwhile, gender-specific hot baths can be found indoors.

Also featured within the hot spring resort is an extensive spa facility engaging the natural healing properties of the mineral waters. Treatments include various massage styles, reflexology, and hot stone treatments.

For added convenience and comfort, Healing Water Resort offers a wide variety of onsite lodging options, ranging from single queen rooms to luxury suites and even private cabins.

Along with luxury amenities, all overnight guests receive complimentary access to the complex’s mineral pools.

While staying onsite provides the most convenience, the complex’s hot springs are open to the public for those purchasing a day pass.

4. Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Via Booking.com

Set in the nearby community of Ouray, the Box Canyon Lodge is another hotel with hot springs near Durango and features several thermal soaking options with breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding San Juan Mountains.

The complex boasts seven outdoor redwood pools, each filled with natural mineral water sourced directly from Box Canyon. The pools range in temperature from 103 ° to 108° F and feature high mineral concentrations renowned for their healing properties.

The hotel’s mineral pools are open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., with evening soaks offering enhanced tranquility as the remote mountain setting provides spectacularly clear skies perfect for stargazing.

For overnight accommodation, Box Canyon Lodge offers a selection of rooms and suites, including a standard king and queen room, a family suite, and a residence suite.

The family suite offers child-friendly amenities and a multi-room layout perfect for groups, while the apartment-style residence suite is ideal for extended stays.

While located slightly further from Durango, Box Canyon Lodge promises plenty of outdoor adventures through its mountainous landscapes, along with a selection of soothing hot spring pools for soaking away the stresses of the day.

5. Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs Via Booking.com

Also located in the nearby community of Ouray, the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is another picturesque hotel with hot springs near Durango and features a tranquil therapeutic complex complete with recently renovated mineral pools and spa complexes.

Reserved exclusively for overnight guests staying at the onsite lodge, the Twin Peaks Hot Springs consists of 12 mineral baths, jacuzzi tubs, and two extensive swimming pools.

The property also features a new vapor cave, providing a unique sauna-like experience, while an adult-only soaking area can be found within the main lobby building.

All of Twin Peaks’ soaking areas and steam rooms engage natural water sources from the nearby Ouray Spring and feature high mineral concentrations free from any added chemicals, providing numerous health benefits.

While the hot springs are not open to day visitors, the onsite hotel provides comfortable lodging that enhances the overall relaxation of the facilities.

With accommodation provided within two buildings, the Twin Peaks Lodge offers a diverse room selection ranging from simple king and queen rooms to multiroom suites perfect for families.

Additionally, along with providing access to the hot springs and numerous onsite amenities, guests staying at the hotel also have access to the onsite Sage Spa, which offers a variety of massage services, CBD treatments, and other wellness packages.

6. Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodge

Boasting numerous soaking options, a vapor cave, and cozy onsite lodging, the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodge is one of the best Durango hotels with hot springs located in the nearby community of Ouray.

Set within a quiet mountain town, this hot spring complex promises six mineral water pools filled with natural spring water that is left entirely non-treated and non-circulated with 100% natural flow, guaranteeing a fresh and rejuvenating soak at any time of day.

Meanwhile, the complex’s vapor cave is located below the property’s main lodging and features a shallow pool and vapor room that also engages the property’s natural mineral spring waters.

The property’s mineral pools range between 98° and 102° F, while the vapor cave offers rooms between 78° and 108° F.

Guests looking for a little more relaxation should also plan on visiting the property’s onsite spa facility, which offers a diverse catalog of massages, body scrubs, CBD treatments, and much more.

While the hot springs and spa are open to day visitors, the best way to receive maximum relaxation at Wiesbaden Hot Springs is by staying within the complex’s onsite lodging options.

Accommodation at the springs ranges from simple rooms for an overnight stay to suites, apartments, and private cabins for longer weekend getaways.

7. Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs Via Dunton Destinations

A unique Durango hotel with hot springs located in the nearby Colorado countryside, the Dunton Hot Springs offers a soothing resort complex operating out of a restored ghost town originally founded in 1885.

Offering all-inclusive packages, Dunton Hot Springs brings the relaxation of a natural mineral pool to a whole new level and offers a massive variety of onsite amenities and services to accompany its numerous soaking options.

The property features 13 unique cabins available to guests, each operating out of a beautifully restored building dating back to the town’s early mining community, maintaining much of its historical charms while boasting a collection of modern comforts.

All guests staying at the hotel receive complimentary dining and activities incorporated into their nightly rates, along with unlimited access to the site’s five mineral-soaking pools.

High in several mineral concentrations and promising myriad health benefits, the Dunton Hot Springs range in temperatures from 85° to 106° F for comfortable immersion into the waters.

Whether enjoying a wellness retreat or exploring the breathtaking Colorado landscapes, Dunton Hot Springs promises a fantastic base near Durango, perfect for arduous adventures and soothing soaks.

Final Thoughts

Home to one of the most extensive hot spring complexes in Colorado, Durango provides a soothing respite soaking in its mineral waters following an arduous day of exploring the region’s natural landscapes.

However, since there is no lodging in town offering direct access to the area’s aquifer, visitors must choose between booking a partner hotel or another hot spring resort located in a nearby community.

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