6 Hot Springs Near Durango, CO

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Located in the San Juan National Forest in the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Durango is a haven of outdoor adventure and is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the state.

From exploring the Centennial State’s intrepid landscapes along its numerous hiking and biking trails to skiing down its world-class slopes, Durango offers many ways to engage the area’s natural environment. However, with several hot springs located nearby that require only a short drive to reach, the city can also be a haven for relaxation.

From free-to-access primitive pools to opulent hot spring resorts, visitors can soothe their well-worn adventure muscles as they discover tranquility at these six hot springs near Durango, CO. (Distance from Durango city center in brackets). 

Hot Springs Near Durango, Colorado

Renovated Durango Hot Springs Via Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa

1. Durango Hot Springs (8.8 Miles)

Located just a short drive north of the city, the Durango Hot Springs is an extensive resort and spa complex situated at the base of the Hermosa Cliffs in the San Juan National Forest. Originally known as the Trimble Hot Springs, several hotel and resort facilities have serviced the celebrated mineral spring since 1882.

The hot spring resort as it is today was acquired by its modern owners in 2019 and has undergone renovations, making it one of the most extensive luxury hot spring resorts in the state.

The resort features 41 thermal mineral water features, including 26 natural mineral tubs, a resort-style pool, a cold plunge pool, and eight private cedar tubs. The natural mineral pools of the property feature 32 different minerals and are particularly notable for their calcium, silica, sodium, and sulfate concentrations.

Additionally, visitors can bring their therapeutic visit to the resort to the next level with a visit to the property’s extensive spa facility. The spa offers various services, including full-body treatments, stone massages, and facials.

2. Piedra River Hot Springs (45.3 Miles)

Piedra River Via Jeffrey Beall

As the name implies, the Piedra River Hot Springs is tucked away along the banks of the Piedra River, about an hour and a half east of Durango. While slightly more out of the way, requiring a 1.5-mile hike to reach, the Piedra River Hot Springs is a beautiful collection of primitive thermal pools that accentuate the region’s natural beauty.

The Thermal Pools at the Piedra River Hot Springs vary throughout the year depending on weather and individual upkeep. The pools are constructed of stacked rocks that block the cold river water from flowing in but allow the hot springs to seep through the ground. The springs’ guests often create their own pools by engaging in this practice.

Most of the hot springs average between 100 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperatures can be adjusted by shifting the rocks to allow more river water to flow through if these temperatures prove too hot.

Located within the San Juan National Forest, visitors should expect to spot plenty of local wildlife species along their way to the springs, including deer, elk, and maybe even a river otter colony.

3. Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Spring (59.9 Miles)

Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Spring Via wbrentprice

Another fantastic primitive pool located just over an hour’s drive east of Durango, Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Springs is a favorite free-to-use thermal pool amongst locals and is created out of the runoff of the nearby Overlook Hot Springs Resort.

Situated directly along the San Juan River as it cuts through Pagosa Springs, Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Spring features a main natural thermal tub separated from the river by a rock wall. The spring is fed through a PVC pipe, and the spring water never mixes with the river.

Several smaller pools are also found lining the river, but these shallow watering holes are only really suitable for soaking your feet. Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Spring averages a balmy 104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit for a comfortable soaking experience throughout the year.

4. Overlook Hot Springs (59.9 Miles)

Overlook Hot Springs Via Overlook Hot Springs

While Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Spring is a free-to-use thermal pool in Pagosa Springs, the Overlook Hot Springs Spa is one of the communities most popular hot spring facilities and offers visitors a level of tranquility that the nearby primitive pool can’t match.

The resort features several soaking options, including a selection of indoor and rooftop pools and a variety of private soaking options. The pools upstairs and on the outdoor deck feature breathtaking views of the river and the surrounding community.

The small concession stands operating within the facility serve a diverse selection of beverages, including alcoholic drinks to enjoy by the thermal pools that bring the overall tranquility of the site to a surreal head.

Also featured within the resort complex is an extensive spa that offers a wide selection of treatments, including Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massages.

5. The Springs Resort (60.3 Miles)


Another extensive hot spring resort operating out of Pagosa Springs near Durango, The Springs Resort is arguably the community’s most developed thermal pool complex. Along with its eponymous mineral spring pools, the resort features a full-service spa, a salon, several dining options, and many activities and wellness classes.

Nevertheless, the most significant draw to The Springs Resort is, of course, its celebrated mineral spring waters, which the complex offers in 25 different pools scattered throughout its property.

Rich in sodium, lithium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, the resort’s pool ranges from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 114 degrees. Each pool features breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and completes its soothing ambiance with gentle music accompanying your soak.

Visitors can complete their relaxing retreat to The Springs Resort by visiting the complex’s onsite spa, which offers a catalog of treatments that include massages, facials, and body treatments that incorporate the natural therapeutic properties of spring water.

6. Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs (70.4 Miles)

Box Canyon Hot Springs Via James Lavin

Located about two hours north of the city, the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs offer visitors breathtaking views while enjoying some of the most soothing hot springs near Durango. Situated in the small community of Ouray, the Box Canyon Hot Springs are ideal for visitors seeking a traditional thermal pool experience in an authentic Colorado mountain town.

Recently renovated, the Box Canyon Lodge features seven brand-new redwood soaking tubs featuring naturally heated mineral water. The pools range between 103- and 108 degrees Fahrenheit and feature 360-degree views of the surrounding San Juan Mountains.

Fed directly from the source in Box Canyon, the hot springs are constantly being refilled and require no added chemicals for a clean and fresh soak. The water is rich in various minerals, including sulfate, manganese, sodium, and calcium, which give the water its natural therapeutic properties.

Unfortunately, the hot springs are not open to day visitors. However, the Box Canyon Lodge offers several accommodation options, including standard rooms, family suites, and a residence suite.

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