7 Lava Hot Springs Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated: January 25th, 2024

Home to the world-famous hot pools of the same name, Lava Hot Springs is one of the most popular hot spring resort towns in Idaho and promises a relaxing getaway accompanied by a soothing soak in the region’s celebrated mineral waters.

While the famous hot pools are the central attraction of the town, several Lava Hot Springs hotels offer a more private soaking experience by providing pools and mineral soaking areas directly within their complexes.

From historical accommodations dating back to the town’s early days as a thermal retreat to modern extensive resorts and spa facilities, these are the seven best Lava Hot Springs Hotels with hot springs.

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Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly base for immersing in the nearby public pools or private access to the community’s underground aquifer, these are the best Lava Hot Spring hotels with hot springs for different types of travelers.

The 7 Best Lava Hot Springs Hotels With Hot Springs

1. Lava Hot Springs Inn & Spa

Lava Hot Springs Inn Via Booking.com

Open year-round, Lava Hot Springs Inn & Spa is an all-in-one thermal getaway that combines the soothing relaxation of a hot spring hotel with the cozy comforts of a bed and breakfast or vacation rental, which is heightened even further through its 2-for-1 lift ticket to Pebble Creek Ski Resort through the winter months.

However, whether visiting in the winter or the summer, all guests staying at the hotel receive access to the complex’s onsite hot springs, which consist of 6 mineral pools ranging from 94° to 107° F.

If these waters prove to be too hot, guests are invited to reset with a cooling dip in the nearby cold plunge pool, maintained at a chilling 44° F.

For further relaxation and pampering, guests can also engage in the services offered at the hotel’s onsite spa facility. Offering half-hour, one-hour, and hour-and-a-half sessions, the spa offers several treatment packages, including Swedish massages, hot stone massages, and reflexology.

While the mineral pools and spa are open to day visitors, the best way to engage the complex’s soothing facilities is by staying on the property within one of the hotel’s rooms, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, or cottages.

2. The Lava Hotel

The Lava Hotel’s Mineral Pool Via The Lava Hotel

Formerly known as Aura Soma Lava and located just a short walk from the famous Lava Hot Springs Hot Pools, The Lava Hotel is one of the best accommodations in the community and even offers a mineral pool for a soothing soaking experience directly onsite.

Fed directly from the region’s underground aquifer, The Lava Hotel mineral pool features a natural flow that refills the pool with thousands of gallons of natural spring water every 24 hours, guaranteeing a fresh and rejuvenating soak throughout the day.

Along with its mineral pool, The Lava Hotel also promises a rejuvenating retreat through a variety of specialty treatments for the senses offered within its spa facility, including hot and cold stone therapies, reflexology, light therapy, and aromatherapy.

Additionally, the Lava Waffle located in the hotel offers convenient dining within the complex, while the hotel’s cozy room options provide comfortable lodging for basing your visit to Lava Hot Springs and its numerous attractions.

3. Riverside Hot Springs Inn & Spa

Riverside Hot Springs Inn Via Booking.com

Set along the banks of the Portneuf River in the heart of the community, the Riverside Hot Springs Inn & Spa is one of the best Lava Hot Springs hotels, with hot springs located directly on its property.

In total, there are four mineral pools offered within the hotel complex, including one outdoor hot tub and three private indoor soaking pools.

Averaging 112° F from the source, the water is cooled to a more comfortable 102 to 106° F before being filled into the wet areas, which feature a continuous flow for a constantly fresh and rejuvenating submersion.

Along with its soothing mineral pools, the Riverside Hot Springs Inn also offers a full-service spa with a variety of treatments and onsite dining at the Portneuf Grill & Lounge.

While the spa and restaurant are open to the public, the best way to enjoy the complex’s facilities is by staying onsite within the hotel.

It features a wide selection of guest rooms and luxury suites, complete with individually styled decor, air conditioning, and access to the region’s geothermally heated public water. The hotel is adult-only and only allows guests 16 years of age or older.

4. Home Hotel Lava Hot Springs

Home Hotel Lava Hot Springs Via Home Hotel

Established in 1918, the Home Hotel has served as a staple of the Lava Hot Springs community for over a century and continues to welcome guests as a historic hotel with a hot spring perfect for basing an exploration of the region and its wondrous mineral waters.

The hotel features a selection of 27 rooms and suites, 24 of which are equipped with in-room private hot tubs connected directly to the geothermal waters of the town’s underground aquifer.

While most of these in-room hot tubs are indoor, the property’s Patio Room offers an outdoor jacuzzi with breathtaking views of the surrounding neighborhood.

While there are only three rooms within the hotel without a private hot tub, guests staying within these budget-friendly lodgings can still access the complex’s rejuvenating spring waters within the communal hot tub that is located on the property and is reserved exclusively for overnight guests.

5. Lava Spa Motel & RV Park

Lava Spa Motel Via Booking.com

Located just steps away from the World Famous Hot Springs Pools, the Lava Spa Motel & RV Park is one of the best accommodation options in Lava Hot Springs for enjoying the myriad benefits of the region’s soothing spring waters, despite not actually offering a mineral pool within its hotel complex.

Instead, the Lava Spa Motel promises comfortable, budget-friendly lodging with a convenient location in the heart of the community, perfect for exploring Idaho’s breathtaking natural landscapes before returning to take a dip in the nearby community hot springs located across the street.

The motel features several room options, ranging from budget-friendly economy rooms to large king suites with their own private jacuzzi.

Alternatively, guests traveling with an RV can also opt to spend their stay in one of the property’s 15 RV spaces, complete with water, electricity, and wifi.

6. Bear River Hot Spring Resort

Bear River Hot Springs Resort Mineral Soaking Pool Via Bear River Hot Springs

Visitors looking for a full-service hot spring resort will actually have to drive about 50 miles south of Lava Hot Springs to enjoy the extensive facilities of Bear River Hot Spring Resort.

While not located directly within the community, this family-friendly resort is one of the best Lava Hot Spring hotels with hot springs for enjoying a full-service rejuvenating retreat.

The complex features four mineral pools, two of which are open year-round. Along with the mineral pools, the Bear River Hot Spring resort also features two hydro-tube water slides, a junior Olympic pool, and a peanut pool kept at a comfortable 85 to 95° F.

For more traditional hot spring temperatures, the property also features mineral water-filled hot tubs maintained at 105° F.

Located less than an hour’s drive from Lava Hot Springs, the Bear River Hot Spring Resort makes for a fantastic day trip destination.

However, guests looking to spend the night also have a selection of onsite lodging ranging from standard king and queen rooms to budget-friendly campgrounds with tent and RV sites.

7. Indian Spring Resort

Indian Spring Resort Via Indian Spring Resort and RV

Another hot spring resort option located within an hour’s drive from Lava Hot Springs, the Indian Spring Resort is set in the nearby American Falls and offers a warm mineral pool within its extensive campgrounds.

The Indian Spring Resort features 120 campsites, ranging from tent camping to pull-through RV sites, and is a favorite amongst families and groups thanks to its collection of outdoor amenities.

From picnic areas to volleyball courts, horseshoes, and event pavilions, there are plenty of things to do while camping.

However, the centerpiece of the Indian Spring Resort is its seasonal mineral pool, which is open between May and October. Fed by six natural hot springs, the pool is maintained at a comfortable 90° F and is open from 10 am to 9 pm for overnight guests.

While located slightly further from Lava Hot Springs, the Indian Springs Resort is a fantastic option for visitors looking to enjoy the region’s natural mineral waters while engaging in the natural landscapes of the complex’s outdoor campgrounds.

Final Thoughts

Known for its celebrated hot spring pools, Lava Hot Springs has served as a popular thermal resort community for over a century and continues to promise visitors a combination of historical hotel complexes and modern hot spring resorts.

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