5 Hot Springs Near Estes Park, CO

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Considered the doorway to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is a popular base camp for visitors seeking to explore the area’s many hiking trails and natural landmarks. However, along with its more demanding attractions, Estes Park also features plenty of ways to unwind after engaging in the region’s more arduous journeys.

One of the best ways to soothe your well-worn hiking muscles after a day of exploring the national park is by jumping into the therapeutic waters of one of the town’s nearby hot springs. While there are no hot springs directly in the city, there are over 93 scattered throughout the state, many of which are only a short drive from Estes Park.

From luxury resort complexes to a primitive pool tucked away in the state’s pristine landscape, visitors to northern Colorado will find bliss at these five hot springs near Estes Park, CO. (Distance from Estes Park city center in brackets).

Hot Springs Near Estes Park, Colorado

Eldorado-Hot-Springs-Pool1. Eldorado Springs Pool (45.8 Miles)

Located about an hour’s drive south of the town, the Eldorado Springs Pool is the most accessible hot springs near Estes Park and offers visitors a therapeutic dip into the complex’s historical mineral waters. First established in 1905, the Eldorado Springs complex is nestled along the South Boulder River banks and has attracted day visitors for over a century.

At the time of its construction, the facility’s pool was considered the largest swimming pool in the country. And while this record has since been eclipsed, the Eldorado Springs remain a surreal center of tranquility and bliss for visitors to unwind after exploring the more demanding attractions of the nearby national park and surrounding landscapes.

The property’s large swimming pool is sourced from an artesian spring 8,000 feet below the earth’s surface and features high concentrations of various minerals which contribute to the site’s curative properties. The pool averages between 72- and 82 degrees Fahrenheit for a comfortable swimming experience throughout the year.

For an added thrill, the Eldorado Springs facility features a diving board and water slide leading into the pool, along with an onsite snack bar with various treats and beverages to enjoy throughout your soaking retreat.

2. Indian Hot Springs (76 Miles)


While the Eldorado Springs Pool is perfect for a quick soak in a natural mineral spring, the Indian Hot Springs is the ideal thermal pool complex near Estes Park for visitors seeking a luxury hot spring resort complete with an onsite spa and lodging options.

One of Colorado’s most extensive hot spring facilities, the Indian Hot Springs offers plenty of luxury and comfort amenities along with several soaking options. Visitors to the property have a wide selection of natural mineral pools, including a large public pool that features plenty of natural foliage for an exotic environmental design.

Additionally, visitors that prefer a more secluded soak will want to book one of the complex’s private indoor or outdoor tubs, where they can enjoy total isolation while embracing the therapeutic waters. The Indian Hot Springs’ final soaking option is the property’s Cave Pool which offers a naturally rugged setting for enjoying the pristine spring.

While the thermal baths are the primary draw to this extensive hot spring resort, the Indian Hot Springs also features a full-service thermal spa, a large dining area, a gift shop, and even onsite dining for visitors that prefer to spend the night.

3. SunWater Spa (139 Miles)


While slightly further from Este-Park, the SunWater Spa brings relaxation, and soothing mineral soaks to the next level with a wide variety of full-body spa treatments. Promising a day of pampering, the SunWater Spa is a favorite destination following a daring exploration of the Rocky Mountain National Park and is well worth the two-and-a-half-hour drive.

Situated within the resort community of Manitou Springs, SunWater Spa is the pinnacle of the region’s opulent offerings. The resort features seven outdoor cedar mineral tubs fed from the famous Seven Minute Springs, which flow through a karst aquifer beneath the community. These mineral pools offer varying experiences ranging from 90 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alternatively, visitors can dip into one of the property’s three saline pools. These soaking options include a cold plunge pool that averages 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a large outdoor community pool maintained at 96 degrees, and a hot tub that can reach up to 104 degrees.

For an even more enhanced sense of bliss, soakers should combine their mineral water dips with one of the several therapeutic treatments and wellness classes offered at the facility’s onsite spa. These include everything from full-body massages to yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation lessons.

4. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort (140 Miles)


Another fantastic hot spring near Este-Park, the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort, requires an extended drive to access the town but also offers one of the most inviting complexes for enjoying the region’s therapeutic mineral waters.

Located within a small mountain community of the same name, the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort provides an idyllic escape from the more populated corners of Colorado and highlights many of the region’s breathtaking natural vistas and awe-inspiring landscapes.

The Hot Sulphur Spring Resort features 15 man-made mineral pools ranging from 98 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of these thermal baths are outdoor pools that accentuate the region’s overall beauty. However, the complex also features a small selection of indoor pools for bathers that prefer a more controlled environment.

All the pools featured on the property feature 100% natural spring water renowned for their curative properties and mineral concentrations, including high levels of calcium, chloride, fluoride, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfate, iron, and zinc.

5. Radium Hot Springs (159 Miles)


While this thermal pool requires a long journey to access, the Radium Hot Springs also occupy one of the most idyllic corners of Colorado and offer visitors one of the most pristine primitive mineral pool soaks in the state.

To reach this tucked-away thermal pool from Este-Parks, visitors must first engage a three-and-a-half drive from the town to get to the trailhead. From there, visitors must begin either a short trek along the hiking path to the site or raft their way along the Colorado River, which cuts past the hot spring.

From its source, Radium Hot Spring is far too hot for people to submerge in. Luckily, the spring’s convenient location along the banks of the Colorado River allows for the cooler water to splash in the pool, where it combines with the mineral spring to produce comfortable swimming conditions averaging about 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Unfortunately, the spring’s location also means this pool is only visitable between mid-summer and winter, as yearly flooding of the river results in water levels covering the spring during other times of the year.

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