7 Hot Springs Near Palm Springs, CA

Hot Springs Near Palm Springs

Thinking that because Palm Springs is in the desert, it’s miles away from the nearest water source? To the surprise of many, the city is actually a short distance away from a plethora of hot springs and some of the best in the state. In this article, we will take …

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7 Hot Springs Near Reno, NV

Hot Springs Near Reno

Bordered by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Reno is a popular city in Nevada that most people don’t automatically associate with hot springs. But the area is brimming with hot springs to soak in, both within resorts and also those that are more basic. In this article, we will look at …

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4 Hot Springs Near San Diego, CA

Hot Springs near San Diego

Right across the state of California, there’s a multitude of hot springs to explore. Though Northern California is typically known as hot spring country, there are still some geothermal areas to visit in the state’s south and near the coastline, where you’ll also find the charming city of San Diego. …

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Are Hot Springs Dangerous? What You Need to Know to Stay Safe


Hot springs are often associated with their myriad health benefits. However, many of these thermal pools boast elevated temperatures and acidic compositions that beg the question; are hot springs dangerous? While most hot springs are considered generally safe, people should consider certain safety risks before visiting these thermal destinations. It …

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Are Hot Springs Sanitary? What You Need to Know


Hot springs have long been believed to boast natural curative properties. And while these springs are renowned for their therapeutic mineral concentrations, many of the world’s most famous thermal pools often host dozens or even hundreds of visitors per day. Considering the high volume of visitors many hot springs receive …

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The Different Types Of Hot Springs

different types of hot springs

Hot springs are known around the world as centers of healing and rejuvenation. Yet despite their global abundance, no two hot springs are the same. Every natural thermal pool in the world boasts its own unique composition and mineral concentrations which differentiate it much like a human’s fingerprint. However, despite …

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What Are Hot Springs & How Are They Formed


Hot Springs have been engaged as natural sites of healing and rejuvenation for millennia. However, despite their widespread abundance and influence across numerous historical cultures, few know what actually makes a hot spring. Sure, most people know the basics. A hot spring is a naturally heated thermal pool. And while …

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8 Hot Springs Near Sacramento, CA

hot springs near sacramento

The capital of California, Sacramento is well-known for being a foodie mecca boasting the best local produce and farm-to-table dining. But the abundant natural landscape surrounding Sactown also lends itself to several geothermal areas rich in hot mineral springs to enjoy. In this article, we will take a closer look …

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6 Hot Springs Near Winter Park, CO

hot springs near winter park co

A bustling resort community just outside of Denver, Winter Park is renowned for its outdoor adventures, which include world-celebrated ski slopes and backcountry hiking trails. However, along with offering an intrepid exploration of The Centennial State, Winter Park is only a short drive from some of the region’s most relaxing …

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6 Hot Springs Near Aspen, CO

hot springs near aspen co

A small resort community tucked away in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Aspen has long been a popular destination that promises year-round adventures and is especially notable for its world-class ski resorts. Whether hitting the finely powdered winter slopes or trekking one of the hiking trails in the summer, Aspen promises …

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