The 8 Best Hotels With Hot Springs in Iceland

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Geothermal hot springs have been a staple in the local culture of Iceland for centuries, and the country continues to attract over a million international visitors per year thanks to its fantastic hot spring destinations, including the world-famous Blue Lagoon.

As some of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, it is only natural that Iceland developed its tourism infrastructure around these marvellous natural phenomena, with several fantastic hotels and resorts offering private and unique soaks in the region’s celebrated thermal waters.

However, not all of these thermal pool complexes offer the same experience and can range from rustic, run-down thermal pool inns to luxurious and expensive hot spring resorts. As such, I’ve compiled the best Hotels With Hot Springs in Iceland to help you make the most of your rejuvenating retreat to the country’s thermal pool hot spots.

The Best Hotels With Hot Springs in Iceland

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Via

1. The Retreat Hotel — Blue Lagoon

Perhaps the most celebrated hot spring resort in Iceland, The Retreat Hotel is located at the internationally famous Blue Lagoon and serves as a fantastic and luxurious center from which guests can explore the breathtaking thermal pool.

Guests at The Retreat Hotel enjoy a plethora of onsite services and amenities at their fingertips, including a selection of 62 suites, each equipped with 24-hour room service, turndown service, and a minibar stocked with soft drinks, wine, and Icelandic beer.

Further facilities guests can find on the property include an extensive fitness center, an a la carte breakfast, and access to the Blue Lagoon’s four dining restaurants, including the Michelin Star Moss Restaurant.

Completing the accommodation’s surreal ambiance of relaxation and rejuvenation is The Retreat Hotel’s unlimited access to the site’s soothing mineral waters at The Retreat Lagoon and The Retreat Spa.

Offering a more secluded soaking experience, The Retreat Lagoon is the perfect way to enjoy the mineral-rich spring water while escaping the heavy crowds that can accumulate at the publicly accessible Blue Lagoon. Meanwhile, The Retreat Spa engages the curative properties of the natural resource in numerous treatment packages.

2. Silica Hotel — Blue Lagoon

Silica Hotel at Blue Lagoon Iceland Via

While The Retreat Hotel offers supreme luxury throughout your visit to The Blue Lagoon, the elevated prices are often unaffordable for the average visitor. Luckily, the Silica Hotel located just next door offers a slightly more cost-effective stay at the famous hot spring while maintaining much of the resort’s luxurious comforts and opulent charms.

At the Silica Hotel, guests have a selection of five different room varieties offering views of either the famous lagoon or the surrounding volcanic landscapes. Each room is equipped with comfort amenities, such as a flat-screen TV, a coffee/tea facility, and a private terrace, as well as luxurious additions, including a walk-in shower, bathrobes, and slippers.

Additional services offered to guests at the Silica Hotel include an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, an extensive fitness center, a shared lounge, and a 24-hour front desk. All guests staying at the hotel also receive premium admission to the Blue Lagoon.

While the Blue Lagoon is only ten minutes away, the hotel also offers its own private hot spring, the Silica Lagoon. Sourced from the same mineral spring as the world-famous thermal pool, the Silica Lagoon offers a convenient soaking experience surrounded by the serene, subtle beauty of the Icelandic landscapes.

3. The ION Adventure Hotel — Nesjavellir

ION Adventure Hotel Via

While there are several Iceland hotels with hot springs in the country, none offer quite as surreal of an experience as the one at the ION Adventure Hotel. Located on the outskirts of the Thingvellir National Park, the ION Adventure Hotel serves as a fantastic base for exploring this intrepid corner of the country.

Along with offering excursions to trek ancient glaciers or immerse in the local heritage and culture, the ION Adventure Hotel is one of the few places in Iceland where guests can soak in a soothing mineral hot spring while admiring breathtaking displays of the elusive Northern Lights.

The hotel boasts a selection of four room varieties, each featuring flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, private bathrooms, a seating area, and panoramic countryside views, including the tranquil Lake Thingvallavatn.

Other onsite services include a sauna, a spa facility, and a communal lounge. The hotel also features the Silfra Restaurant & Bar, where guests can enjoy a diverse menu of Nordic-inspired cuisines, and the Northern Lights Bar, which offers guests a selection of delicious cocktails to enjoy while admiring some of the best views of the phenomenon.

4. 360 Hotel & Spa — Selfoss

360 Hotel & Thermal Baths Via

Located about 15 minutes from Selfoss, the 360 Hotel & Spa is surrounded by the pristine natural beauty of the Icelandic landscapes. It offers guests an immersive experience exploring the country’s tranquil, soothing mineral waters, delicious authentic cuisines, and breathtaking natural attractions.

The hotel offers three room varieties, each featuring the panoramic mountain views that the accommodation’s name promises. All rooms at the hotel promise a comfortable stay, complete with a private bathroom, a work desk, and a flat screen tv.

Additionally, all guests staying at the 360 Hotel receive complimentary access to the complex’s buffet breakfast and extensive spa facility, which includes a sauna, relaxation lounge, and a geothermal mineral pool that averages between 96- and 104 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

The 360 Hotel also features an onsite restaurant managed by an award-winning culinary team. Featuring a menu of new Icelandic cuisine, the 360 Hotel Restaurant engages only locally sourced ingredients for a genuinely mouth-watering adventure for your tastebuds.

From offering a private soak in the country’s celebrated mineral-rich spring waters to a full exploration of the rugged countryside and local cuisine, the 360 Hotel & Spa is one of the best Iceland hotels with hot springs for guests seeking a complete exploration of the country and local culture.

5. Hotel Örk — Hveragerði

Hotel Örk Via

Opened in 2018, the Hotel Örk is one of the newest hot spring resorts in Iceland and offers one of the most comprehensive stays in the country. The hotel offers 157 fully-modernized rooms, each featuring a refrigerator, works, desk, satellite tv, and a private bathroom with a bath and shower.

Other services within the massive hotel complex include a 24-hour front desk, a complimentary breakfast buffet, the HVRE Restaurant, and a large swimming pool area featuring a large outdoor pool, two hot tubs, a sauna, and a water slide.

While not located on the property, Hveragerði’s famous Geothermal Park is located only a short walk from the hotel and offers an exploration of the country’s geothermal activity and energy production.

Additionally, considering Hveragerði is often regarded as the hot spring capital of the world, visitors staying at the Hotel Örk have a plethora of soaking thermal pools available within only a short distance from the accommodation’s front door.

6. Siglo Hotel — Siglufjörður

Siglo Hotel by Keahotels Via

Nestled along Iceland’s northern shores in Siglufjörður, the Siglo Hotel offers a quiet and romantic setting for enjoying the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Iceland while providing intimate access to the facility’s outdoor thermal hot tub.

Along with offering a soothing thermal soak overlooking the breathtaking city harbor, the Siglo Hotel also offers six different room and suite varieties, all offering 4-star accommodation comforts that include private bathrooms, luxury linens, a work desk, and flat-screen TVs. For a romantic retreat holiday, select rooms even offer private balconies overlooking the city.

Also featured within the hotel’s property is the Sunna Restaurant. Offering some of the best fjord views, the restaurant features a relaxed environment where guests can enjoy delicious examples of local cuisine while admiring the authentic lifestyles of the community’s local fishermen.

While not as busy as some of the other Iceland hotels with hot springs featured on this list, the Siglo Hotel offers a simple and calming retreat to the country’s northern shores and promises a soothing escape of romantic tranquility.

7. Húsavík Cape Hotel — Húsavík

Húsavík Cape Hotel Via

While the Húsavík Cape Hotel does not feature an onsite hot spring, it does offer fantastic accommodation in the small fishing town along Iceland’s North Coast and is only a short five-minute walk from the region’s celebrated GeoSea Thermal Pool Complex.

Situated directly on the town’s coastline, the hot spring complex features an extensive thermal pool used by local Icelanders for centuries, averaging between 100- and 102 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Since no accommodation options are available on the complex itself, the Húsavík Cape Hotel offers one of the most convenient stays for enjoying the site’s therapeutic mineral waters.

Featuring a complimentary buffet breakfast, the hotel features a wide selection of room options and even a budget-friendly hostel, making it one of the most cost-effective Iceland hotels with hot springs for enjoying the country’s world-famous geothermal waters.

8. Blábjörg Resort — Borgarfjörður

Blabjorg Resort Via

Located in Borgarfjörður along Iceland’s eastern coast, the Blábjörg Resort offers a quiet setting for enjoying a tranquil retreat featuring several onsite services, including an extensive spa and wellness center offering a wide array of specialty treatments and soaking opportunities.

The hotel features six room varieties, each offering breathtaking sea views and a wide array of room-specific amenities that vary between each accommodation. Additionally, all guests at the hotel receive access to a fully-equipped shared kitchen and the spa’s hot tubs, saunas, and steam baths, which feature the region’s geothermally heated mineral waters.

Also featured within the hotel premises are the Frystiklefinn Restaurant, which offers a diverse menu of international classics and traditional Icelandic dishes, and the KHB Brugghus, which features delicious drinks from the complex’s own craft brewery and distillery

Combining the quiet fishing village ambiance of the local community with the full-service comforts of a luxury hotel, the Blábjörg Resort is one of the best hot spring resorts in Iceland for exploring the country’s eastern coast.

Hotels With Hot Springs in Iceland – Final Thoughts

While all of these hot spring resorts in Iceland offer a relaxing and explorative escape to the country’s pristine landscapes and geothermal waters, not all provide the same experience and deciding which accommodation is suitable for you highly depends on personal preference.

These are some of the best Iceland hotels with hot springs for different kinds of travelers;

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