6 Hot Springs Near Great Sand Dunes, CO

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Protecting 30 square miles and the tallest dunes in North America, Great Sand Dunes National Park offers plenty of outdoor adventures throughout its sandy terrains.

Open year-round, the national park attracts eager explorers from around the world for the opportunity to traverse its towering ridges while camping in its unforgiving desert climates.

Any exploration of the national park is sure to leave visitors exhausted from its demanding conditions, and there is no better way to unwind than by soaking in one of the many great natural mineral springs in Colorado.

From luxury resorts to simple community complexes, visitors can unwind after their intrepid adventures through the park at these six hot springs near Great Sand Dunes, CO. (Distance from Great Sand Dunes in brackets).

6 Great Hot Springs Near Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Sand Dunes Swimming Pool Via Sand Dunes Pool

1. Sand Dunes Pool (28 Miles)

Also known as the Hooper Pool, the Sand Dunes Pool is just a short drive from the national park and offers fun family recreation within its complexes, which include a large outdoor pool, a small relaxation pool, several picnic areas, and a greenhouse lounge.

Formed when an oil operation in the 1930s struck an artesian spring 4,400 feet below the earth’s surface, the Sand Dunes Pool features natural mineral water renowned for its soothing properties.

The spring averages 118 degrees Fahrenheit from the source but is cooled to a more comfortable 98 to 100 degrees before being filled into the pool. Visitors seeking a slightly warmer thermal dip can soak in the property’s therapy pool, which averages 106 degrees and sits up to 25 people.

Those looking to stay can book a camping or RV site to maximize their time spent in the pool.

2. Splashland Hot Springs (31 Miles)


Opened in 1955, the Splashland Hot Springs offers visitors a unique thermal hot springs experience near the Great Sand Dunes National Park and offers plenty of engaging waterside activities for an afternoon of family fun.

Located in nearby Alamosa, Splashland Hot Springs features a massive outdoor swimming pool filled with natural spring water averaging 102 degrees from the source. However, the actual temperature of the pool varies, typically averaging between 88 and 96 degrees throughout the year.

Adding to the family fun of the property are three water slides, a diving board, and lap lanes, which offer engaging activities for children and adults alike. The pool also offers a calendar of events throughout its operation season, including water aerobics classes, parent-tot classes, and swimming lessons.

Additional onsite amenities include a newly renovated complex with a full concession stand. The Splashland Hot Springs is a seasonal facility open between late spring and early fall.

3. Joyful Journey Hot Springs (55 Miles)

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Via Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Located about an hour’s drive from Great Sand Dunes National Park, the Joyful Journey Hot Springs is a quaint hot spring resort that promises a soothing mineral-soaking experience surrounded by pristine natural beauty and a combination of traditional rustic designs and modern amenities.

Formerly known as the Mineral Hot Springs, the Joyful Journey Hot Springs is nestled within the San Luis Valley and features some of the most breathtaking views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range to its east.

The property boasts three thermal pools gravity fed from an artesian spring beneath the earth’s surface. From the source, the water averages between 120 and 140 degrees but is cooled to more comfortable temperatures before filling the soaking areas.

The Joyful Journey Hot Springs features a cool pool maintained at about 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, guests looking for a slightly balmier soak can instead take a dip into the tower or view pool, which averages 104 and 108 degrees.

For an even more enhanced sense of relaxation, guests can book one of the various treatments offered at the onsite spa, including a massage, a herbal wrap, or a reflexology treatment.

While the hot springs make for a fantastic day trip destination, visitors can also arrange overnight accommodation on the property. Various stay options include luxury rooms in the lodge, a private casita, and rustic accommodations in a traditional yurt or tipis.

4. Valley View Hot Springs (63.5 Miles)

Natural Rock Ponds Via OLT

Also located in the San Luis Valley at the very foot of the Sangre de Cristo Range, the Valley View Hot Springs offers another luxury resort with a hot spring near Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The Valley View Hot Springs boasts seven different thermal soaking pools scattered throughout the property. All of the pools are connected by a rustic dirt path and feature some of the most awe-inspiring views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

The resort features three maintained pools and four natural hot springs. The property’s large main swimming pool maintains a constant temperature hovering within the high 80s for a traditional swimming experience, while the two hot pools average around 106 degrees.

Alternatively, visitors seeking a more authentic natural mineral soaking experience can instead dip into the property’s Soaking Pond, Waterfall Pond, Meadow Pond, or Tops Pond.

Along with offering access to the region’s mineral waters, the Valley View Hot Springs offers several luxury accommodations options and the opportunity to explore the nearby Orient Mine and Ghost Town from hiking trails starting on the property.

5. Salida Hot Springs (86 Miles)

Hot Springs Aquatic Center, Salida, Colorado Via Sharon Hahn Darlin

While located slightly further from the entrance to Great Sand Dunes National Park, the Salida Hot Springs is the largest indoor hot springs facility in the U.S. and offers a rejuvenating mineral soak in three large indoor pools.

Sourced from the nearby Poncha Springs, the pools are filled with mineral waters known for their high levels of bicarbonate, calcium, chloride, potassium, sodium, and sulfate, which grant a soothing experience for those that soak in it.

The property’s main 75-foot-long pool offers a traditional swimming experience, with temperatures around 90 degrees throughout the year. However, those seeking an authentic hot spring soak can enjoy 100-degree temperatures in the nearby warm pool, divided into two sections.

There is also a kid-friendly pool with depths of 18 inches providing fun soaking opportunities for swimmers of all experience levels, and several private soaking tubs offering a more intimate experience.

6. Mount Princeton Hot Springs (103 Miles)

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Via MT Princeton

While several hot spring complexes are operating out of the Mount Princeton area, the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers the most extensive facility for enjoying a mineral soak with several onsite amenities.

Despite being just under a two-hour drive from the national park’s entrance, the Mount Princeton Hot Springs is worth the extended trip and features several soaking options, an onsite restaurant, a country store, and even an extensive spa facility.

The resort boasts several maintained thermal pools for a controlled soaking environment and a collection of natural mineral pools along the nearby river for visitors seeking a more authentic natural spring experience.

Most of the pools on the property average about 105 degrees throughout the year. However, those looking to escape the heat can instead dip into the large exercise pool, which is maintained at a comfortable 90 degrees.

Whether visiting for the day or spending the night at the onsite lodge, Mount Princeton Hot Springs offers one of the most extensive complexes for enjoying the natural mineral hot springs near Great Sand Dunes, CO.

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