5 San Luis Obispo Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated: January 23rd, 2024

San Luis may not be well known for its hot springs, but that is not to say there are none to be explored. Sometimes, the hidden gems are the best, after all.

On the other hand, the quaint Californian town is renowned for its historical architecture and endless sunny days, with glorious surroundings, making it an ideal place for horse riding, mountain biking, and, let’s not forget, a timeless Californian pastime – wine tasting.

Between all the Southern Californian adventures, why not pay a visit to one of the many hot springs in the area surrounding San Luis Obispo, or better still, why not choose the accommodation that features its therapeutic mineral pools?

San Luis Obispo boasts plenty of excellent hotels not far from hot springs like Canyon Spring, McLain Spring, Sulphur Pots, and Bello Spring, but one of the best is Avila Springs, just a ten-minute drive away.

In addition, the nearby town of Paso Robles has some fantastic hot springs, most notably Franklin Springs, so by staying in San Luis Obispo, you can make the most of the many hot spring opportunities and be close to the coast and the stunning wine country.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the best San Luis Obispo Hotels with hot springs.

List of the Best San Luis Obispo Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Sycamore Springs Hot Spring Resort

For the best hot spring resort getaway in Southern California

Sycamore Mineral Springs Via Booking.com

Without a doubt, Sycamore Springs Hot Spring Resort is one of the best San Luis Obispo hotels with hot springs. This hotel oozes wellness, luxury, and romance, so this could be the perfect option if you want to find an ideal spot for a romantic getaway.

The hotel is close to the famous Avila Springs, a hot spring oasis for all the family, and has its thermal pools, too.

Without stepping out of your hotel, you can enjoy one of their many hot tubs heated directly from local springs. The tubs are packed full of minerals that are beneficial to the body and help to aid sleep and relaxation, and it will be hard not to let go and unwind when soaking in their hillside hot tubs and oasis waterfall lagoon. Did we mention they also have ‘in-room’ mineral spring hot tubs?

If that doesn’t sound incredible, the hotel also offers farm-to-table cuisine, yoga and fitness classes, and a variety of spa treatments that will enhance your relaxing California escape.

The hotel features a variety of cozy rooms to suit all needs, as well as dedicated dog-friendly rooms, and their restaurant offers a dog-friendly menu so the whole family can dine together. This is the place to choose for an extraordinary experience, just ten minutes from San Luis Obispo.

Prices start from $269 + taxes

2. Avila Hot Springs Resort Cabins

An excellent choice for families and group vacations

Avila Hot Springs Resort Cabins Via Avila Hot Springs

Ten minutes from San Luis Obispo, you will find Avila Springs, a hot spring oasis for those seeking rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Located at the gateway to Avila Beach, guests can enjoy both a dip in the ocean and a dip in the hot springs any time they please, which makes this an exciting place to stay. One of the best things is that you have few choices for accommodation when choosing to stay here, so let’s get into it.

The vacation rental cabins at Avila Springs are an excellent choice if you want a spot of luxury or are traveling with a group or family. The cabins include a kitchen, dining area, and living area, allowing larger groups plenty of space to enjoy their vacation, cook together, and socialize.

Up to 4 people can stay in the beautiful cabins, and they boast modern amenities like a microwave, cable TV, and refrigerator.

The hot springs are not to be missed regarding the main features of the Avila Springs Resort. Their therapeutic hot mineral spring pool is ideal for relaxing and unwinding and maintains a temperature of 104F, and the flow of this spring has been constant for over 100 years.

In addition, there is a freshwater heated pool, spa treatments, swimming lessons, and kids’ waterslides.

Prices start from $1,700 per month + fees/taxes – shorter stays can be arranged

3. River Oaks Hot Springs Spa

For the ultimate mineral spa experience

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa Via River Oaks Hot Springs

Located just a half hour from San Luis Obispo is River Oaks Hot Springs Spa, which is an ideal place to visit if you want to experience the wine country, explore the Californian coast, and enjoy the area’s natural hot springs.

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa is in Paso Robles, also home to Franklin Springs, a famous thermal area for all the family, but this is an excellent place to soak it all up.

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa is the ultimate day spa for those who want to combine the beauty of Southern California with the taste of local wines while harnessing the properties of the local springs.

The mineral spa offers guests the chance to ‘sip and soak,’ just one of their many unique packages that combines these features and allows you to get a taste of the region in more than one way.

If you plan to visit this incredible hot spring spa, you might want to consider staying at the nearby Italian-themed Allegretto Vineyard Resort, just one mile away, or La Quinta Inn and Suites, just 1.3 miles from the spa.

The spa has a variety of packages, treatments, and experiences, so you may want to visit on more than one occasion.

Prices for Allegretto Vineyard Resort start from $409 + taxes

Prices for La Quinta Inn and Suites start from $122 + taxes

4. Avila Hot Springs Resort Campsite

It is an excellent choice for those who want to camp

Avila Hot Springs Resort Campsite Via Avila Hot Springs

We all know that the USA is an incredible place for road trips, and if you find yourself arriving in San Luis Obispo with a tent or an RV, then Avila Hot Springs Resort has got you covered.

While they have cabins for rent, as we mentioned before, they also have rustic camping spots and spots for RVs, which are 35ft or less. This is an excellent budget-friendly option if you have your accommodation but want to experience the springs and, better still, you want to stay on site.

Each night’s stay includes one free pass per person to the pool and hot springs, which means that you can enjoy the springs’ benefits each day you stay. Guests can rent bikes to explore the surrounding area in between soaking in the mineral-rich springs or enjoying the large pool and spa treatments. The Bob Jones trail is a city-to-sea bike trail that is easily accessible from the resort and is a must for adventure seekers.

Various massage treatments are available at the spa by appointment, including sports massage, couples massage, and a chakra-tuning massage. At the same time, the pool, which is heated by the hot springs, is an excellent place to have some fun with the family.

In addition, all spa treatments include a complimentary day at Avila Hot Springs if you are not a guest.

Prices start from $55 per night + taxes for two people in an RV or tent

5. Paso Robles Inn

A stunning hot spring hotel 30 minutes from San Luis Obispo

Paso Robles Inn Via Booking.com

While San Luis Obispo has a few hotels with hot springs, nearby Paso Robles has more to add to your bucket list. One notable option just 30 minutes from San Luis Obispo is the ever-popular Paso Robles Inn, a one-stop shop for comfort, hot spring opportunities, and local adventures.

The hotel is in the heart of the town, so the historic center surrounds you, while plenty of eateries and bars are just steps from your hotel.

The crème de la crème of the Paso Robles Inn is, of course, the hot spring facilities, which include hot spring-fed tubs, many of which are located on the balcony of the hotel rooms – so if this sounds good, be sure to book a room with a private hot spring hot tub.

In addition to the hot spring hot tubs, the hotel has plenty of other fantastic amenities, including an on-site Steakhouse for delicious hearty dishes, hiking and biking experiences, indoor and outdoor cozy spaces, and a heated outdoor pool.

The hotel is also conveniently located close to Paso Robles Golf Course and downtown square, where guests can enjoy the many bars, restaurants, and music venues.

The hotel can also arrange day trips and local activities as you please, but we don’t blame you if you want to take advantage of the hot springs, which is a top feature. This is an excellent option if you plan to enjoy the wine country and explore the Californian coast and nearby historic towns in the region.

Prices start from $195 + taxes

FAQs About San Luis Obispo Hotels With Hot Springs


What is the best time to visit San Luis Obispo?

One of the reasons San Luis Obispo and the region of Southern California draws in flocks of tourists is because of its mild climate throughout the year. Because of its sunny climate, it is a thriving wine region, which is one of the other top reasons it also attracts visitors.

However, the best time to avoid crowds is to visit during the shoulder season or even during the mild winter months. The sunniest days are in late spring, summer, and early fall, so let’s just say there is no wrong time to visit this beautiful region of California.

What are the best hot springs near San Luis Obispo?

The best hot springs near San Luis Obispo are Avila Springs, which are just ten minutes from the town and offer visitors the chance to stay in cabins or camping. Sycamore Hot Spring Resort is also located just ten minutes away and is a stunning option for a luxury hot spring experience, where guests can enjoy private hot spring tubs and lagoons.

A little further afield, you will find Franklin Hot Springs and River Oaks Hot Springs Spa in Paso Robles and several primitive hot springs around the area. These include Bello Spring, McLain Spring, and Hi Mountain Spring.

What is the best hot spring hotel for couples near San Luis Obispo?

Sycamore Springs Hot Spring Resort is an excellent choice for couples seeking a unique and romantic getaway. The hotel has everything you could think of regarding luxury and romance, from spa and wellness facilities to yoga and fitness classes, private in-room mineral hot tubs, and gourmet dining options.

If that doesn’t sell it to you, couples will love the hillside hot tubs, which have stunning views, and the oasis waterfall lagoon, which immediately soothes you.

The fact that the resort is all about wellness proves that this is an exceptional place to take time out as a couple, enjoy some spa treatments or outdoor adventures, or cozy up in one of the charming nooks. All accommodations here feature individual hot spring-fed hot tubs on a private balcony or patio.

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