6 Hot Springs Near Aspen, CO

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

A small resort community tucked away in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Aspen has long been a popular destination that promises year-round adventures and is especially notable for its world-class ski resorts.

Whether hitting the finely powdered winter slopes or trekking one of the hiking trails in the summer, Aspen promises outdoor adventures and plenty of natural hot springs for relaxation after partaking in the region’s more active attractions.

From luxury resorts to the primitive thermal pool in the state’s rugged landscapes, visitors will discover tranquility at these six hot springs near Aspen, CO. (Distance from Aspen in brackets).

Hot Springs Near Aspen, Colorado


1. Conundrum Hot Springs (16.4 Miles)

Despite being the nearest hot springs to Aspen, the Conundrum Hot Springs are not the most accessible and require a long 18-mile round trip from the trailhead to access. Nevertheless, this collection of primitive thermal pools is some of the most surreal in the entire state and is well worth the extended trek to reach them.

Located deep in the wildernesses of the Colorado Rockies, the Conundrum Hot Springs consists of several thermal pools varying in size and temperature. The largest of the pools can comfortably fit up to 12 people and are about three feet deep.

The pools average around 100 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, although some of the smaller pools are often slightly cooler than the others and provide a refreshing plunge. The natural hot springs feature high mineral concentrations and are renowned for their therapeutic properties and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, waterfalls, and fields.

Due to the extended hike to reach the site, many visitors to the spring opt to spend the night in the area before heading back to the trailhead. While camping is prohibited around the pools, dispersed camping can be engaged in designated zones nearby.

Permits are required to access the springs and should be acquired before visiting.

2. Glenwood Hot Springs (41.5 Miles)

Glenwood Hot Springs Via Kent Kanouse

Visitors that prefer a more catered soaking experience at an extensive thermal pool resort should instead plan to visit the beautiful Glenwood Hot Springs, located about an hour’s drive north of Aspen in the resort community of Glenwood Springs.

Established in 1888, the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is the most extensive thermal pool facility in the state and features plenty of additional comforts within its expansive property, including onsite accommodations, a shopping center, and even a fully-equipped spa and athletic club.

Soaking options at the resort are diverse and are all offered within a single large outdoor pool that is sectioned off for various uses. The central portion of the pool is reserved for tranquil floating and features plenty of underwater massage jets to help facilitate your relaxation.

Meanwhile, visitors seeking a more active swimming experience will find plenty of diving boards and lap lanes at one end of the pool, while the other end of the swimming hole is designated as the site’s Hot Pool and features elevated temperatures for a soothing soak.

The majority of the pool features traditional warm temperatures between 90 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit, while the complex’s hot pool is maintained at a balmier 104 degrees. The entire pool at the resort is filled with natural mineral-rich waters and experiences a complete change-over every six hours to ensure a clean and refreshing soak throughout the day.

3. Yampah Vapor Caves (41.5 Miles)

Natural Underground Hot Mineral Water Steam Baths Via Yampah Spa

Also operating out of Glenwood Springs, the Yampah Vapor Caves offer another therapeutic hot spring experience near Aspen. However, this extensive spa facility is much more than a simple soaking complex and engages its natural mineral waters in one of the most unique experiences on the planet.

In fact, the Yampah Vapor Caves are the only known natural thermal caves in North America and require visitors to descend a steep staircase into an underground corridor that leads to the various caves.

Lining the cave floors is hot mineral waters averaging 125 degrees Fahrenheit, which steam up through the floor and filter into three adjacent rock chambers where guests can enjoy the many health benefits of the vapors.

The natural steam rooms feature temperatures ranging from 110 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm temperature and mineral-rich vapor provide a curative steam but should only be maintained for 10-to-12-minute cycles. The complex offers cold water tubs nearby to cool off after your session.

The Yampah Vapor Caves also features an extensive onsite spa facility that offers a diverse catalog of treatments, including facials, manicures, pedicures, and full-body massages.

4. Iron Mountain Hot Springs (42 Miles)

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Soaking Pool via ironmountainhotsprings

Established in 2015, the Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the newest hot spring resort near Aspen and features several modern amenities and soaking options. Operating out of Glenwood Springs, the resort features several soaking options, an onsite café, and even a large shopping center for grabbing a few souvenirs.

At the heart of the resort complex is the facility’s large family swimming pool. Filled with 100,000 gallons of natural mineral water, the pools feature a gradual slope, making them wheelchair-accessible and providing safe swimming conditions for the whole family.

The pool is geothermally heated and averages around 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round temperatures. Meanwhile, the resort’s whirlpool spa tub just above the pool provides a more traditional hot spring experience and averages just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a warm and soothing soak.

The complex also features sixteen small hot spring tubs scattered throughout the property. Each features a surrounding ‘quiet zone’ that ensures each tub has an enhanced isolated setting that provides a secluded and intimate soak. These tubs range between 99 and 108 degrees.

5. Avalanche Ranch (42.1 Miles)

Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs Via Holly

Located in the quiet countryside in Crystal River Valley, Avalanche Ranch is about an hour’s drive from the city and provides a more secluded resort hot spring near Aspen.

The resort features a three-tiered mineral pool, with a three-foot waterfall leading into the largest swimming hole to complete the setting’s majestic ambiance and rock grotto design.

The pools are open to day visitors year-round, except for Wednesdays when the pools are closed for cleaning. The swimming center reopens at 5 pm on Wednesdays but is reserved for the exclusive use of overnight guests. Luckily, the resort offers several accommodation options for visitors seeking this exclusive access.

6. Penny Hot Springs (43.2 Miles)

Penny Hot Springs Via Jesse Varner

Another primitive hot spring near Aspen, the Penny Hot Springs are slightly further but more accessible than the Conundrum Hot Springs and are located right off highway 133, about an hour’s drive west of the city.

While not as isolated as a thermal pool, the Penny Hot Springs offer a convenient, free-to-access dip into the region’s natural mineral waters and are even nestled along the banks of the Crystal River, providing a cooling variability to your soaking experience.

The thermal pool is about twenty feet wide and two feet deep and can site up to ten people comfortably. The temperature of the springs varies throughout the year and can be altered by adjusting the rock wall that separates the spring from the river to allow more of the cold water to flow through.

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