6 Hot Springs Near Boise, ID

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

Surrounded by a rugged mountainous landscape and abundant wilderness, Boise is Idaho’s most famous tourist city. It is a popular destination among nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and thrill seekers.

However, while the city is renowned for its more arduous activities, including hiking and skiing, Boise is also a destination that offers simple tranquility in several quiet settings scattered throughout the majestic countryside. With several hot springs scattered throughout the state, many of Idaho’s most relaxing thermal pools are all within a short drive from the capital city.

Whether seeking a hot spring retreat within a luxurious resort complex or a simple soak in a primitive pool tucked away in one of Idaho’s preserved corners, these six hot springs near Boise, ID, offer fantastic settings for escaping the more tiresome activities of the city while soothing in the state’s most soothing mineral waters. (Distance from Boise city center in brackets).

Top Hot Springs Near Boise, ID

1. Roystone Hot Spring (37.5 Miles)


Located just under an hour north of Boise, the Roystone Hot Springs RV Park & Event Center is an extensive complex with many onsite amenities and activities. While the facility’s main attraction is the site’s eponymous hot springs, the property also includes several campsites, horseshoes, volleyball, frisbee golf, and a game room.

While the campground is fantastic for extended stays, the Roystone Hot Springs also invites day visitors to engage in the facility’s hot spring pool and hot tub.

Sourced from natural springs averaging 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the mineral waters are cooled before entering the soaking areas. The hot tubs average 104 degrees Fahrenheit, while the swimming pool is comfortable at 95 to 99 degrees.

Visitors that do decide to spend the night within the campground have a selection of 20 RV sites with full hook-ups and several tent-camping sites. Onsite amenities include an extensive event center and laundry facilities for a comfortable stay.

2. The Springs (37.8 Miles)


Situated in Idaho City, a historic mining town about an hour’s drive northeast of Boise, The Springs offer an idyllic setting for soaking in natural mineral waters while admiring the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountainscapes.

Established in the 1800s, The Springs have been a popular attraction in the area for over a century and have attracted diverse visitors ranging from traditional miners in the region to modern thrill-seekers thanks to its therapeutic waters and curative properties.

Newly renovated in 2013, The Springs continues to boast its traditional stylings and historic ambiance while boasting fully-modernized amenities and services. Among its offerings are the complex’s large geothermal pool and a hot tub that averages 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also featured within the hot spring property is an onsite café that provides a selection of snacks and drinks to enjoy while visiting the complex.

For visitors seeking to spend the night in the area, the owners of The Springs also operate a nearby hotel called the Inn The Pines, which offers several accommodation options.

3. Twin Springs Resort (44.8 Miles)


Located slightly further from the city, the Twin Springs Resort is about a two-hour drive from the city but offers one of the state’s most fully-serviced and opulent hot spring experiences.

The isolated mountain retreat is nestled along the Middle Fork of the Boise River and provides breathtaking vistas to admire while soaking in the soothing waters.

Unfortunately, the Twin Springs is not open to day visitors. However, the resort does offer several extensive cabin and house rentals that provide an enhanced stay by the springs. Each rental requires a two-night minimum booking and is fully equipped with two rooms, a kitchen, and various other amenities.

To enjoy the soothing properties of the spring waters, visitors can either soak in their cabin’s own private tub or one of the rentable Jacuzzis available on the property.

From the source, the spring water averages 180 degrees Fahrenheit but is cooled off to more comfortable temperatures before being filtered into the tubs.

4. Givens Hot Spring (47.5 Miles)

Givens Hot Springs via Laura Gilmore

Another great hot spring near Boise, the Givens Hot Spring is one of the most accessible thermal pools near the city and has been a popular tourist attraction thanks to its therapeutic waters for over a century.

Situated just off the world-renowned Oregon Trail, the Givens Hot Springs was a popular stopping point for early emigrants trekking the historical path.

Averaging between 98- and 99 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, the Givens Hot Spring continues to attract visitors from around the world. It provides a tranquil setting to unwind and relax in the quiet serenity.

Givens Hot Springs features both a public swimming pool and several private soaking tubs, which guests can access for a small admission fee.

Also available within the hot springs facility are on-site campsites and cabins for visitors that prefer to spend the night in the area.

5. Loftus Hot Spring (51.8 Miles)

Loftus Natural Hot Spring via GrantcKohler

While the Loftus Hot Springs is slightly more challenging to reach than other hot springs on this list, located about two and a half hours northeast of the city, this primitive thermal pool also provides one of the most pristine natural settings of any hot spring near Boise.

Despite its isolated setting, the Loftus Hot Springs are relatively easy to reach and are located just off Middle Fork Boise River Road. Nevertheless, the small mineral pools offer a quiet escape from the city and are fed by a tranquil waterfall for added serenity.

While the hot springs are close enough to the city to make submerging in the mineral water a day trip, some visitors opt to stay near the springs for the night.

The nearest campgrounds to the springs are at Troutdale, but plenty of primitive sites are available nearer the attraction throughout the Boise National Forest.

6. Kirkham Hot Springs (79 Miles)

Kirkham Hot Springs via jennconspiracy

One of the most popular hot springs in the state for local and international visitors, the Kirkham Hot Springs is a primitive thermal pool along the Payette River in the Boise National Forest. Visitors will need to drive about two hours northeast of Boise to reach the springs, but the venture to the sight is well worth the journey.

Along with providing a breathtaking view of the countryside and the mountains landscape, the Kirkham hot Springs feature several natural thermal pools of varying temperatures. Visitors can heat or cool the waters to meet their preferences by altering the rock walls of the pools to allow more or less of the cold river water to flow through.

Along with soaking in the natural mineral tubs, popular activities at the Kirkham hot springs include cliff jumping, rafting, and hiking as visitors explore the picturesque beauties of the region.

While no camping is permitted at the springs themselves, several campgrounds and hotels operate out of the surrounding areas.

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