6 Hot Springs Near Great Falls, MT

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Last Updated: March 14th, 2024

Located amidst the several waterfalls and the Giant Springs State Park of the Missouri River that lines the community, Great Falls is not lacking in awe-inspiring water features and natural attractions.

Boasting over 57 parks and the 40-mile River’s Edge Trail, the community is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, filled with numerous breathtaking views and awe-inspiring natural landmarks.

However, along with serving as a doorway to Montana’s adventurous natural environments, Great Falls is also a community that promises a soothing escape and is surrounded by numerous hot springs dotting its countryside.

From luxurious hot spring resorts to primitive thermal pools tucked away in the state’s rugged terrains, visitors enjoy a soothing bliss at these sic hot springs near Great Falls, MT. (Distance from Great Falls in brackets).

6 Great Hot Springs Near Great Falls, Montana

K Bar L Ranch Pool Via K Bar L Ranch

1. K Bar L Ranch & Medicine (58.5 Miles)

While the closest hot springs near Great Falls, the K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs is one of the most remote hot springs in the area and can only be reached via a hiking trail, helicopter, horseback trail, or boat.

However, despite its isolation, the K Bar L Ranch is one of the best thermal pools in the area, granting visitors the opportunity to soak in the property’s therapeutic mineral waters while admiring some of the country’s most pristine landscapes and environments.

Along with providing the opportunity to reconnect with Montana’s untouched wildernesses along with a hunting, hiking, or riding adventure, the K Bar L Ranch also allows guests to unwind in its large onsite mineral spring pool.

Geothermally heated, the thermal pool averages 86 degrees throughout the year for a comfortable soaking experience. The pool is renowned for its high mineral concentrations, which offer a calming respite for soothing worn bodies exhausted from the property’s more demanding activities.

2. Broadwater Hot Springs (93.8 Miles)

Broadwater Hot Spring Pool Via Broadwater MT

Alternatively, visitors seeking a more accessible hot spring near Great Falls will instead want to plan their thermal excursions to the Broadwater Hot Springs, located about an hour and a half drive south of the city.

The Broadwater Hot Springs is an extensive hot spring resort that boasts several soaking opportunities, including indoor and outdoor mineral pools. The largest of the complex’s pools is the recreation pool, which offers plenty of room to swim and temperatures between 89- and 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also featured on site is the Soaker Pool, which offers the complex’s most relaxing experience and includes several benches and sitting areas, and averages between 97 and 102 degrees throughout the year. Meanwhile, the Springs Pool features freeform saltwater and averages about the same temperature.

Along with its extensive thermal pools, the resort also boasts many onsite amenities and services, including a fitness center offering several classes and workshops, and an onsite restaurant and bar offering ice-cold beer and a diverse menu of delicious meals.

3. Spa Hot Springs Motel (98.3 Miles)

The Water Via Spa Hot Springs

Nestled in the small White Sulphur Springs community in Meagher County, the Spa Hot Springs Motel is one of the most relaxing hot springs near Great Falls, MT, and offers several soaking opportunities and even an onsite spa.

The resort features three separate mineral pools, each sourced from a natural spring that averages 130 degrees Fahrenheit from its origin. Luckily, the waters are cooled to more bearable temperatures before they are filled into the complex’s swimming pools.

The property features two outdoor swimming pools. The warmer of the two averages 103 degrees throughout the year, while the second pool maintains a slightly more comfortable 98 degrees. The property also features a beautiful indoor swimming hole maintained at 105 degrees.

All three Spa Hot Springs Motel pools are drained and refilled every evening, providing a clean facility and a refreshing swim free from added chemicals.

While the Spa Hot Springs offers a fantastic day trip destination for visitors staying in the nearby Great Falls, the motel also boasts several rooms and camping options for visitors that would prefer to spend the night on the property.

4. Gigantic Warm Springs (120 Miles)


While several fantastic developed hot springs surround the city, the Gigantic Warm Springs is one of the best natural hot springs near Great Falls and is even one of the largest natural springs in the world, boasting a flow of 50,000 gallons of water every minute.

Spanning 5,000 square feet and reaching depths of up to 14 feet, the Gigantic Hot Springs offers plenty of space for exploring its geothermal waters and provides a serene environment for reconnecting with the region’s natural setting.

While the spring is cooler than a traditional hot spring, the Gigantic Warm Spring is geothermally heated and averages about 68 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Despite being a primitive hot spring, the facility has been generally maintained since the 1940s and offers basic onsite amenities, including a beachside area with picnic tables, a small bathroom facility, and a wooden deck surrounding the pool.

5. Boulder Hot Springs (121 Miles)

Boulder Hot Springs Inn, Spa, and Retreat Center Via Boulder Hot Springs

Once considered a center of healing and rejuvenation among local indigenous tribes, the Boulder Hot Springs offers a historical hot spring experience tucked away in the foothills of the Elkhorn Mountains, about a two-hour drive from Great Falls.

Today the site’s historical waters are operated by the Boulder Hot Springs Inn, Spa, & Retreat Center and offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the region’s rejuvenating mineral waters in two mineral pools on the property.

Open year-round, the property’s massive outdoor pool varies throughout the year but typically averages between 92 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit while offering a quiet setting for enjoying the region’s panoramic views. Alternatively, the resort offers an indoor pool for a more controlled soaking experience, with temperatures between 104 and 106 degrees.

The extensive resort complex also features several onsite amenities for added convenience, including a variety of bed and breakfast style rooms and a large Spa and Retreat Center offering a variety of treatments, workshops, and classes.

6. Nimrod Hot Springs (149 Miles)


Like the Gigantic Warm Spring, the Nimrod Hot Springs offers visitors a primitive natural swimming hole with comfortable mineral waters averaging around 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Located just under a three-hour drive from Great Falls, the Nimrod Hot Springs offers a surreal day trip destination and is one of the best-preserved natural springs in one of Montana’s most pristine natural environments.

From the parking lot, the Nimrod Hot Springs requires a further half a mile hike to reach, but it is well worth the venture. At the end of the trail, guests are rewarded with one of the most picturesque views of the crystal-clear water of the blue-hued spring. Surrounding the water are foliage-rich cliffs which the natural spring water slowly cascaded down.

Despite the long drive to reach, the Nimrod Hot Spring is one of the most surreal hot springs near Great Falls, MT. It is well worth the journey to soak in its mineral-rich waters while enjoying the quiet tranquility of the natural setting.

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