6 Best Hot Springs Near Bozeman, Montana

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Despite being home to dozens of fantastic hot springs spread throughout the entirety of the state, most visitors to Montana tend to flock to only those confined within Yellowstone National Park. And while these natural springs are beautiful, The Treasure State features plenty of additional hot spring destinations to explore.

One such of these less-celebrated hot spring destinations is located within the popular tourist city of Bozeman. More commonly visited thanks to its plethora of outdoor adventures and historical marvels, Bozeman is also a hotbed for geothermal activity and features several hot springs within its borders and in the surrounding countryside.

These thermal pools offer calm and serene settings for soothing weary bodies after exploring the city and surrounding regions or engaging in one of the more rigorous activities that Montana is known for.

Below are six hot springs near Bozeman, MT, perfect for soaking away your worries. (Distance from Bozeman city center in brackets).

Top Hot Springs Near Bozeman, MT

1. Bozeman Hot Springs (8 Miles)

Bozeman Hot Springs via bozemanhotsprings

Located in the Four Corners neighborhood, about a 15-minute drive from the Bozeman city center, Bozeman Hot Springs is the closest and most accessible thermal pool to visitors staying in the city. It is also one of the oldest and most celebrated of the state’s hot springs and has enticed visitors from around the world for over a century.

First established in the late 19th century, the Bozeman Hot Springs was an exclusive pool open to a select group of visitors. However, over the years, the hot springs developed and became more accessible to a more general population and have become a popular destination for locals and international tourists alike.

Situated in the idyllic Gallatin Valley, Bozeman Hot Springs provides breathtaking countryside views and several soaking options in 12 outdoor and indoor pools. The natural mineral waters feed all the pools, but each pool varies in temperature from 57 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit for an enhanced soak.

While the hot springs are very accessible to tourists staying in town, the complex itself does feature its campground for those that want to stay near the water. Also on site is a full fitness center with workout rooms, wet and dry saunas, and fitness classes.

2. Norris Hot Springs (36 Miles)

Norris Hot Springs via norrishotsprings

Another fantastic thermal pool complex situated less than an hour’s drive from Bozeman, the Norris Hot Springs offers an enhanced escape and recreational retreat into the picturesque landscape along Hot Spring Creek in Montana’s Madison County.

The extensive Norris Hot Springs Complex boasts several onsite amenities, including 13 seasonal campsites and a year-round restaurant that serves up delicious dishes that highlight locally sourced ingredients common in the state.

The facility’s tranquility culminates at the hot spring’s maintained outdoor pool, fed by artesian springs so pure that they have been nicknamed the Waters of the Gods.

Accentuated by the beautiful countryside, the thermal pool holds 38,000 gallons of natural mineral water that averages 106 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the winter and 100 degrees in the summer.

3. Chico Hot Springs (48 Miles)


First opened in 1900, Chico Hot Springs near Bozeman is located in Paradise Valley and is one of Montana’s most popular tourist attractions. This full-fledged hot spring resort features many onsite services and amenities, including several dining and drinking facilities, extensive spa services, luxury lodging, and camping.

But of course, the biggest draw to the resort complex is the site’s world-renowned hot springs. Predating the resort itself, tourists have frequented the springs since at least the 1860s, and they have been celebrated for 150 years for their therapeutic properties. Today’s visitors soak in one of two open-aired mineral pools, which average 96 and 103 degrees.

Beyond their lavish mineral pools, the Chico Hot Springs offers visitors several ways to explore the intrepid countryside. Surrounded by towering mountains, the landscape of the Absaroka Mountains can be enjoyed from anywhere in the resort, or visitors can delve into the peaks along one of the many hiking or riding trails.

4. Upper Potosi Hot Springs  (66 Miles)


A primitive hot spring tucked away along South Willow Creek in the Gallatin Range, the Upper Potosi Hot Springs is about an hour’s drive west of Bozeman and offers a traditionally rustic thermal soak within a pristine environment that boasts some of the most breathtaking views of the region’s natural scenery.

The hot spring is a small pool with a primitive rock wall and gravel bottom. The mineral water seeps into the pool from the source through the pool bottom, while smaller streams seep in from the surrounding hillsides. Temperatures of the spring vary throughout the year but average between 90 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a primitive hot spring, the Upper Potosi Hot Springs are free to access but require a short 1.5-mile hike along a maintained trail starting from the Potosi Campground.

Visitors can choose to spend the night at the campground or drive back to their accommodation in Bozeman.

5. Renova Hot Springs (66 Miles)

Jefferson River Hotsprings via Jon Wick

Located just north of the Upper Potosi hot Springs near Whitehall, the Renova Hot Springs is another primitive thermal pool. The undeveloped hot spring is nestled along the shores of the Jefferson River and is protected by a simple rock wall.

The spring’s source temperatures range from 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is made more bearable by the presence of the nearby river. Therefore, the best time to visit these springs is during the spring when the river’s water levels splash into the spring to provide a comfortable soak.

Unlike many primitive pools that require long hikes to reach, the Renova Hot Springs is only a short trek from the parking lot, making it one of the best rustic hot springs near Bozeman.

6. Yellowstone Hot Springs (70 Miles)

Yellowstone Hot Springs via yellowstonehotspringsmt

Located just outside Yellowstone National Park, about an hour’s drive south of Bozeman, the Yellowstone Hot Springs are the newest thermal pool in Montana. Situated between the city and the national park, this hot spring is the perfect destination for visitors staying in Bozeman to stop after a rigorous day of exploring the intrepid landscapes of the park.

Along with accentuating Big Sky Country’s breathtaking views, the Yellowstone Hot Springs features three unique pools for diverse soaking options. The main pool boasts a comfortable temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit, while the complex’s hot plunge is a slightly balmier 104 degrees.

If either of these pools proves too hot, visitors are encouraged to jump into the complex’s cold plunge pool. At 60 to 65 degrees, this warm spring option offers a cooling escape from the hot waters and enhances the overall therapeutic tranquility of the site.

While Yellowstone Hot Springs is accessible from Bozeman and permits day use, the facility also boasts onsite accommodation. Spring-goers looking to stay the night by the natural mineral waters can book their retreat at one of the property’s onsite campgrounds or cabins.

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