6 Hot Springs Near Vancouver, BC

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Known for its year-round mild climates, friendly people, and breathtaking natural vistas and attractions, Vancouver is a city that promises cultural and geographical adventures throughout the British Columbian landscapes of Canada’s westernmost province.

While the region is renowned for its hiking trails and island paradises, Vancouver can also be a destination for relaxation and boasts numerous natural hot springs within just a short drive from its developed borders.

Whether seeking to unwind after a long and arduous hike or looking to be pampered at a luxurious thermal resort, visitors can find unparalleled bliss at these six hot springs near Vancouver, BC. (Distance from Vancouver city center in brackets).

6 Hot Springs Closest To Vancouver, BC

1. Mineral Spring Resort (51.4 Miles)

Mineral Springs Resort Via Mineral Springs Resort

Located just across the Strait of Georgia on Salt Spring Island, the Mineral Springs Resort offers a spectacular seaside luxury resort setting with exclusive access to the region’s geothermal mineral waters.

Boasting mineral water tubs in each room, the Mineral Spring Resort is fantastic for basing an exploration of the island and offers visitors a blissful thermal soak from the comforts of their own private quarters.

Discovered in the 1970s, the site’s mineral waters are pumped from a natural spring 200 feet below the earth’s surface and feature a flow of 20 gallons every minute. The natural spring is renowned for its high concentrations of 21 different minerals, which work together to stimulate blood circulation, soothe aches and pains, and alleviate various other ailments.

Along with offering an intimate soaking experience, each room at the Mineral Spring Resort boasts a wide array of amenities that enhance the overall tranquility of the complex. In-room comforts include a fully equipped kitchen, a sundeck with a barbecue, and a private deck overlooking some of the best views of the nearby strait.

2. Scandinave Spa Whistler (77 Miles)

Scandinave Spa Whistler Via Scandinave

The Scandinave Spa boasts four locations across Canada. However, their Whistler hot springs near Vancouver are by far the company’s most enticing thermal complex and boast several mineral-soaking areas scattered throughout some of the province’s most idyllic natural landscapes.

While the Scandinave Spa’s pools are not connected to the region’s natural aquifer, the complex’s waters still provide a soothing soak that encourages healing and relaxation. To ensure a clean and refreshing experience for its guests, the Scandinave Spa uses chlorine and bromine to treat its pools.

Along with offering diverse thermal treatments, including a eucalyptus steam bath, a wood-burning sauna, and hot baths, the Scandinave Spa also offers cold plunge pools and Nordic waterfalls for a cooler, more varied experience.

Additional amenities within the complex include an onsite bistro serving various meals and snacks, an extensive spa facility, and numerous relaxation areas, including solariums, outdoor fireplaces, and a multi-purpose yoga studio.

3. Harrison Hot Springs (81.7 Miles)

Harrison Resort Pool Via Harrison Resort

Nestled along the southern banks of Harrison Lake, the Harrison Hot Springs is another full-service thermal resort complex located about an hour and a half from downtown Vancouver.

Popular among local indigenous tribes for centuries before their discovery by the Western world, the Harrison Hot Springs Resort has provided visitors access to the region’s therapeutic waters since 1886.

While the complex has since undergone several renovations and provides a comfortable stay, modern guests can still enjoy the region’s historical waters in five natural mineral pools.

The resort boasts two indoor pools — a large sitting pool averaging 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit and a smaller crescent pool maintained at a slightly cooler 90 degrees.

Meanwhile, the complex’s outdoor pools include an adult-only sitting pool, ranging between 90 and 95 degrees, a family pool maintained at 95 degrees, and a large lap pool that is kept slightly cooler throughout the year, averaging about 87 degrees.

As a full-service resort, Harrison Hot Springs boasts many onsite services and amenities. Providing a more convenient exploration of the region, these onsite services include several luxury accommodations options, four dining and drinking facilities, an extensive spa complex, and numerous offsite excursions.

4. Clear Creek Hot Springs (117 Miles)


Despite not being much further from the city than the Harrison Hot Springs, the Clear Creek Hot Springs do require an extended journey to reach, with most of the trip following rough and weaving mountain roads.

Nevertheless, the Clear Creek Hot Springs is well worth the arduous three-hour drive to reach and is easily one of the most rewarding hot springs near Vancouver for soothing well-worn bodies sore from the long journey.

Surrounded by breathtaking natural vistas, three rustic thermal baths comprise the Clear Creek Hot Springs, the oldest of which dates back to the 1950s and was established by Henry Larson and his wife.

While the Larsen’s cabin has since been torn down, the region’s celebrated mineral waters can still be enjoyed in the couple’s historical tub, which has since been accompanied by two other rustic thermal baths.

5. Sloquet Hot Springs (126 Miles)

Pools of Sloquet hot springs Via pentaboxes

Another collection of primitive hot springs near Vancouver, the Sloquet Hot Springs offers visitors the opportunity to soak in the region’s therapeutic mineral waters while enjoying the soothing natural environments of the Fraser Valley.

Unfortunately, like the Clear Creek Hot Springs, visitors must follow the region’s tough mountain roads to access these thermal pools, making the relatively short distance between it and the city a long four-hour drive.

Still, the springs’ remote location and idyllic natural setting also make the Sloquet Hot Springs one of the most rewarding hot springs near Vancouver and provides visitors with a well-deserved escape into the pools’ soothing mineral waters.

The Sloquet Hot Springs is comprised of numerous thermal pools fed from a cascading geothermal waterfall. The pools vary in temperature, with those closest to the source being warmer than those found downriver.

As a primitive hot spring, no hotels are operating within the region. Luckily, the Sloquet Hot Springs boasts 20 rustic campsites, providing a convenient night stay before engaging the long journey back to the city.

6. Tsek Hot Springs (135 Miles)

Tsek Hot Springs Via Tsek Hot Springs

Despite being physically further from Vancouver, the Tsek Hot Springs are more accessible to visitors from the city than either the Sloquet Hot Springs or the Clear Creek Hot Springs, requiring just over a three-hour drive to reach.

Nestled along the banks of the Lillooet River in Fraser Valley, the Tsek Hot Springs are located near the First Nations community of Skookumchuk and were even formerly known as the Skookumchuck Hot Springs.

Modern visitors can still enjoy the complex’s historical mineral waters in ten lightly developed mineral springs while enjoying additional onsite amenities offered at the complex’s campground.

While the springs are open to day visitors, spending the night at the campground is one of the best ways to explore the water’s therapeutic properties and its historical and cultural relevance to the local St’át’imc people.

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