6 Hot Springs Near Winter Park, CO

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

A bustling resort community just outside of Denver, Winter Park is renowned for its outdoor adventures, which include world-celebrated ski slopes and backcountry hiking trails. However, along with offering an intrepid exploration of The Centennial State, Winter Park is only a short drive from some of the region’s most relaxing natural hot springs.

Whether seeking a weekend wellness retreat at a full-service resort or an escape from the state’s arduous landscapes in a simple primitive thermal pool, visitors will find blissful tranquility at these six hot springs near Winter Park, CO. (Distance from Winter Park in brackets).

Hot Springs Near Winter Park, Colorado

Mountain View Via Hot Sulphur Springs

1. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort (31.1 Miles)

Located about a forty-minute drive north of Winter Park, the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is a quaint thermal pool complex tucked away in a small mountain community in the Colorado Rockies.

The resort features 15 different man-made mineral pools, each fed from seven different geothermal springs. The pools feature 100% natural flow and follow the stream down the hillside to where it is eventually integrated into the Colorado River.

The resort’s thermal pools vary in size, shape, and temperature but range between 98 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit for a comfortable soaking experience regardless of pool choice. Furthermore, the water features no added chemicals and is naturally rich in various minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and much more.

Along with the site’s tranquil thermal pools, visitors to the resort also have a myriad of onsite services and amenities at their fingertips, including overnight accommodation options and an extensive spa facility that offers various treatments.

2. Indian Hot Springs (34.5 Miles)

Mineral Water Swimming Pool Via Indian Hot Springs

The next closest hot springs near Winter Park is the Indian Hot Springs, located about a 50-minute drive back towards Denver. Historically frequented by the Ute and Arapahoe Indians, this extensive thermal pool resort option is a popular facility amongst locals and international tourists alike and boasts a wide selection of onsite amenities for added convenience.

The complex features plenty of soaking options, including the facility’s large indoor swimming pool designed with plenty of foliage for a natural environmental feel. The resort also offers several private indoor and outdoor tubs that provide a secluded experience. Meanwhile, the resort’s Cave Pool features a more rustic setting for enjoying a traditional mineral soak.

The Indian Hot Springs’ thermal pools are fed from a natural spring source through an underground aquifer, with average balmy temperatures ranging from 106 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional services featured within the Indian Hot Springs Resort complex include a selection of onsite accommodation options, a full-service thermal spa, a dining lounge, and even a gift shop offering a selection of souvenirs.

3. Radium Hot Springs (62.8 Miles)


Situated just over an hour’s drive from Winter Park, the Radium Hot Springs is one of the most pristine primitive pools in the area and are perfect for visitors to the town seeking a thermal soaking experience in a more natural setting.

After arriving at the site’s parking lot, visitors must either venture along a short hiking trail or a kayaking adventure along the Colorado River to access the hot springs. Despite this added venture to the pool, the Radium Hot Springs offer a rewarding dip in its natural mineral waters while offering some breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

From the source, the Radium Hot Springs are far too hot to submerge in. Luckily, the pool’s convenient location along the banks of the river allows some of the cooler waters to mix with the natural mineral spring to produce comfortable swimming conditions averaging at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pool’s size and temperature vary depending on the river’s water level. During the spring, winter snow melts, causing the river to flood and completely cover the hot spring. For this reason, the best time to visit the Radium Hot Springs is from mid-summer to winter.

4. Eldorado Springs Pool (75.5 Miles)


Established in 1905, the Eldorado Hot Springs is one of the oldest hot spring resorts in the state and is about an hour and a half drive east of Winter Park. At the time of its opening, Eldorado Springs boasted the largest swimming pool in the country.

And while the complex no longer holds this distinction, it still offers a historical setting for enjoying the region’s mineral waters. Continually serving as an opulent retreat center for over a century, the Eldorado Springs Pool is fed from a natural artesian spring source 8,000 feet below the Earth’s surface.

Featuring no added chemicals, visitors can enjoy the soothing property of the water in the complex’s large pool, which averages 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Lining the pool are several loungers and even a diving board and water slide offering an added thrill. A snack bar is also located onsite for added convenience during your soak.

5. Old Town Hot Spring (99.3 Miles)

Soaking Pools Via Old Town Hot Spring

While located slightly further from town, the Old Town Hot Springs offer a modern thermal pool resort complex and offers one of the most developed hot springs near Winter Park. Along with its eponymous pools, the resort features several onsite services and amenities, including an extensive spa and fitness center.

But of course, the most significant draw to the Old Town Hot Spring is the site’s celebrated mineral waters, which are offered to guests in eight different outdoor pools, ranging in temperature from 98 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the property also features a large 25-yard lap pool outside that is maintained at a more traditional 80 degrees.

Also featured at the resort are two 230-foot waterslides open year-round and lead into the complex’s hot springs for an added thrill perfect for a weekend retreat the whole family can enjoy.

6. Strawberry Park Hot Spring (107 Miles)

Strawberry Park Hot Springs Via Frank DiBona

The Strawberry Park Hot Spring is another collection of thermal pools tucked slightly over two hours from Winter Park. Still, they are an absolute must-visit natural marvel when traveling through the region.

A massive natural spring, the Strawberry Park Hot spring is entirely naturally fed and features several pools varying in size and temperature. The coolest of the natural pools averages around 102 degrees Fahrenheit, while the other pools tend to get slightly warmer the nearer they are to the spring source.

A cold-water pond and creek are located nearby, which offers a cooling respite from the springs’ elevated temperatures, which can often prove too hot for extended soaks.

While the large primitive thermal pools are the primary attraction to the springs, the property does feature onsite amenities, including restrooms, massage services, and overnight accommodation options. You can also reach the springs from the Bristol Hotel which also offers easy access to the Old Town Hot Springs.

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