6 Paso Robles Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated: January 25th, 2024

Nestled in the heart of the stunning California coast, Paso Robles attracts tourists worldwide who crave incredible scenery, rejuvenating hot springs, and top-quality wine tasting.

This charming city is a place to unwind, find adventures, and soak up the impressive views. It perfectly blends natural beauty, cultural attractions, and relaxation opportunities.

If you didn’t already know, Paso Robles is a top spot for hot springs, and within the city and surrounding areas, you will find a few excellent hot spring spas to melt all your stresses away.

One of the best ways to experience these hot springs is to choose one of the Paso Robles hotels with hot springs so you can enjoy the benefits whenever you please, while many other great hotels are located close to the city’s best mineral baths.

Surrounded by rolling hills, lush vineyards, and oak-studded landscapes, visitors here are captivated from the get-go. Plus, the city is just a half-hour drive from the glorious California coast for surfing, swimming, or a stroll on the beach.

Paso Robles is becoming more of a haven for its hot springs, with plenty of spas and hot spring hotel resorts becoming more apparent, and the region is home to several natural mineral springs, which we will discuss in this article.

First, let’s inspire your Paso Robles vacation with these best hotels with hot springs for the ultimate relaxing escape.

List of the Best Paso Robles Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Paso Robles Inn

A fantastic location in historic Paso Robles

Paso Robles Inn Via Booking.com

Undoubtedly, one of the best Paso Robles hotels with hot springs is the ever-popular Paso Robles Inn, which is dog-friendly, located in the heart of the historic center, and has a range of attractive amenities for guests to take advantage of. From wine tours and delicious cuisine to a selection of rooms to suit your needs, Paso Robles Inn is one for all the family, no matter what you have planned.

From the hotel, you can embark on a range of day trips and local activities or explore the town on foot, but chances are you will want to take advantage of their private hot spring-fed tubs, a top feature.

Of the Inns 96 rooms, many feature these tubs right on their balcony, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the local spring water when you please.

In addition to the hot spring hot tubs, the hotel has plenty of other fantastic amenities, including an on-site Steakhouse for delicious hearty dishes, hiking and biking experiences, indoor and outdoor cozy spaces, and a heated outdoor pool.

The hotel is also conveniently located close to Paso Robles Golf Course and downtown square, where guests can enjoy the many bars, restaurants, and music venues.

Prices start from $195 + taxes

2. Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

For the ultimate relaxation near Paso Robles

Sycamore Mineral Springs Via Booking.com

Located just 30 minutes from Paso Robles, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa is a fantastic place to escape the crowds and embark on a journey of relaxation.

The hotel is the ultimate place to indulge in all things spa and wellness-related, from yoga classes to treatments. Let’s not forget the mineral spring hot tubs and oasis waterfall lagoon that will relieve even the most aching muscles.

The naturally heated mineral spring water used at Sycamore Resort is fed by over 100 underground resources, allowing guests to soak up the endless benefits of bathing in these healing waters.

While the hotel has excellent public hot spring amenities, you can enhance your stay at the resort by opting for a room or suite with a private hot spring tub.

This pet-friendly destination is a one-stop shop for relaxation, and guests can also take advantage of the award-winning spa facilities at The Spa at Sycamore, from massage and facials to specialized body treatments.

If that’s not enough, this excellent resort features The Garden of Avila, which serves fresh cuisine and is hand-picked from local ranches to ensure quality.

The hotel also caters to your furry friends with a dedicated dog menu called ‘Puppy Chow,’ which features dishes like meat with rice and vegetables so the whole family can enjoy dining out.

Prices start from $269 + taxes

3. Allegretto Vineyard Resort

An Italian vineyard retreat close to fantastic hot springs

Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles Via Booking.com

One of the most outstanding hotels in Paso Robles is Allegretto Vinyard Resort, which is eye-catching and located just 1 mile from the best hot springs spa in Paso Robles.

This couldn’t be a better combination if you want to pair an incredible Tuscany-themed stay with some hot spring rejuvenation. The resort offers guests yoga classes, a spa and fitness center, an outdoor pool, and wine tastings.

Plus, there are regular, unique events to captivate every visitor.

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa, located just one mile away, is the ultimate wellness destination to spend a few hours or the entire day.

The great thing is that it is close to the hotel that you can visit as many times as you please during your stay and enjoy the benefits of the healing waters, as well as indulge in special packages catered to couples – and don’t miss their ‘Sip and Soak’ option, combining wine and mineral baths.

When you are not immersing yourself in Mother Nature’s healing springs, you can enjoy some downtime at the hotel with an on-site spa for all your wellness needs.

This pet-friendly hotel is a luxurious choice for a family getaway, a romantic escape, or quality time with friends. Still, it is also ideally suited to wine enthusiasts who will love their on-site wine-tasting room and stunning Italian-style vineyards.

Prices start from $249 + taxes

4. High Ridge Manor

An Ideal hotel to enjoy Franklin Hot Springs

High Ridge Manor Via Booking.com

This resort-style bed and breakfast is in a fantastic location, especially if you are a keen hot spring enthusiast. While it may not feature on-site hot springs, it is just 5 miles from Franklin Hot Springs, one of Paso Roble’s best hot springs.

The hotel is also conveniently located 9 miles from downtown historic Paso Robles for easy access to local attractions and historic sites.

Franklin Hot Springs is an ideal place to spend a few hours, or even the day, soaking in the healing springs; plus, they also host various events with yoga, Qi Gong, and soaking under the stars.

The waters are comfortable at 100.1F and are abundant in minerals like many of the hot springs dotted around California, yet these are some of the most visited in the region.

Guests can expect an incredible stay in the wine country when staying at High Ridge Manor, and here, they can enjoy gourmet breakfasts, ‘the best views in Paso Robles,’ and local wine picked by their in-house chef. If you are searching for a fantastic hot spring and hotel in Paso Robles, this is a match made in heaven, and once you settle into your cozy accommodation or soak in the nearby springs, it will be hard to leave.

Prices start from $275 + taxes

5. Wellspring Ranch

‘A retreat like no other close to Paso Robles’

Wellspring Ranch Private Retreats Via Wellspring Ranch

Located just half an hour from Paso Robles, you will find a tranquil retreat on a 160-acre ranch. Not only does this retreat destination feature on-site mineral spring-fed hot tubs, but it also has charming water gardens comprising a 20,000-gallon pond.

Wellspring Ranch is a privately owned estate, an ideal escape for small groups, families, and gatherings that can host up to 16 occupants.

With an on-site yoga studio, fire pit, mineral spring cedar hot tubs beneath the trees, and cozy fireplaces, Wellspring Ranch is the ultimate off-the-beaten-path destination if you seek a unique experience in a  great location.

The ranch might be rural, allowing for an escape from the ordinary, but it is ideally located halfway between L. A and San Francisco, as well as being just 20 minutes from the nearest beach.

Boasting nature-inspired outdoor showers, woodland surroundings, and the sound of wildlife galore, this place is certainly out of the ordinary and a retreat like no other in the region.

The ranch invites you to take time to soak up the benefits of the mineral spring water, which is especially beautiful under the night sky, to read a book in the hammock, or create memories around the firepit with friends and family.

Prices start from $1,640 + taxes

6. Oaks Hotel and Suites

Excellent value for money in the heart of Paso Robles

The Oaks Hotel & Suites Via Booking.com

Oaks Hotel and Suites is fantastic value for money, located in the heart of the charming city of Paso Robles, yet just a stone’s throw from River Oaks Hot Springs.

Featuring a year-round outdoor pool to stay active or relax on a hot day, as well as Indulge Restaurant and The Oaks Lobby Bar, which serve gourmet cuisine and local wines, the hotel caters to guests of all interests and curiosities.

Paso Robles is well known for its world-class wines and hot springs, and by staying at Oaks Hotel and Suites, you can affordably combine both.

River Oaks Hot Springs is located just 2.6 miles from the property, allowing guests to enjoy the comfort and facilities of the hotel combined with one or multiple visits to the popular mineral baths.

Boasting elegant accommodation that comprises 90 sophisticated rooms, this pet-friendly hotel is a must for a fantastic central location and excellent facilities.

If that wasn’t enough to get you booked right away, the hotel also offers excellent packages; whether you want to explore the local area, go golfing, or explore the best wineries, Oaks Hotel and Suites has got you covered.

Guests will have the chance to visit plenty of the nearby restaurants, historic attractions, museums, and open areas from the hotel, making this a one-stop shop for families, friends, or couples of all interests.

Prices start from $81 + taxes

FAQs About Paso Robles Hotels With Hot Springs


What is the best hotel with hot springs in Paso Robles?

Paso Robles Inn is an excellent choice for a hotel with hot springs in a great location. The hotel is located right in the city’s heart, steps from top attractions and experiences, and features private and public spring-fed hot tubs, which can be enjoyed at leisure.

This is an excellent relaxing place in one of California’s most charming towns.

What are the best hot springs near Paso Robles?

Suppose you find yourself exploring the areas around Paso Robles. In that case, you cannot overlook a visit to Sycamore Springs and Avila Hot Springs, located near the Californian coast, just a 30-minute drive away.

In addition, if you are embarking on an expansive trip around California, you will be happy to know that the state has an abundance of hot springs, especially in areas like Desert Hot Springs, known as California’s Spa City.

What are the best hot springs to visit in Paso Robles?

Paso Robles is known today for its wineries and vineyard, but the region has a long-standing history with hot springs, many of which still exist today. Some of the best hot springs in Paso Robles include River Oaks Hot Springs and Spa, an irresistible sanctuary for wellness, and Franklin Hot Springs, which is just as popular and easily reachable from the center.

The hot springs at Paso Robles Inn Hotel are well worth a visit since you can take the opportunity to soak in your private spring-fed hot tub in many of their rooms.

What is Paso Robles famous for?

While Paso Robles is primarily known for its wine production, some of the best in the world, it has also been known as a haven for hot springs for centuries.

These days, many of the springs in Paso Robles have been closed down due to natural disasters, but there are two main ones to visit – River Oaks Springs Spa and Franklin Hot Springs.

Paso Robles Inn and some other nearby hotels feature their mineral baths, plus there are a few springs to visit off the beaten path if you are feeling adventurous.

While the vineyards have become a trademark of Paso Robles, the combination of a hot spring and wine-tasting vacation is more alluring than ever, making Paso Robles a sought-after destination for stunning views, experiences, and unique opportunities.

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