6 Hot Springs Near Seattle, Washington

Hot Springs near Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is known for its abundant natural attractions and breathtaking vistas. However, one of the best ways to immerse in the pristine tranquility is by soaking in one of the many hot springs that dot the idyllic landscapes. Most of Washington’s thermal pools are situated in the northwestern …

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Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska


Located in the Fairbanks community in Alaska’s interior, the Chena Hot Springs is the most accessible thermal pool in The Last Frontier. In addition, it is the only hot spring resort in the entire state. As such, it provides one of the most lavish accommodation options in the region and …

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Uunartoq Hot Springs, Greenland


Despite the widespread abundance of hot springs in Greenland, there is only one thermal pool in the country that is warm enough to swim in. Nevertheless, this tucked-away primitive pool is one of the world’s most unique natural hot springs. Tucked away on an uninhabited island in Southern Greenland, the …

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Kerosene Creek Hot Springs, New Zealand


As a volcanic nation located at the southwest end of the Pacific Ring of Fire, New Zealand is a hotbed of geothermal activity and is home to around 110 hot springs. However, of these thermal pools, none quite compare to the natural beauty of the Kerosene Creek Hot Springs. Located …

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Cascate Del Mulino Hot Springs, Italy


More commonly known for its rolling hills of sweeping vineyards and influential historical and artistic legacies, Tuscany is also home to one of Europe’s most charming natural hot springs. Located just outside the small spa village of Saturnia, the Cascate del Mulino Hot Springs offers visitors a primitive soaking experience …

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Termas Geométricas Hot Springs, Chile


Known to Chili’s ancient inhabitants as Cajon Negro, the Termas Geométricas are a collection of 18 hot spring pools scattered along a picturesque ravine in the Villarrica Sur National Park. While once inaccessible, visitors can now traverse the ravine along an extensive network of red boardwalks completed in 2004 that …

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Kraus Hot Springs, Canada


Located 310 miles from Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the Kraus Hot Springs is one of the country’s most isolated geothermal mineral pools and offers visitors a serene setting to soak while surrounded by the pristine natural beauty of Nahanni National Park Reserve. Only accessible via an extended rafting adventure …

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Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia


Known for its exotic spa treatments and lavish retreats, Bali, Indonesia, has become a destination synonymous with relaxation and rejuvenation and even boasts several hot spring destinations scattered throughout its volcanic landscapes. While the once serene Bukit Peninsula has lost some of its quiet island charms thanks to over-tourism in …

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Hot Springs Etiquette – What You Need To Know

Hot Springs Etiquette

Visiting a hot spring is a unique experience with its own specific etiquette expectations. Though your visit will be relaxing, there are still a few things to pay attention to so you don’t stand out, or worse, get kicked out. In this article, we take a look at what you …

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7 Health Benefits of Hot Springs

health benefits of hot springs

Hot springs have been favored by various societies throughout history. Today, they are often used for relaxation and recreation, but evidence suggests that hot springs also provide a few health benefits to those who soak in them. More research is needed on the subject, but there are a few health …

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