6 Hot Springs Near Salt Lake City, UT

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Salt Lake City is known for its iconic spanning vistas, colossal red rock formations, and world-class ski slopes that once hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. It is a haven for outdoor adventurers, thrill seekers, and nature enthusiasts.

However, while the northern Utah city is more commonly known for its more active attractions, such as hiking trails and ski hills, the capital city of the Bee Hive State is also a fantastic spot for finding a quiet serenity at some of the most relaxing hot springs in the state.

With several fantastic thermal pools located only a short drive from the city, Salt Lake City is a fantastic destination for basing a trip in Utah for visitors seeking an ideal combination of daring adventures and soothing soaking opportunities.

Whether seeking to unwind after hitting the fine powders of the Olympic-level slopes or a multi-day excursion along one of the state’s many hiking trails, these six hot springs near Salt Lake City, UT, are the ideal destinations for unwinding in the region’s therapeutic mineral waters after engaging in the state’s more exertive activities. (Distance from Salt Lake city center in brackets).

Top Hot Springs Near Salt lake City, UT

1. Inlet Park Hot Springs (31 Miles)


Locally known as Saratoga Hot Springs, the Inlet Park Hot Springs are located on the northwestern shores of the celebrated Utah Lake, which gives Salt Lake City its name. Only a half-hour drive from the city’s center, the springs are a rustic thermal pool located near a suburban development.

Despite its proximity to Salt Lake City, the Inlet Park Hot Springs are relatively isolated in the countryside and feature a series of pools spread out along the preserved lake shores. Water temperatures average 109 degrees Fahrenheit, but exact temperatures vary between the pools.

Thanks to the hot spring’s ease of access and pristine natural views, the Inlet Park Hot Springs is also one of Utah’s most famous thermal pools.

As such, they can often experience heavier crowding than similar destinations. To protect the region’s natural setting, the hot springs are only open until 10 pm, and no camping is permitted.

2. Homestead Crater Hot Springs (46 Miles)


Located just under an hour from the city, the Homestead Crater Hot Springs is part of an extensive full-service resort and is one of the most opulent hot springs near Salt Lake City.

The only warm water scuba destination in the United States, the Homestead Crater Hot Springs first formed 10,000 years ago and has attracted visitors to its therapeutic waters for millennia. The hot spring is contained in a 55-foot limestone dome and offers some of the most tranquil soaks in the famous mineral waters that average between 90 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today the hot springs are operated by a luxury resort, the guests of which receive exclusive access to the site’s eponymous thermal pools.

However, along with a calming soaking experience, visitors to the resort also enjoy a full set of amenities, including lavish accommodation options, dining restaurants, a golf course, and many other engaging activities.

3. Crystal Hot Springs (69 Miles)

Crystal Hot Springs, Northern Utah via Ron Busbea

Established in 1901, the Crystal Hot Springs is a commercial springs complex located an hour’s drive north of Salt Lake City in Honeyville. The natural springs waters are renowned for their high mineral concentrations and are even claimed to possess 39 times the mineral levels of Idaho’s world-famous Lava Hot Springs.

The Crystal hot springs feature several cold and hot mineral water pools, three hot tubs, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, all sourced directly from the mineral springs. Also featured within the complex and feeding into the facility’s large soaking pool are two hydro-tube water slides for an added excitement of family fun.

The facility’s natural mineral waters are sourced from two independent springs and are even considered the second closest cold and hot springs in the world to have naturally developed together. The hot spring averages 120 to 134 degrees Fahrenheit from the source, while the cold spring is slightly more comfortable at 65 to 75 degrees.

4. Fifth Water Hot Springs (72 Miles)

Fifth Water Hot Springs via Zruda

One of the most popular primitive hot springs in Utah, the Fifth Water Hot Springs are some of the most beautiful naturally occurring thermal pools in the state. The trailhead to access the falls is just a little over an hour south of Salt Lake City, but visitors should expect an additional three hours to hike along the 2.5-mile trail to the landmark.

The Fifth Water Hot Springs feature a series of pools and are fed by two different waterfalls. These picturesque pools vary in temperature but average around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and tend to become warmer closer to the waterfalls.

Despite their isolated location, the Fifth Water Hot Springs are some of the most celebrated thermal pools in Utah and attract many visitors from both within the state and international tourists.

As such, visitors to the spring can expect light crowds to form during peak summer seasons and weekends. Luckily this sizeable natural pool offers plenty of space to soak.

5. Belmont Hot Springs RV Park (83 Miles)


Nestled in the beautiful countryside of northern Utah, about an hour and fifteen minutes from the state’s capital city, the Belmont Hot Springs RV Park is unique among the hot springs near Salt Lake City in the fact that they cater to visitors traveling with an RV.

As such, they are a fantastic thermal pool to visit along a road trip through the state or for visitors seeking an overnight stay by the mineral waters.

The Belmont Hot Springs features two large mineral pools, one of which is PADI-approved for scuba diving training. The larger of the two pools averages a comfortable 97 degrees Fahrenheit, while the smaller of the two is a slightly warmer 104 degrees.

Also available within the premises are several small springs, including the Indian Pool, the Morning Glory Hole, and the Mud Pots. For additional entertainment, visitors to the springs receive access to the complex’s 9-hole golf course and other outdoor activities.

6. Meadow Hot Spring (157.5 Miles)


While close enough for a day trip, the Meadow Hot Springs near Salt Lake City is slightly further than other springs in the region and requires about a two-hour drive to reach. Still, those willing to make the added journey to reach them are rewarded with one of the state’s most soothing natural soaking pools.

Home to several thermal pools, the Meadow Hot Springs offer shallow and deep swimming holes for soakers of all swimming experiences, averaging between 100 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the hot springs are found on private property, the thermal pools are open to the public, require no admission fee to access, and accentuate the region’s breathtaking beauty by offering panoramic views of the horizon.

However, since the site is unregulated, visitors are encouraged to follow a small list of instructions and take care to clean up after their visit.

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