8 Desert Hot Springs Hotels With Mineral Pools (2024 Guide)

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: January 24th, 2024

Nicknamed California’s Spa City, Desert Hot Springs is famous as the only destination in the world where visitors can immerse in the mineral pools of both a hot and cold water aquifer.

What’s more, the community offers numerous ways to experience the healing properties of the water, with dozens of fantastic hot spring resorts and spas scattered throughout the town.

With such a diverse selection to choose from, I have created this list of the eight best Desert Hot Springs Hotels with mineral pools to help you find the perfect hot spring retreat for your visit to California’s hot spring capital.

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The following are some of the best Desert Hot Spring hotels with mineral pools for different types of travelers.

The 8 Best Desert Hot Springs Hotels With Mineral Pools

1. El Morocco Inn and Spa

El Morocco Inn & Spa Via Booking.com

One of the most extensive Desert Hot Springs hotels with mineral pools, the El Morocco Inn and Spa first opened as the Caravan Spa-tel in the 1950s but underwent a complete renovation following new ownership in 2001.

Since then, the El Morocco Inn has grown into one of the most sought-after hot spring resorts in California and offers a massive variety of relaxing amenities within a soothingly authentic Moroccan setting, complete with decor and furniture shipped in from the African country.

Along with providing an exotic ambiance, the El Morocco Inn provides its guests access to the region’s famous healing waters in a large outdoor mineral pool and a hot tub. Both are open to day visitors between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., but the swimming holes remain open around the clock for overnight guests.

Other facilities offered within this luxury hot spring resort include Casablanca theme rooms, a free continental breakfast, and a full-service spa offering a diverse catalog of treatments.

2. Miracle Springs Resort and Spa

Miracle Springs Resort Via Booking.com

Nestled within the heart of the Desert Hot Springs community, the Miracle Springs Resort and Spa is another of the region’s premier mineral pool hotels and promises guests an extensive complex of soaking options and a wide variety of onsite amenities.

In total, the property features eight mineral pools, each fed directly from the town’s underground aquifer. Completely natural and untreated, the pools feature a natural constant flow of approximately 200 gallons per minute and average between 90° F and 104 °F for a varied experience.

Meanwhile, visitors looking for an elevated tranquility can head over to the property’s onsite spa for a range of services, including body wraps, massages, and scrubs.

Offering day passes and onsite dining at the Capri Restaurant Bar & Lounge, the Miracle Springs resort makes for a fantastic day trip. However, to fully experience the complex’s soothing atmosphere, visitors should plan to spend the night within the hotel’s lodging, which offers a selection of standard, king, and queen rooms and suites.

3. Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa

Aqua Soleil Hotel Via Booking.com

Featuring luxury rooms, a full-service spa, and several soaking options filled with natural spring water, the Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa is one of the best Desert Hot Spring hotels with mineral pools for a relaxing retreat to the idyllic community.

Fed directly from the Desert Hot Springs Aquifer, the Aqua Soleil’s healing waters are accessible within the property’s large outdoor mineral pool, maintained at a comfortable 90° F throughout the year. Visitors looking for more traditional hot spring temperatures can take a dip in the two outdoor hot spring jacuzzis, maintained at a balmier 102° F.

A mineral water soak can be accompanied by a wide variety of treatments offered at the onsite spa facility for an even more heightened sense of relaxation and pampering.

While the mineral pools and spa facility are open to visitors with day passes, the best way to experience the property’s myriad health benefits and relaxation is by staying directly onsite. The hotel features several room options but offers its best services within its nine Coleol Suites, which come with their own private jetted hot spring pools.

4. Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa

Two Bunch Palms Resort Via Two Bunch Palms

Fed by both the region’s hot and cold water aquifers, the Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa promises one of the best mineral soaking experiences in Desert Hot Springs that can be tailored to each of its guests’ specific preferences.

The resort features one large mineral pool and six private mineral water tubs, each featuring a natural flow that averages 100° F from the source and entirely replenishes every 24 hours. Each pool also features a cold and hot water valve that guests can use to alter the soaking temperatures to their preferred levels.

Beyond its healing mineral waters, Two Bunch Palms Resort offers guests an entire wellness retreat in which visitors can explore a wide variety of health-based services and amenities. The complex features an extensive spa facility with 19 treatment rooms, tennis courts, a yoga dome, and an exercise studio offering wellness classes.

The resort offers day passes to its facilities between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the week and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekends. However, overnight guests can enjoy the complex around the clock while staying in a selection of 67 remodeled rooms, running from luxury suites to budget-friendly rooms.

5. Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort

Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort Via Booking.com

Perched atop Miracle Hill in the heart of Desert Hot Springs, Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort is yet another premier Desert Hot Springs hotel with mineral pools, promising a relaxing retreat to the small Californian community while offering a wide variety of amenities at your fingertips.

Among its top facilities are a large outdoor mineral pool and several Oasis hot tubs, as well as a private soaking tub available for two-hour sessions for up to 6 people.

All the soaking areas are filled with natural spring water from the underground aquifer, and average a balmy 174° from the source. Luckily, these temperatures are cooled to a more comfortable 105° before being filled into the wet areas.

Along with promising a tranquil, soothing soaking experience, the Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort also features an onsite spa facility, promising an extensive catalog of over 30 specialty treatments and packages.

The day spa and mineral pools are open today to visitors but are best experienced by staying overnight in one of the property’s room or suite options. However, the complex is adult-only, and guests must be 18 years or older to visit the property.

6. The Spring Resort & Spa

The Spring Resort Via Booking.com

One of the most renowned Desert Hot Spring Hotels with mineral pools, The Spring Resort & Spa has won numerous awards and recognitions for its premium services, which it provides within its extensive hotel complex and onsite spa facilities.

Along With offering a selection of comfortable room and lodging options, The Spring Resort also offers plenty of onsite comforts, including three large mineral pools. Average 170° F from the source, the spring water is cooled to a more comfortable 88° to 90° F before being filled into the property’s outdoor pool.

Meanwhile, guests looking for a more traditional hot spring experience can choose to soak in either the property’s indoor pool or outdoor jacuzzi, which are maintained at a balmier 101° and 104° F, respectively.

While the pools are treated with chlorine, the waters are renowned for their high mineral concentrations that provide soothing health benefits.

For further relaxation, guests can also engage the healing properties of the natural spring at the complex’s spa facility, which offers a range of specialty massages and treatments.

7. Tuscan Springs Hotel & Spa

Tuscan Springs Hotel Via Booking.com

Modeled after the Italian designs and setting of Tuscany, the Tuscan Springs Hotel & Spa is one of the best adult-only Desert Hot Spring hotels with mineral pools and offers an elevated exotic retreat for guests 21 years of age or older.

Overnight guests staying at the hotel have a selection of 16 beautiful, unique rooms boasting Tuscan decor and luxury amenities, including French doors, ceramic tile floors, and a complimentary breakfast served each morning.

While staying within its thematic rooms is the best way to experience the relaxing ambiance of the property, the Tuscan Springs also offers day spa packages that allow day use of the complex’s onsite spa.

Along with offering a massive catalog of specialty massages, facials, and body treatments, the spa area also features 3 mineral soaking options, including one large mineral pool and two hot spring jacuzzis.

Both the hot tubs and pool are filled with natural mineral water and offer plenty of space for floating away your stresses.

8. Desert Hot Spring Spa Hotel

Desert Hot Spring Spa Hotel Via Booking.com

Boasting one of the region’s most extensive hot spring retreats, the Desert Hot Spring Spa Hotel provides guests with eight different soaking options, including one Olympic-sized mineral pool and seven whirlpools, all filled with the region’s natural spring waters sourced directly from the underground aquifer.

The soaking pools range between 90° and 104° F for a varied soaking experience and are accompanied by a soothing setting surrounded by palm trees. For further relaxation, the property also features an onsite spa facility offering 11 different types of massages, 15 body treatments, and more.

The spa and mineral pools are open to the public between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and make for a fantastic day trip. However, overnight guests enjoy 24-hour access to the mineral pools for a soothing soak all to themselves. Onsite lodging options include 50 comfortable hotel 4ooms and four private villas perfect for a hot spring retreat.

Desert Hot Springs Hotels With Mineral Pools – Final Thoughts

Desert Hot Springs is home to some of the very best mineral pool complexes in California. This is quite a feat, considering the state is home to over 300 unique hot springs.

Still, with dozens of spas and thermal resorts scattered throughout the community, finding the perfect soaking area ultimately depends on personal preference.

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