6 Hot Springs Near Hoover Dam, NV

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Constructed in 1931, the Hoover Dam has been a monument to human engineering and architecture for nearly a century. Every year it attracts over 7 million visitors eager to explore its monumental complexes and the region’s surrounding natural wonders.

Located along the Nevada-Arizona state border, the Hoover Dam has several natural attractions, including some of the country’s most pristine primitive hot springs. While some of these thermal pools are more difficult to reach than others, visitors will find blissful tranquility at these six natural hot springs near Hoover Dam. (Distance from Hoover Dam in brackets).

6 Hot Springs Near Hoover Dam, Nevada


1. Gold Strike Hot Springs, NV (3 Miles)

The Gold Strike Hot Springs is the closest thermal pool to the landmark, only five minutes from Hoover Dam. However, despite their close proximity, the springs are still relatively difficult to access and require a moderate 6-mile out-and-back hike to reach.

The Gold Strike Hot Springs consist of several thermal pools isolated in the rugged terrains of the Gold Strike Canyon. Due to their isolated nature, this collection of thermal pools has escaped any development and remains in their primitive nature.

While the trek through the canyon can be challenging, visitors willing to make the journey are rewarded with breathtaking views and a quiet ambiance for enjoying the natural setting.

Additionally, while the most picturesque thermal pools are located at the end of the trail along the Colorado River, several smaller pools are available for soaking throughout the hike. Water temperatures vary between the pools, but most average between 100 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

The closest accommodation to the Gold Strike Hot Springs is the Hoover Dam Lodge, located only 1 mile from the trailhead.

2. Ringbolt Hot Springs, AZ (3.2 Miles)

Arizona Ringbolt Hot Springs Via Andy Blackledge

Also located only five minutes from Hoover Dam, the Ringbolt Hot Springs is another collection of picturesque primitive pools, also known as the Arizona Hot Springs, thanks to their location just across the Nevada-Arizona state line.

Like the Gold Strike Hot Springs, the Ringbolt Hot Springs are tucked away in the rugged desert landscapes of the countryside and require a three-mile hike to access. While the journey offers a degree of difficulty, the hike to the Ringbolt Hot Springs is considered easier than the Gold Strike Hot Springs, making this set of thermal pools slightly more accessible.

Situated within the picturesque Lake Mead National Recreation Area, visitors to the Ringbolt Hot Springs follow a well-maintained trail through picturesque natural vistas before arriving at a collection of four thermal pools along the Colorado River.

From the source, the natural spring averages 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, these waters cool to more bearable temperatures by the time they reach the pools, which typically range between 101 and 106 degrees throughout the year.

Given its proximity to the Gold Strike Hot Springs, Hoover Dam Lodge is the best choice for nearby accomadation.

3. Rogers Spring, NV (55.7 Miles)


Despite being an hour’s drive from the landmark, Rogers Spring may actually be the most accessible hot springs near Hoover Dam, as it doesn’t require a long, arduous hike to reach.

Located along Northshore Road, Rogers Spring offers visitors the opportunity to soak in the region’s curative mineral waters while enjoying the serene natural settings of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Besides being the most accessible hot spring near Hoover Dam, Rogers Spring is also the most mysterious because an unknown source feeds it. However, despite the spring’s mysterious origin, the pool is constantly fed a warm water stream averaging between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Along with its therapeutic waters, Rogers Springs is nestled along the shores of Lake Mead. It offers visitors many activities for exploring the wondrous location, including fishing, hiking, and beachgoing.

4. Kaiser Hot Spring, AZ (138 Miles)


Another great hot spring on the Arizona side of the state border, the Kaiser Hot Spring, is surrounded by pristine landscapes. It offers one of the best primitive soaking experiences in the region.

Despite being two hours from Hoover Dam, the Kaiser Hot Springs is worth the journey to reach them. Featuring breathtaking landscapes and a pristine natural environment, visitors to the springs must engage a 1-mile hiking trail from the parking lot to access the isolated springs.

Upon arriving at the trail’s end, visitors are rewarded with two side-by-side thermal pools averaging a comfortable soaking experience of 100 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The two pools are divided by a natural rock wall for added privacy.

Enhancing the overall serenity of the pools’ soaking experience is the pristine natural setting provided by the spring’s isolated nature. Combined with the pool’s high mineral concentrations, the Kaiser Hot Springs delivers one of the most blissful escapes, perfect for reconnecting with the region’s natural environments.

5. Alkali Flat Hot Springs, NV (229 Miles)


While located about three hours from Hoover Dam, the Alkali Flat Hot Springs offers one of the most unique thermal soaking experiences near the landmark and is tucked away deep in the Nevada deserts. Despite the long journey required, the Alkali Flat Hot Springs is a fantastic way to escape the bustle of the city to soak in one of the state’s most pristine corners.

The Alkali Flat Hot Springs consist of two separate thermal pools. Both are made from a rock-lined tub and can sit up to about three people. The waters average between 100- and 105 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year but are a welcomed escape from the otherwise scorching temperatures of Nevada’s deserts.

While many Alkali Flat Hot Springs visitors opt to spend the night camping by the mineral pools before engaging the long journey back to town, it is important to remember that the region directly surrounding the thermal pools is private property. Luckily, the area beyond the property line is governed by the Bureau of Land Management, which permits dispersed camping.

6. Warm Springs, NV (233 Miles)

Warm Springs NV Via Alison Jean Cole

Surrounded by the dilapidating buildings of a historical community, Warm Springs is another unique hot spring near Hoover Dam located deep in the Nevada desert. While once a famous resort town, Warm Springs has since been abandoned, although its celebrated mineral pool can still be found occupying the town square.

While the pool is technically considered private property, the “no trespassing” signs seldom deter town visitors from jumping into the complex’s warm mineral waters. However, even if you opt not to submerge in the spring water, the quiet solitude of the ghost town is well worth the journey and offers guests a calm ambiance to reflect and unwind.

When visiting the site, guests can follow the small creek filling the pool back to the spring’s source. And while observing the spring can be an intriguing activity for exploring the natural phenomena, visitors are warned not to submerge directly in the pool, as the elevated temperatures can harm the human body.

Whether you decide to soak in the region’s mineral waters or are simply visiting to explore the town’s deserted streets, Warm Springs is a remarkable hot spring near Hoover Dam and offers visitors a quiet setting for immersing in Nevada’s historical thermal pool community.

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