9 Arenal Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)


Costa Rica summons visions of a tropical getaway surrounded by lush greenery and ocean views. When it comes to La Fortuna, in particular, you can add mineral hot springs to that therapeutic mix. The Arenal Volcano, which sits upon a foundation of ash and lava, has made the area a …

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7 Wyoming Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)


Nothing is more enticing than being on vacation and having a natural mineral hot pool just steps away from you at all times. Wyoming has many hot springs, and plenty of hotels have caught on to the idea that guests enjoy soaking in these thermal pools from the comfort of …

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Thermopolis, WY Hotels With Hot Springs


At first glance, you may think that the town of Thermopolis is located in Greece, but it is, in fact, a city in Wyoming, USA, best known for its hot springs. Thermopolis is Greek for ‘hot city,’ the town is one of the most popular places to venture to for …

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7 Lava Hot Springs Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)


Home to the world-famous hot pools of the same name, Lava Hot Springs is one of the most popular hot spring resort towns in Idaho and promises a relaxing getaway accompanied by a soothing soak in the region’s celebrated mineral waters. While the famous hot pools are the central attraction …

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8 Desert Hot Springs Hotels With Mineral Pools (2024 Guide)


Nicknamed California’s Spa City, Desert Hot Springs is famous as the only destination in the world where visitors can immerse in the mineral pools of both a hot and cold water aquifer. What’s more, the community offers numerous ways to experience the healing properties of the water, with dozens of …

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7 Best Durango Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)


Tucked away along the outskirts of San Juan National Forest in southern Colorado, Durango is home to one of the state’s oldest hot springs resort complexes and is a popular destination for unwinding in the therapeutic waters of the region’s natural mineral spring. While Durango serves as a fantastic base …

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8 Banff Hotels With Hot Springs (2024 Guide)

Home to picturesque vistas known the world over, Banff National Park entices 4.5 million visitors every year to its breathtaking hiking trails, ski slopes, and myriad nature adventures. While exploring the national park requires some physically arduous activities, there is no better way to unwind after a day of exploration …

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Hot Springs Around The World

largest hot springs in the world

One of the greatest wonders of the natural world is the presence of hot springs. These bubbling geothermal pools can provide an array of health benefits for those who soak in them, and several resorts have popped up around the world to offer guests the most of these natural baths. …

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Hot Springs in Iceland


Iceland is an ideal travel destination if you are searching for the most mysterious and breathtaking hot springs and nature. The landscape is unique and magical! Iceland island lies on two tectonic plates, at the spot where Europe and North America meet. This makes the island geothermally active, with numerous …

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